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Getting your brakes serviced
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Getting Your Brakes Serviced. Things You Should Know. Typical Brake System. Inspection. When to Inspect. The red "brake" lamp on the dash lights up. Your "ABS" indicator is lit while you are driving. You hear a grinding sound or squealing.

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Getting Your Brakes Serviced

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Getting your brakes serviced

Getting Your Brakes Serviced

Things You Should Know

Typical brake system

Typical Brake System



When to inspect

When to Inspect

  • The red "brake" lamp on the dash lights up.

  • Your "ABS" indicator is lit while you are driving.

  • You hear a grinding sound or squealing.

  • The brake system feels different, such as a softer brake pedal or pulling.

  • A qualified auto service technician can thoroughly inspect and service your brake system.

Brake pads and shoes

Brake Pads and Shoes

Brake pads and shoes1

Brake Pads and Shoes

  • An inspection will determine if you need to replace the linings of your brake pads and shoes.

  • This procedure is referred to as a "brake job" and should be carried out frequently for maximum performance.

Master cylinder

Master Cylinder

Master cylinder1

Master Cylinder

  • The heart of your brake system, the master cylinder pumps brake fluid to the wheel cylinders or calipers when you push the pedal.

  • The brake fluid level can and should be visually inspected from time to time. It’s recommended that brake fluid be replaced every 40,000 km.

Brake system

Brake System

Calipers and wheel cylinders

Calipers and Wheel Cylinders

  • The function of the calipers (for disc brakes) and wheel cylinders (for drum brakes) is to convert the energy of the pressurized brake fluid into pressure to operate the brakes.

  • Periodic inspection for leaks around the rubber seals should be carried out.



Caliper and rotor assembly

Caliper and Rotor Assembly

Wheel cylinder

Wheel Cylinder

Abs brakes

ABS Brakes

  • Your ABS system is electronically controlled. This system detects problems of which, some can be self-corrected, while others will shut down the ABS system, causing the ABS light to illuminate.

  • Problems are recorded in the vehicles computer for the technician's reference when servicing the system.

Abs system

ABS System

Parking brake

Parking Brake

If you don't use your parking brake regularly, ask your technician to lubricate the cables and check the adjustment, as the potential problem here is corrosion.

Cable configuration

Cable Configuration



  • When should you get your brakes inspected?

  • How does a caliper work?

  • When do you need to replace the rotors?

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