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7th Grade Front of the Class

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7th Grade Front of the Class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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7th Grade Front of the Class. Zane, Richard. Andy, Chinguun, Leo. Alliot, Nick, Himanshu. Soon Woo, Ayush, AJ. Jaye, Harper, Yoona. Celine, Brent, Diane. Nathan, Daniel, Leopold. Andrew, Ankit, Darien. Sebastian, James, Haruki. 8th Grade Front of the Class. Ishita, Timothy,

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7th Grade

Front of the Class

Zane, Richard

Andy, Chinguun, Leo

Alliot, Nick, Himanshu

Soon Woo, Ayush, AJ

Jaye, Harper, Yoona

Celine, Brent, Diane

Nathan, Daniel, Leopold

Andrew, Ankit, Darien

Sebastian, James, Haruki


8th Grade

Front of the Class

Ishita, Timothy,

Oscar, Lindsay

Prateek, Gail,

Sidney, Mazin

Kayla, Kevin,

Andrew, Ashna

Jeiho, Brandon,

Jeremie, Danial

Brayden, Rebecca,

Arshia, Aman

Ye Seo, Thomas,

Ziv, Upayan


6th Grade

Front of the Class

Tommy, Lynn

Ashley, Schumann

Woojin, Ahoura

Bryan, Saaya

Ellie, Matthew

Kevin, Malika

Karin, Samantha

Denisse, Maham

Kristen, Eddie

Muneo, Jeri

Julian, Yehjee

Shelley, Victor


happy new year,r:39,s:0,i:257,r:39,s:0,i:257

Happy New Year!


Essential Questions for the week:

What is the virtue of hospitality?

How do I properly practice hospitality?





Warm Up:

Complete each quadrant according to your understanding of Hospitality.






Are there limits to hospitality?






Are there limits to hospitality?

Note limits to hospitality

on your sheet.




calabash: Bowl type containers, made by Hawaiians, out of gourds or coconut shells.

poi: Poi, the staple of the traditional Hawaiian diet. It was made by mashing cooked, peeled taro corms with a pestle. Water was added until the poi was smooth and sticky. It has a delicate flavor.

palisade: A fence made of stakes.

ti-leaves: The early Hawaiians used ti leaves to make hula skirts, to wrap and store food, and also as roofing for their homes.

taro: Taro is an ancient root crop grown throughout the tropics for its edible corms and leaves. Early Hawaiians not only used the taro plant for food, but also used different parts for medicinal purposes, treating ailments ranging from insect bites and fevers to heart and stomach problems.


pau: Finished; completed

ohelo berries: Ohelo berries, considered sacred to Pele (goddess of fire), grow on a small, multi-branched shrub in the cranberry family. They grow near Kilauea Crater on Hawaii and it was customary to offer some of the berries to Pele before eating any of them.

Mauna Loa: Mauna Loa is the largest volcano on Earth. It makes up half of the area of the Island of Hawaii (almost 14,000 feet high).

awa: This drink was enjoyed for its mildly relaxing effects useful in easing tension or recuperating from a hard day’s work.

compare contrast character
Compare & Contrast Character
  • Identify the character of the Hawaiian Chief.
what is the lesson of the folktale
What is the lesson of the folktale?
  • Identify the character of the Hawaiian Chief.
  • Compare this to the poor fisherman and his wife.
what is the lesson of the folktale1
What is the lesson of the folktale?
  • What lesson do we learn from this folktale regardless of its Hawaiian origin?
  • Compare these to the poor fisherman and his wife.
  • noun: your face or your expression

it is a sin against hospitality to open your doors and darken your countenance proverb1

Memory Quote: Hospitality I


Quiz on Thursday!

“It is a sin against hospitality, to open your doors and darken your countenance.”Proverb
hospitality definition
Hospitality Definition
  • Cheerfully sharing food, shelter or conversation to benefit others.
  • Antonym: Loneliness

Character First! 2007

  • From the Latin root, hospes: guest or visitor
  • Hospitality, noun: the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests and strangers

The Merriam-Webster New Book of Word Histories

Oxford Concise Dictionary



Essential Questions for the week:

What is the virtue of hospitality?

How do I properly practice hospitality?

soup of the soup
Soup of the Soup
  • Read Aloud as a Class
soup of the soup1
Soup of the Soup
  • In this story we are reminded that “hospitality is a duty.”
    • Decide what the quote, “hospitality is a duty,” means.
    • Give examples of hospitality as a duty.
    • Decide the limits of hospitality in several situations.
compare contrast lessons
Compare & Contrast Lessons

A Calabash of Poi

Soup of the Soup

compare contrast
Compare & Contrast

A Calabash of Poi

Soup of the Soup

Is it possible to follow the lessons of both stories?

(They seem to reflect quite different lessons)

read the two shorter folktales
Read the two Shorter Folktales
  • Which of the two main characters were the most generous? Provide evidence for your answers.
  • How did you reach your conclusion?
hospitality continuum
Hospitality Continuum
  • Which of the following characters were most generous? Which were the least generous?
  • (A: Hawaiian Chief, B: Fisherman & Wife, C: Nasrudin Hodja, D: Hassan, E: Hayya Schechter, F: Husband & Pregnant Wife)
  • Place the corresponding letters on the continuum below.



hospitality motivation
Hospitality: Motivation
  • What motivated each character to give?
  • Write the motivation for each character next to their corresponding letter.
hospitality motivation1
Hospitality: Motivation
  • Why is it important for us to help each other?
happy birthday

Andrew Park, Today!

Leopold De Hemptinne, Monday!*ShQFsoOq-2E65iMN07Yls61MhjoI6m97/UnitedCake.jpg&w=1593&h=1600&ei=TcrrUND_MI6PlQWMk4DYCQ&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=544&sig=101369872813016382746&page=1&tbnh=135&tbnw=134&start=0&ndsp=32&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0,i:87&tx=29&ty=78

Happy Birthday!

small groups
Small Groups

7th Grade

Mrs. Bennett:

Celine, Diane, Harper, Jaye, Yoona,

Ayush, Daniel, Sebastian, James

Ms. Johnston:

Darien, Alliot, Nick, Himanshu,

Richard, Ankit, Brent, Nathan

Mr. Bertholf:

Leopold, Soon Woo, Andy, Haruki,

Andrew, Chinguun, Leo, Zane, AJ

  • 6th Grade
  • Ms. Smith:
  • Shelley, Woojin, Ashley, Malika,
  • Kristen, Kevin, Schumann, Julian
  • Ms. Stair:
  • Samantha, Ellie, Karin, Maham,
  • Denisse, Eddie, Tommy, John, Ahoura
  • Mr. McCullough:
  • Lynn, Yehjee, Saaya, Jeri,
  • Matthew, Muneo, Bryan, Victor
small groups1
Small Groups

8th Grade

Mrs. McCullough:

All 8th Grade Girls

Ms. Murphy:

Aman, Kevin, Jeremie, Upayan,

Ziv, Brayden, Andrew

Mr. Carlson:

Brandon, Danial, Timothy, Oscar,

Mazin, Prateek, Jeiho, Thomas

initial next to your number
Initial Next to Your Number
  • Please initial next to your number to show that you received your book.
  • Thank you for carefully looking after your book.

Memory Quote: Hospitality I


“It is a sin against hospitality, to open your doors and darken your countenance.”Proverb

classwork due
Classwork Due
  • Hospitality Worksheet
  • &
  • Soup of the Soup Worksheet

chapters 1 3 response sheet
Chapters 1-3 Response Sheet
  • Read every page from the beginning through to page 18.
  • Response Sheet: Due on Monday.