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Weatherization Assistant: Ramp Up Support. Mark Ternes Mike Gettings Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2009 National Weatherization Training Conference July 21, 2009. Objectives. Improve communications regarding the Weatherization Assistant

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Weatherization assistant ramp up support l.jpg

Weatherization Assistant:Ramp Up Support

Mark Ternes

Mike Gettings

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

2009 National Weatherization Training Conference

July 21, 2009

Objectives l.jpg

  • Improve communications regarding the Weatherization Assistant

  • Ensure that the training needs for the Weatherization Assistant are met over the next several years

  • Expand the Weatherization Assistant’s information management capabilities to assist states and local agencies

  • Reduce the time and complexity associated with developing priority lists using the Weatherization Assistant

  • Perform technical enhancements to the Weatherization Assistant needed to support ramp up activities

Communications l.jpg

  • Weatherization Assistant newsletter

    • Updates

    • Training

    • Common errors

    • Programming tips

  • Input from states on training and information management needs

    • Emails

    • Phone calls

    • Conference call

  • How would you like to be kept informed?

Training l.jpg

  • Established training will be continued

    • National, regional, and state training conferences

    • 3-day trainings on the basics of using the Weatherization Assistant and the NEAT and MHEA audits as requested by states

  • Web-based training

    • Individual training alternative to group training and/or prerequisite to group training

    • Basic course equivalent to 3-day group training

    • Work orders

    • Other advanced features in the Weatherization Assistant

Training continued l.jpg
Training (continued)

  • Centralized Group Training

    • Scheduled trainings at regionally dispersed cities (e.g., Atlanta, St. Louis, Denver) as alternative to state trainings

    • 3-day basic training, but possibly other subjects

  • Webinar Trainings

    • Short trainings of 1-3 hours on a specific subject

    • Examples: reports, data transfer, use of the survey feature, measure costs

  • Any specific training topics or approaches?

  • Is there a need for train-the-trainer?

Information management l.jpg
Information Management

  • Facilitate centralized data storage at the state and for agencies not using a server to improve data analysis and reporting

    • Client-server design

      • Enhancement to current software

      • Optional transfer of information over the internet

    • Web application

      • New user interface

      • Must be connected to the internet

      • Easier to ensure that all agencies in a state using the same version

      • Easier to assist in setting up the Setup Library and ensuring consistency in the Setup Libraries

Information management continued l.jpg
Information Management (continued)

  • Weatherization Assistant enhancements

    • Additional reports

    • New form to easily identify measures installed, actual costs, and funding sources used

    • Basic information needed for program evaluation

  • Expanded technical assistance

    • Customized reports

    • To states interested in integrating the Weatherization Assistant into their state information management system

  • What information management needs would you like to see addressed in the near future?

Priority lists l.jpg
Priority Lists

  • Write a manual on how to develop priority lists using the Weatherization Assistant

  • Idea of automating the Weatherization Assistant to help develop priority lists was tabled

  • Would a priority list manual be useful to you?

Technical enhancements l.jpg
Technical Enhancements

  • Continue making enhancements to NEAT and MHEA requested by users

  • Incorporate new technologies into NEAT and MHEA

  • Develop a multifamily audit

  • Any other technical enhancements needed to support your ramp up activities?

  • Would a simplified user interface be useful?

Slide10 l.jpg

  • Are there any other ways ORNL can assist you to meet your needs concerning the Weatherization Assistant during the ramp up period?

  • If not already discussed, what time frames/schedules are we talking about?