Employment for youth in transition
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Employment for Youth in Transition PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Employment for Youth in Transition. Turning 18. SSI &. How Things Work Before Turning 18 … . SSI. For You To Qualify For SSI As A Child Under The Age Of 18 , Social Security Determines … If You’re Medically Disabled According To The Definition Of Disability For Children

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Employment for Youth in Transition

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Employment for Youth in Transition




How Things Work Before Turning 18 …


For You To Qualify For SSI As A Child Under The

AgeOf 18,Social Security Determines …

  • If You’re Medically Disabled According To

    The Definition Of Disability For Children

    Under Age 18

  • And Whether Your Family Income &

    Resources Are Low Enough

Now Let’s See What Definitely Happens & What Can Happen After An SSI Child Turns 18 !

How Things Work Before Turning 18 …


SSI Child To Adult


Meet Dan! He’s Currently In 7th Grade

And On SSI. Below Is His Benefits Profile:

  • He’s Been On SSI Since The 1st Grade

  • His Eligibility For SSI Has Been Based On…

    • His Own Disability &

    • Low Family Income & Resources

What Definitely Happens Before You Turn 19…


I’m an


Dan Is Growing Up Fast & Turned 18 A

Few Months. He Just Got A Social Security

Letter In The Mail Notifying Him That…

  • His SSI Needs To Be Redetermined As An Adult Before His 19th Birthday

  • And To Do So, He’d Need To Go To His Local Social Security Office To Complete An Initial Eligibitly Interview

What Exactly Is Age-18 Redetermination?


It’s When Social Security Will Check If You Still Qualify

For SSI As An Adult After You Turn 18 & Before You

Turn 19. As An Adult, Your SSI Eligibility Will Be Based On:

  • Stricter Adult Medical Standards

  • And On Your Own Income & Resources

What Could’ve Happened After Redetermination …

  • Dan’s SSI Continued As An Adult Because He Was Found To:

  • Be Medically Disabled Under The Adult

  • Medical Standards

  • Have Low Enough Income & Resources


I’m an



Dan Was Found To Be Ineligible For SSI Under The Adult Medical Standards & Was No Longer Entitled To Anymore

SSI Cash Payments




  • Although Dan Was Denied For SSI As An Adult, He Was Allowed To Continue Getting SSI Cash Payments & Health Insurance Because Of Section 301

What Exactly Is Section 301?


If You’re Found To Be Ineligible For SSI As An Adult After Your Age-18

Redetermination, Section 301 Could Help To Continue Your SSI Cash

Benefits & Health Insurance For A Limited Period Of Time.

To Qualify You MUST:

  • Be Working Closely With A Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

    On An Employment Goal


  • If Your Under Age 22, Be Getting Services Under Your Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

As You Can See,

It Can Be Extremely Beneficial For

You & Your Parents

To Know About Everything That Happens & Could Happen When

You Turn





What Can Happen After Turning 18 …


Some People Who …

  • Become Disabled After They Turn 18, But Before They Turn 22,

  • Or Had A Disability Before Their 18th Birthday

    May Be Entitled To A Form Of SSDI Called …

    Childhood Disability Benefits


How Can I Be Eligible For CDB?


You’re Only Eligible If …

  • You Have A Disability &

  • You’re A Child Of A Parent Who Is Receiving One Of The Following Disability Benefits

    • Social Security Retirement

    • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

  • Or You’re A Child Of A Deceased Parent Who Is An “Insured Worker”

  • What Does This Mean For Me?


    If Found Eligible By Social Security, It Means …

    • You’ll Get A Portion Of Your Parent’s Retirement or Disability Benefit Every Month

    • And Because CDB Falls Under The SSDI Disability Program, You’ll Also Be Eligible For Medicare After 2 Years Of Getting CDB



    Rep Payee &

    What’s a Rep Payee?

    As A Child, Your Parent or Guardian Is Usually Your Rep Payee …

    It Can Be A Relative, Friend or Agency Authorized

    bySocial Security to:

    • Speak on your behalf with Social Security,

    • Receive & Manageyour benefits check,

    • Receive Copies of Social Security letters,

    • And Report changes to Social Security.

    Things to Know About Your Rep Payee…

    They MUST report to Social Security on exactly how they managed your money for the year!

    They CAN’T sign any types of contracts on your behalf!

    When I Turn 18, Can I Be My Own Rep Payee?

    • YES, Provided That Social Security Approves Your Request.

    • With Your Request, Make Sure To Present Documentation Stating You Can “Take Care Of Yourself.” For Example, Get:

      • A Doctor’s Note

      • A Court Order

      • Or Use Other Proof

    If Your Request Is Approved …


    You’re Fully Responsible For Your Money Now. And To Become Financially Independent, You Must Learn How To

    Turn Your Money Into Wealth!

    Thank You!

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