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TRO LL EY – Promoting electric public transport. Johann Kogler, Salzburg AG Cross-Fertilisation Workshop Prague, 24 November 2010. “ TRO LL EY ” A project for a worth living future!. Central Europe project. Objectives of TROLLEY. The project TROLLEY will:

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TROLLEY – Promoting electric public transport

Johann Kogler,

Salzburg AG

Cross-Fertilisation Workshop

Prague, 24 November 2010


A project for a worth living future!

Objectives of trolley

Central Europe project

Objectives of TROLLEY

The project TROLLEYwill:

  • deliver transferable strategies for implementation of trolleybus systems

  • develop innovative ways of promoting trolleybus systems as environmentally friendly transport mode and thereby

  • “reshape” and update the image of trolleybusesin Central Europe

9 project partners

Central Europe project

9 Project Partners

  • Salzburg AG, Public transport operator of Salzburg, Austria

  • City of Brno, Czech Republic

  • Barnim Bus GmbH, Bus operator of Eberswalde, Germany

  • TEP S.p.A.: Public transport operator of Parma, Italy

  • Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) GmbH, Public transport operator of Leipzig, Germany

  • City of Gdynia, Poland

  • University of Gdansk, Poland

  • SZKT, Public transport operator of Szeged, Hungary

  • TrolleyMotion Action Group, Salzburg, Austria

Optimised energy use for trolleybus systems wp3

Core Outputs

Optimised energy use for trolleybus systems (WP3)

  • Transnational manual on advanced energy storagePart 1 (“super caps”); resultsbased on pilotinvestmentof 7 super capacitators in ParmaPart 2 (network-based energy recovery); resultsbased on pilotinvestmentofone network-basedenergystorage in Eberswalde;Comparisonofthetwostorageapproaches in TROLLEY

  • Handbook on Detailed Diesel Bus to Trolleybus Conversion Principles; a study on technical, operational andenergysavingpotentialsbasedon experiences in GdyniaandSzeged

  • Reference Guide on Trolleybus-Tram Network Use; feasibility study in order to systematically analyse the consequences, benefits and technical requirements of a joint use of tram and trolley networks (Leipzig)

Increasing efficiency of pt wp4

Core Outputs

Increasing Efficiency of PT (WP4)

  • Transnational take-up guide on diesel bus replacement: incl. standardised approaches for route selection & efficiency analysis of the trolleybus introduction (Salzburg, Brno, Eberswalde)

  • Trolleybus Intermodal Compendium: studies and investment preparation on integration of trolleybuses and tram systems and non-motorised modes (Brno, Szeged)

  • Joint Trolleybus Declaration: commitment for the cooperation between the relevant trolleybus stakeholders

  • E-learning Modules for “Optimising Energy Use of Trolleybuses”, “Increasing Efficiency of Public Transport” and “Reshaping Image of Trolleybuses”

  • Establishment of a Central European trolleybus knowledge office

Reshaping Image of Trolleybuses (WP5)

Main achievements 1RP

Communication, knowledge management and dissemination (WP2)

  • Launch Event, 1 July 2010, Gdynia, PL, with high-level representatives of each partner and the European Commission

  • Joint TROLLEY Declaration, lobbying document signed by stakeholders of the trolleybus community to promote e-mobility

  • Website (incl. TROLLEY Wiki) & Press Kit, PR material for all PP

Main achievements 2RP

Communication, knowledge management and dissemination (WP2)

  • 1st City-Industry-Summit, 21 Oct 2010, Parma, IT, with city & industry representatives from Italy, Czech Republic, & Germany

  • E-Learning Modules for WP3, 4 & 5, concept paper in December 2010 (milestone)

  • WP3 Kick-off meeting(World Café WS), 22 Oct 2010, Parma, IT, brainstorming & planningwithregardto transnational outputs

  • Best practicehandbook ondieselbusconversion, examplesfrom Gdynia &Gdynia & Szeged in January 2010

  • Manual on AdvancedEnergyStorage (supercaps), chapter„marketoverview“ in January 2010

Optimised Energy Use(WP3)

Main achievements 2RP

Increasing Efficiency of PT (WP4)

Reshaping Image of Trolleybuses (WP5)

  • WP4 Kick-off meeting(World Café WS), 8-9 Feb 2010, Brno, CZ, brainstorming & planningwithregardto transnational outputs

  • 1st European Trolleybus Day,18 Sep 2010, in Salzburg, Brno, Eberswalde, Parma, Leipzig, Szeged & Gdynia (ca. 20.000 visitors)

  • TROLLEY Image Questionnairesin all partnercities (except Leipzig), appprox. 1.000 responses, results in January 2011

  • Review of best-practicesfortrolleybuspromotion, results inJanuary 2010

  • Trolleybus Knowledge Center,conceptpaper in January 2011(milestone)

Possibilities for Cooperation

  • Signingof „TrolleyDeclaration“

  • Useofe-Learning modules(firstmodule Feb 2011)

  • Image campaign(conceptcanbeusedbyothercities, too)

  • Joint development & useofTrolleybus Knowledge Center(setupof expert pool & libraryfrom end of 2011 on)

  • Annual European Trolleybus Day Initiative, 17 Sept 2011

  • Attendanceatannual „City-Industry-Summits“

  • AttendanceattheInternational Marketing Symposium in Lviv, Ukraine, June 2011 (callfor TROLLEY Marketing Award)

  • Attendanceat „Final Conference“ in Szeged, January 2013

Thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention!

Trolleybus is future!

Possibilities for Cooperation

NWE example: Strategic Cluster Initiative“SYnergy of New Advanced/Adapted Public Transport Solutions Improving Connectivity in the NWE region”

  • Aim: Enhance the framework conditions for and promote the development of seamless and integrated mobility networks to facilitate door-to-door journeys by public transport (PT) in NWE in the present and next programming period

  • Outputs: NWE Master Plan (Strategic Research Agenda for seamless sustainable PT in NEW, basis for future project ideas), policy recommendations,

  • Projects: RoCK (NL), BAPTS (DE), ICMA (UK), SINTROPHER (UK)

  • Launch Event: 8June 2011

  • Methodology: Impacting policy making and stakeholder involvement by EU round table seminars, policy meetings, lobbying papers , cluster campaign, open innovation forums etc.