Magnetic measuring facility mmf outline
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Magnetic Measuring Facility (MMF) Outline PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Magnetic Measuring Facility (MMF) Outline. Organizational Chart Facility Design Criteria, User’s Requirements and Layout Previous Work Status to Date (Site preparation, Title II and Title III) Budget and Schedule Technical Challenges (Risks) ES&H Issues Management Challenges

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Magnetic Measuring Facility (MMF) Outline

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Magnetic measuring facility mmf outline

Magnetic Measuring Facility (MMF) Outline

  • Organizational Chart

  • Facility Design Criteria, User’s Requirements and Layout

  • Previous Work

  • Status to Date (Site preparation, Title II and Title III)

  • Budget and Schedule

  • Technical Challenges (Risks)

  • ES&H Issues

  • Management Challenges

  • Path Forward

Organizational chart

Organizational Chart

  • Magnetic Measurement Facility (MMF)

    • Robert Ruland – Alignment Mgr

    • Zachary Wolf – User

  • ConventionalFacilities-WBS 1.09

    • David Saenz – Conventional Facilities Manager

    • Jim Welch – CF Systems Physicist

    • Javier A. Sevilla-CF Project Engineer/CAM

    • Jo Beth Folger-CF Engineer

    • Richard Hislop – Construction Safety Manager

    • Anita Malahowski –Cost/Schedule

    • Bruce Patten – Contracts/Procurement

    • Jesse Saldivar – CF Technical Assistance

Facility design requirements

Facility Design Requirements

  • Technical Note LCLS-TN-041-Z

  • Space Requirements

  • Environmental Stability (3 areas)

    • Space Temperature: ± 0.1 °C short term may go up to 0.3°C if < 1Hr

    • Relative Humidity: 45%± 5%

    • Other areas: ±1°C and ±2.5°C

  • Vibration <0.5 microns-MM Lab

  • Utility Requirements

    • Electrical (new 800A feeder MMFBldg Upgrade)

    • Other (compressed air and small chiller for User’s equipment)

Mmf facility uses

MMF Facility Uses

  • Undulator magnet tuning – 2 magnet measuring machine test stands

    • Aligned with same orientation to Earth’s magnetic field as LCLS Undulator Hall.

  • Undulator fiducialization – large coordinate measuring machine

  • Cradle assembly area

  • Magnet storage/temperature acclimation

  • Work desks in lab and office space for 2 employees

Resultant building criteria

Resultant Building Criteria

  • ~4,800 sq. ft. floor space (inc. ~3,000 laboratory space, mech Rm) + mezzanine 1,400 sf (HVAC & Electrical)

  • Locate within an existing building to aid in temperature control

  • Adequate ceiling height for overhead cranes

  • Accessible for magnet delivery using trucks and forklifts

  • Electrical service – 800A, 480v, 3Ø

Building 081 location

Building 081 Location

LCLS Undulator Hall

Research Yard



PEP Ring Road

Building 081 site layout

Building 081 Site Layout




Building 081 current uses

Building 081 Current Uses

~25 Ft height

New space allocation for bldg 081

New Space Allocation for Bldg. 081


(N) Fire Alarm Panel

(N) MCC-B081








Mmf ground floor plan

MMF Ground Floor Plan

± 0.1°C, 45%RH ±5

Coordinate Measuring Area

~ 1,000 ft. sq.

Magnet Measuring Lab

~1,800 ft. sq.

Cradle Assembly Area

~325 ft. sq.

Magnet Loading

and Storage

~850 ft. sq.

± 1°C, 45% RH ±5

Mechanical Room

~256 ft. sq.

± 2.5°C


Mezzanine floor plan

Mezzanine Floor Plan


4 Air handling Units

1 Motor Control Center,

X-trmr, Panels,

1 small Compressor

HVAC Control Panel

Mezzanine for


Equipment in

Conditioned space



Rear elevation mmf

Rear Elevation-MMF


Mechanical Access

Staff Access

Roll up door for magnets delivery

User s layout by r ruland oct 2004

User’s Layout (By R. Ruland, Oct, 2004)

  • Floor plan divided into three functional areas

    • Magnetic Measurements (± 0.1º C)

    • Fiducialization and Assembly (± 1º C)

    • Storage (± 2.5º C)

  • Test stand lay-out is driven by requirement to match the Earth Magnetic Field conditions in lab to Undulator Hall, i.e. azimuth and gap orientation need to be identical

Previous work

Previous Work

  • Title I Drawings and Specifications –completed by JE

  • External Review October 14, 2004

    • Report with recommendations

  • Internal reviews (SLAC)

    • Facility’s User (Metrology Group)

    • 50% and 100% drawings and Specs:

      • ES&H, Citizen’s Committees

      • Conventional Experimental Facilities Dept (CEF) old SEM



  • Title II Drawings and Specifications –prepared by JE

    • Issued for Construction-March 11, 05

    • In-progress: Review and “Final” approval by SLAC’ Citizens Committees and ES&H- Obtained approval for bidding

  • Site Preparation Work (activities delayed)

    • Resources allocation Accident related (CEF support)

    • On-going: Design and coordination (new storage carrousel, shelving and Haz Material storage relocation, move occupants new electrical feeder to building, FA system and data network upgrade)

  • Title III

    • Procurement: Select only “qualified” subcontractors based on a “criteria”

    • Develop and implement a “Commissioning” plan

    • Beneficial Occupancy: Feb’06

Budget schedule

Budget & Schedule

  • Title III

    • Including Site Preparation $2.04M

      • (excludes: fire alarm building upgrade B081 and some relocation costs)

  • Bidding and Award

    • April – June 2005- Site visit: April 7, 2005

    • Bids due May 5 and Award May 27, 2005

  • Construction and Commissioning

    • Execution: Mid June 05 – February 06

    • Beneficial Occupancy to Project Office Feb-06

Schedule p3

Schedule P3

Cost estimate wbs1 09 03 02

Cost Estimate- WBS1.09.03.02

  • Estimated Total Cost $2.04M

    • Construction Subcontract: $ 1,493 K

    • Site Preparation & Electrical LLP: $ 546K

    • Allocated Contingency: 30% construction-not included



  • Internal technical: Not achieving the Temperature

    and Stability requirements

    • Plan:Design reviews, constructability and commissioning plan

  • Internal non-technical: Delays in the BO date

    • Plan:Use good and effective Project Management approach, and select only “qualified” contractors including subs

  • Internal non-technical: Safety accidents

    • Plan: Pre-qualification of contractors, strict implementation and close monitoring of Safety Plans and Procedures

Es h issues

ES&H Issues

  • Demolition activities

    • Site Preparation: Excavation

      • Excavation Permit for Relocation of Haz Mat Storage was obtained

      • Sampling of soil by ES&H

    • Air quality-BAAQMD-not applicable

  • Construction Activity Hazards

    • Construction Safety oversight by LCLS Safety Manager, LCLS Divisional ES&H Coordinator, SLAC Safety OSHA Inspectors and by SLAC trained UTR.

    • Subcontractors will be required to staff project with a Construction Safety Professional

    • Includes preparation of Pre-work Hazard Analysis, Job Hazard Analysis and Mitigation (JHAM) and all applicable DOE and Federal Safety Regulations.

  • Radiation

    • None

  • Hoisting/Rigging

    • Citizens’ Committee and/or Hoisting/Rigging inspector will review and approve the Subcontractor’s Rigging Plan for the testing, commissioning and acceptance of new cranes

Management challenges

Management Challenges

  • Cost/Schedule Risks

    • Cost estimate based on Jacobs estimate– confirmation when bids are received from subcontractors (Factors: Market conditions, qualification criteria and NEW Safety Requirements).

    • Schedule

      • Coordination and Support from other SLAC’s Departments (ES&H, Stores, CEF)

    • SLAC policy changes in the wake of 10/11/04 electrical accident are still being developed. (UTR responsibilities, Authority and Oversight may change, etc.)

Path forward

Path Forward

  • Enforce Safety Regulations to All Sub-Contractors

  • Implement Criteria Selection for Bidding and Construction to ALL Sub-Contractors

  • Coordinate and Complete ALL Site Preparation activities

    • Management and Lab support

  • Construction and Commissioning

    • Schedule and Cost Controls

    • Strict compliance with Drawings and Specifications

    • Execute an integrated verification of: operational performance, testing, complete documentation and training of SLAC personnel, which will operate and maintain this Facility.

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