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The bleaching of coral reefs concerns dr christian heesch

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The bleaching of coral reefs concerns dr christian heesch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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As a marine biologist Dr. Christian Heesch has a growing concern with the bleaching of coral reefs throughout the world.

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The Bleaching of Coral Reefs Concerns Dr. Christian Heesch

As a marine biologist Dr. Christian Heesch has a growing concern with the bleaching of coral reefs throughout the world. Believed to be the result of climate change, changes in water temperature cause coral reefs to lose their color and appear bleached. It is not the change of color that is concerning, but this shows increased stress on the coral. As a consequence, these stressful conditions cause the coral to grow at a slower rate.


The Great Barrier Reef meets Dr. Christian Heesch

Dr. Christian Heesch had the pleasure of exploring The Great Barrier Reef while working toward his graduate degree He traveled from his home city of New York to Queensland Australia. The doctor spent a week sightseeing on the world’s largest reef system in the Coral Sea. Having the opportunity to experience one of nature’s wonders, he hopes to return someday. If he doesn’t get to come back, he will carry lifelong memories of a beautiful place.

Dr. Christian Heesch may be a marine biologist but hiking is one of his favorite hobbies. The doctor’s best memory of hiking was his trip to The Maze in Utah. Even an experienced hiker can get confused by this labyrinth. It is recommended that anyone who wants to visit The Maze be experienced in the map reading and tracking. As a precaution it is a good to give a park ranger a map of your hike.


The Reason Dr. Christian Heesch Collects Stamps

The marine biologist, who recently received his Ph. D, Dr. Christian Heesch likes to collect stamps. When he was a boy he gained an interest in stamps because of the letters that were written to him from his family around the world. When he saw the designs and patterns on the stamps he was intrigued by them. Dr. Heesch still collects stamps because it is an excellent outlet to learn about cultures, geography, and world history.


Dr. Christian Heesch and His Bluenose Stamp

Dr. Christian Heesch, a native New Yorker, owns a very valuable stamp in his collection. This is the Canadian Bluenose stamp. It was issued on January 8, 1929. The stamp is said to be the most beautiful stamp created in Canada.

The picture on the stamp is of the prestigious Bluenose Schooner sailing around the Halifax Harbour. This ship was a famous schooner and fishing vessel. Dr. Heesch is quite honored to have won a copy of this stamp.



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