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AgraCo Technologies International Presents. What is A Mosquito Patch?. AgraCo’s Mosquito patch is a small transdermal patch that contains 300 mg of Vitamin B1

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AgraCo Technologies International Presents

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Agraco technologies international presents

AgraCo Technologies International


What is a mosquito patch

What is A Mosquito Patch?

  • AgraCo’s Mosquito patch is a small transdermal patch that contains 300 mg of Vitamin B1

  • Our bodies generally absorb only very small amounts of Vitamin B1. The excess is displaced through our sweat glands. Once our bodies have absorbed the maximum amount of Vitamin B1 it begins to be excreted from all of our pores.

  • This creates an odor that you can not detect, but mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and other biting insects can, and they stay away from you.

How long do the effects last

How long do the effects last?

  • The Mosquito Patch works like any trans-dermal patch. You can place it on virtually any non-hairy area of the body. The patch works within two hours of placement and can last up to 36 hours.

  • *DEET base products warn you wash their products off and reapply every two hours.



  • DEET Free!

  • Highest Vitamin B1 Content - 300 Mg.

  • Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous- “GREEN SOLUTION”

  • Creates a smell that Mosquitoes, Gnats, Flies, and other biting insects do not like

  • All Natural

  • No Chemicals, Pesticide or Insecticides

  • No Harmful Side Effects

  • TSA compliant for travel

What do our customers have to say

The mosquitoes would begin to lite and take off right away.  The midges would lite and were in great enough numbers that they were a nuisance but none of us had any bites.  Neither did we have any problems from the local white bellied flies.

Jack Elms

WHY????????? on earth has it taken so long for technology to come out with this for all of us people who suffer with mosquito and other bug bites?  I am so happy not to spray OFF all over me you have no idea....

Thank you so much.

Anthony L

What do our customers have to say?

They saved my vacation and helped me enjoy a very special lagoon with gorgeous birds and a fresh water lake that emptied itself onto the Pacific Ocean beach in a dream setting…

Nancy K. Charles-Parker CentralAmericaRegional CommercialConsolar US Embassy

San Salvador, El Salvador

I have found the best product. This is no shameless plug. If you want to enjoy fishing and outdoor sports, well look no further for the Patch that takes the bite out of summer pests!


In the past, I have used lotions, sprays or creams with DEET and even herbal mosquito repellants with variable success. I am a believer in your product and happily have and would continue to recommend it to anyone looking for a highly effective deterrent to mosquitoes.

Jack E.

I was very impressed by the effectiveness of the product and would certainly make use of it in future. It does not have the distinctive smell that accompanies other mosquito repellant products and it is no hassle applying it. It is comfortable and apparently has health benefits, as it releases Vitamin B.

I can certainly recommend the product.

BJ Kellerman

I would like to share how much I love this product. I found the Mosquito Patch last summer. I live in Alaska about 30 miles out of Anchorage. We Alaskans joking call the mosquito our state bird.

Lise' Shore, Dog Trainer, Chugiak, Alaska

Why should i add mosquito patch to my current offering

Why should I ADD Mosquito Patch to my current offering?

The question should be, why are you not already?

  • Mosquito Patch offers an alternative to DEET based products.

  • DEET has been found to be a neurotoxin with the potential for adverse health implications after prolonged periods of use.

  • Mosquito Patch has been found safe for use in children one year older and up.

  • Mosquito Patch is an American made product. Made with the finest ingredients available.

  • Customer loyalty and retention is very high. They will return again and again.

  • There is excellent GPM potential

  • AgraCo has many merchandising options to fill you needs

Retail options

Retail options

We have different marketing options for retail outlets.

Clip Strips (12)

50 Ct Counter Display

100 Ct Counter Display

600 Ct Floor Display

Agraco technologies international presents


Contact your local distributor or:

AgraCo Technologies International

220 South Second Street

Dillsburg, Pa 17019

Toll Free 1-800-337-4169


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