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Dr Behnam Rostami-Career in America

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Dr Behnam Rostami-Career in America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr. Behnam Rostami moved to the United States of America in the early 2000’s. After a couple of successful years working as a dentist, he opened his first private office in Santa Rose in 2011. After three successful years there, he opened his second office, this time in Santa Rosa. The two offices are only 130 miles apart from each other.

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Dr Behnam Rostami

Career in America

Dr. Behnam Rostami finished medical school in 1981, in his home country. After more than 20 years of practice that included a 14-year period that he spent in his own office, he decided to move to America in the hope of pursuing a career abroad. This decision turned out to be an excellent one, as he is now the owner and dental executive of two different California offices.


Dr Behnam Rostami

An Avid Climber

For Dr. Behnam Rostami, the challenges do not stop in the dental office. He likes to test his limits outside of his comfort zone too, which has led him to the sport of mountain climbing. He scaled various famous mountains during his alpinist career, including one of the most prominent peaks in the world, a mountain located not far from his home city.While most of his favorite hiking and climbing places are in his home country, he quickly learned to appreciate the similarly hot climate of California.


Dr Behnam Rostami

Education at Home

Dr. Behnam Rostami finished his undergraduate studies in his home country, in the same city where he would later start medical school. During the four years he spent at his alma mater, he planned the first stages of his career. His plans came to fruition shortly after he finished his medical studies, leading to the opening of his first private office, which would not be the last.


Dr Behnam Rostami

An Outdoorsy Person

Dr. Behnam Rostami loves to be outdoors. Some of his favorite outside activities include hiking, mountain climbing, and camping. He often combines these outdoor programs and leaves the city for days, discovering new places in the region. While most of his favorite hiking and climbing places are in his home country, he quickly learned to appreciate the similarly hot climate of California.



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