ceenbot educational robotics platform
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CEENBoT ™ Educational Robotics Platform

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CEENBoT ™ Educational Robotics Platform. Dr. Bing Chen Computer and Electronics Engineering October 27 th , 2008. Goals of CEENBoT for ECE-type programs. Attract high school students in choosing to enter ECE as their field of university study

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ceenbot educational robotics platform

CEENBoT ™Educational Robotics Platform

Dr. Bing Chen

Computer and Electronics Engineering

October 27th, 2008

goals of ceenbot for ece type programs
Goals of CEENBoT for ECE-type programs
  • Attract high school students in choosing to enter ECE as their field of university study
  • Encourage ECE students to buy into their programs with an educational robot that is utilized in multiple courses
  • Stimulate faculty in “freshening” ECE courses
  • CEENBoT can serve as a portfolio of for ECE students and for out of class “fun” activities
comparison of tekbot and ceenbot
Comparison of TekBot and CEENBoT

TekBot™ - Oregon State ECE



TekBot™ - Oregon State ECE


  • 5” by 7” footprint
  • DC motors with plastic gear train and foam wheels
  • Compact design
  • Prototype board for use by college students at both Oregon State University and University of Nebraska (to 2007)
  • 6” by 8” footprint
  • High-quality stepper motors for precision control
  • Full suspension for traversing uneven terrain
  • Larger capacity, quick-change power supply
  • Interchangeable rubber drive tires
  • Large prototype board for projects and more reliable connectors
  • Serial-to-peripheral interface (SPI) to allow communication between multiple multiprocessors
  • Amenable to K-16 educational space to meet needs at multiple levels
ceen experiences to date
CEEN experiences to date
  • CEEN faculty have bought into the educational robotics concept in a NSF CCLI phase 1 grant with the TekBot
  • CEEN students:
    • are provided a robot in their very first freshman course (learning to solder, gaining familiarity with circuit elements and reading circuit diagrams)
    • can do individual study courses to extend their robot’s capabilities beyond their prescribed labs (e.g. robot arm, video camera)
    • have contributed to lab development along with their instructors
    • have designed the “CEENBoT” with a quantum leap in added features “testosterone satisfaction”
ceenbot features
CEENBoT Features
  • Robust and scalable mobile robotic platform for ECE programs to take it in any direction desired
  • Base unit CEENBoT can be viewed as a stable power supply on wheels which can utilize RC hobbyist parts
  • Open source architecture makes for a flexible platform
  • Optional GPI board provides for multiple languages for control and multiple audiences (K-12, 4-H, after school)
ceenbot tumbles 30ft
CEENBoT Tumbles 30ft.


ceenbot features now and upcoming
CEENBoT features: now and upcoming
  • All CEENBoTs now have UPC barcodes and serial numbers for tracking
  • Tested: video camera with wireless transmission to a laptop, robotic arm, four-wheel drive version, ZigBee controller
  • Under development: GPS module, Wi-Fi controller (802.11b), interface ports for multiple sensors
  • In addition to base kits with through hole circuit boards a surface mount version is under development
ceenbot plans for the near future
CEENBoT: Plans for the near future
  • Manufacturing costs are dropping
    • $275 for summer 2008 NSF workshops for teachers
    • $175 for fall CEEN freshman students
    • will approach $100 (parts and labor) for the next order of 1K CEENBoTs for spring 2009
  • GPI board will be ready by summer 2009
  • CEENBoT, Inc. will be formed by summer 2009 to manufacture and distribute CEENBoTs
next nsf proposal ccli phase 2 due january 12 th 2009
Next NSF proposal: CCLI phase 2 Due: January 12th, 2009
  • Collaborative proposal with selected ECE departments as partners
  • Observe and measure the effectiveness of the CEENBoT at other ECE locations
  • Assessment tools (already developed under CCLI phase 1) will be applied to students and faculty at partnering schools
  • CEENBoT jamboree for partnering schools held annually for most innovative application, best lesson modules for a course, challenge problem
are you interested ceen would love to have you with us
Are you interested?CEEN would love to have you with us!
  • If you have an interest please let Bing Chen know as there are only a little more than 2 months to prepare the proposal
  • Forward a copy of your NSF-ready CV. If you are a Co-PI we will need a list of your current and pending grants through NSF
  • A letter of support stating your commitment to work with us