Emc itempoint for microsoft exchange server
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EMC ITEMPOINT FOR MICROSOFT EXCHANGE SERVER. Quick, easy, mailbox recovery and restore. What is EMC ItemPoint for Microsoft Exchange Server?.

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Quick, easy, mailbox recoveryand restore

What is EMC ItemPoint for Microsoft Exchange Server?

Software that, when used with EMC Replication Manager, allows the quick recovery and restoration of individual mailboxes, email, attachments, contacts, and tasks from a copy of Microsoft Exchange Server

Because it…

Is fast, easy, and secure; no changes required to your Exchange infrastructure

Improves recovery time objectives (RTOs) for locating and restoring Exchange email

Is integrated with Replication Manager for simplified workflow

ItemPoint uses EMC snaps, clones, or RecoverPoint continuous data protection (CDP) or continuous remote replication (CRR) replicas

ItemPoint’s Business Value

Why use ItemPoint for Microsoft Exchange Server recovery?

Who Benefits from ItemPoint?

  • Exchange/IT administrators servicing internal stakeholders

  • IT staff performing migration or recovery tasks

  • Fortune 500 companies for IT administration, compliance, andinvestigation

  • Law firms assisting clients with email restoration

  • Local and federal government agencies for investigative purposes

  • Consulting firms providing email recovery and search services for clients

  • Email hosting service providers for regulatory and compliance requests

  • Any company with the need to perform specific searches across its live database without interruption

Powerful Search Capability

  • Search any EMC snap, clone, or RecoverPoint CDP/CRR bookmark with precision to find the desired email, attachment, etc.

  • Quickly locate messages that meet specific search criteria:

    • Key words, subjects, dates, to/from, etc.

    • Search within attachments

    • Search across multiple mailboxes or Exchange database files simultaneously

    • Locate the items you need and export them with a simple drag and drop

  • Meet internal research, investigation, and compliance needs

  • Maintain data accessibility to assist in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, various financial requirements, and regulations

Accelerate Your Exchange Migrations

  • Copy existing mailboxes to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 without requiring the old server and new server to be online simultaneously

  • Mailbox Creation Wizard fully automates the ability to copy legacy email to a new server

  • Supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 features, including the Personal Archive Mailbox and Recoverable Items

ItemPoint Extract Wizards

  • ItemPoint Extract Wizards facilitate the restoration of the Information Store from a backup tape or archive file to a local share, without a Microsoft Exchange Recovery Server

    • Direct Method does not use the backup server software so has limited support for tape libraries and robots, requiring manual control

    • Advanced Method works as a client for your backup server to support your tape drive devices and existing catalogs

      • Find the items you need, preview those items, then simply drag-and-drop (copy/paste) items into your target location

  • ItemPoint Extract Wizards are included for:

    • Microsoft Windows NT Backup

    • Symantec BackupExec

    • EMC NetWorker

What is included with EMC ItemPoint?

  • ItemPoint is configured with the following features by default at no additional charge.

    • Advanced Search

    • PST as a Source

    • EMC Networker ExtractWizard

    • Symantec Backup Exec ExtractWizard

What are these features?

  • Advanced Search

    • This allows customers to search within attachments when conducting a search.

    • Over 400 attachments types are supported.

  • PST as a Source

    • This allows customers to open offline PST files as a source for restoration / searching purposes.

  • EMC Networker & Symantec Backup Exec ExtractWizard

    • These allow customers to restore Microsoft Exchange backups without an Exchange recovery server, RSG, or RDB to a file system location.

What are the Prerequisites for ItemPoint?

  • Replication Manager (minimal v.5.4.1)

  • Windows OS with the latest service packs

    • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2

      • Standard, Data Center, Enterprise editions

    • VMware & Microsoft Hyper-V are supported hosts

    • 32bit or 64bit

  • .NET 3.5 framework with service pack 1

  • 32bit Microsoft Outlook client

    • We recommend Outlook 2003 or newer configured to an Exchange mailbox

    • ItemPoint is a 32bit application that is fully tested and compatible running on 64bit environments with 32bit Outlook clients

Replication Manager supports item level restore (ILR) for Exchange 2007/2010 databases

ItemPoint for Exchange must be installed on the mount host

This is a rebranded version of Kroll’s OntrackPowerControls

RM Console must be installed on the mount host

RM Agent must be installed on the mount host

All of RM’s replication technologies are supported

ILR is not currently supported for remote replicas (MV and SRDF)

Requirements and Restrictions

Action is accessible from a replica and application set

Item-Level Restore Access

Item-Level Restore WizardWelcome Screen

Item-Level Restore WizardWelcome Screen error check

Item-Level Restore WizardReplica selection

Item-Level Restore WizardReplica selection for RP

Item-Level Restore WizardSelect Databases

Select one Exchange 2007 or 2010 database

Item-Level Restore WizardMount Path

  • Can only mount to current host, so it is pre-selected

  • User can select mount path

  • Can select to mount a snap of the replica, if storage technology supports

  • Can select to maintain LUN visibility

  • Read-only mount is run

Item-Level Restore WizardReady to Launch ItemPoint

Item-Level Restore WizardMount progress

  • RM runs a read-only mount

  • Then starts ItemPoint

ItemPoint for Exchange

ItemPoint for Exchange

How do the EMC ItemPoint ExtractWizards work?

Microsoft Exchange full or incremental backups created to tape or disk can only natively be restore to an Exchange server.

The EMC Networker ExtractWizard process:

Two options: direct and advanced methods.

The ExtractWizard direct method allows restoration to an alternate hard disk or file system location from tape or disk backup.

The ExtractWizard advanced method for Networker, using the locally installed Networker agent, will make API calls to the Networker server and return the possible restore points for the identified Exchange client.

Specific backups (full/incremental) can then be selected for restore.

How do the EMC ItemPoint ExtractWizards work?

The EDB and log files will be restored without being mounted.

These files are then ready to be opened with ItemPoint.

The Symantec Backup Exec ExtractWizard process:

Similar to Networker, the ExtractWizard direct method allows restoration to an alternate hard disk or file system location from tape or disk backup.

The ExtractWizard advanced method for Symantec Backup Exec uses an emulation process to provide an alternate location for redirecting an Exchange restore with the Backup Exec software.

How do the EMC ItemPoint ExtractWizards work?

This method will initiate the restore to an alternate hard drive location without requiring it to be an Exchange server.

It will restore the EDB and log files without being mounted.

These files are now ready to be opened with ItemPoint.

The ExtractWizards will not restore RM LUNs backups from Symantec or EMC Networker.

The customer will have to follow the standard procedures to restore prior to presenting the data to ItemPoint.

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