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Andrew Sheehan Telecare Development Manager City of Birmingham Adults & Communities. We originally focused on who would need to know all about assistive technology .

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Andrew Sheehan

Telecare Development Manager

City of Birmingham

Adults & Communities

Trained 185 OT staff and 230 Social work staff – on the benefits of telecare equipment and how they could incorporate it within their working practice

  • Some teething points following this – i.e. is there a piece of kit that will determine if Mr Blogs has gone to the day centre, or has he wondered off (usually when he wonders off he forgets to put his hat on)

  • Also lack of responders who could respond to calls generated by telecare equipment

Some other little hiccups… assistive technology

The call handling software at the monitoring centre we were using was unable to recognise the different telecare peripherals, and therefore had to be upgraded

As previously mentioned a lot of requests for telecare equipment were made – but unfortunately – the people who would have benefited from them, had nobody who could respond to a call that was generated

Some Positives assistive technology

We have upgraded 3 extra care sheltered housing schemes with telecare overlay – which will assist home care staff and service users.

Have installed telecare overlay within a small ward at Ashcroft – telecare equipment will be used on the wards – this will support patients whilst in hospital – but they will also be discharged with the kit they have become used to.

Have used a lot of “Just Checking “ units in order to assist with the most appropriate support – and in majority of cases, family have been convinced that there loved ones are functioning better than they originally anticipated

We are also in the process of installing telecare overlay within the medical wing of HM Prison Winson Green – this will assist staff in recognising any “risks” that an older or disabled prisoner may have – that usually would be several hours before being identified .

  • Reprovision of our existing residential homes into more community based accommodation, but with the support of telecare peripherals, which will assist with enhancing independent living.

  • Our newly purpose built care centres are also fully equipped in order to take all telecare peripherals