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Develop your skill set to maximise your client opportunities PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Develop your skill set to maximise your client opportunities. Julian Wells Director Adviser Matrix. Agenda. The relationship - and the difference - between marketing and sales How marketing can help you focus your business efforts

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Develop your skill set to maximise your client opportunities

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Presentation Transcript

Develop your skill set

to maximise your client opportunities

Julian Wells


Adviser Matrix


The relationship - and the difference - between marketing and sales

How marketing can help you focus your business efforts

How to get more value from your existing clients and attract new ones

Opening up new revenue streams

The state of play

Sir James Crosby’s interim report into the mortgage markets predicted the current turmoil in the mortgage market will see many intermediaries forced out of business

Cost and resource management has never been more important in the intermediary market

Advisers need to look at ways to diversify their business and maximise revenue opportunities

Market Opportunities

  • When asked how they wanted to purchase financial products

    • 5%of the general public preferred to purchase via the internet

    • 95% preferred face to face advice

  • In 1991, there were 250,000 advisers, there are now around 40,000

  • There is opportunity in the market

  • But how do you seize it?

    Source:: Linea

Sales vs Marketing

Sales are what happen as a result of marketing

Marketing is all about getting yourself in position to make a sale

The right people, the right message, at the right time

Advisers are not generally comfortablewith marketing their business

  • How valuable would it be for you / your business to get assistance with generating new business without having to have a significant budget?


Extremely valuable




Very valuable




Fairly valuable




No value




Don't know






NMG Group, May 2008

Your ideal source of advice is other advisers

Which, if any, of the following would it be useful to

get marketing related advice from?


Other intermediaries








Marketing consultants




Marketing service providers (e.g.. Web experts, printers, designers)




Other (please specify)




None / do not need advice






NMG Group, May 2008

Case study - Protection

Market Opportunities

  • Each year, 600,000 people die

    • That’s 1,643 each day

  • Each year, around 700,000 people suffer a heart attack, a stroke or cancer

    • That’s 1,917 each day

  • At any one time, over 2 million people of working age will be off work for over 6 months through accident or illness

Market Opportunities

  • We tend to imagine those with money have less need for protection solutions, the reality is that this is far from the truth

  • People become used to and even dependant on their standard of living and the one thing that binds us all together is that we all rely on a source of income to provide the things we need and want

How marketing can help you focus your business efforts

Winning new clients

Many advisers are having to change their business models

If you do this, you have to tell people

If the perception is that you are a mortgage broker… you will get mortgage enquiries

Many adviser businesses have changed their name to address this issue

Other thoughts…


Do they have the right message?

Are they in the right place?


What is the focus?

If you visited your website, what would you think of your business proposition?

Put yourself in the shoes of your clients

Winning new clients

Look at how you source your leads

Are your referral relationships actually delivering value to you

And are you getting the best prices you can

Best eg – conveyancing

Evaluate your whole proposition and don’t be afraid to redesign it

The market has changed!

Contacting existing clients

  • Review objectives

  • Implementation:

    • Who will you target?

    • When will you call them?

    • How will you measure success?

  • The purpose of a phone call is to make an appointment, NOT a sale over the phone

Always remember…

Successful marketing is all about…

  • The right people

  • The right message

  • The right time

    If they don’t fit all of the above, don’t call them

If you do call them…

Think about:

  • Why are you contacting this client?

  • Why should they want to meet with you?

  • What’s in it for them?

    • Save them money?

    • Review changes in their circumstances?

    • Pick up on what you discussed last time?

    • Changing climate… making things a little tight for many people … made people think about how they’d cope if their salary stopped coming in…?

Other opportunities from existing clients


  • What are the benefits of referrals?

    • Hot leads

    • Easy to appoint

    • Trust

    • Easy to sell to

    • Increased activity

    • Profitability

    • Best feedback you could receive…

Referrals process

  • A referral is a sale and to make a sale we have to follow a process. It needs a structure. For example if you just ask the client ‘Do you want to buy some life assurance ‘? The answer would probably be NO.

  • If you follow the process for a fact find and presentation meeting and use your skills, then that same client is likely to say YES.

  • Same client different approach different result!!

4 Principles of Referrals


  • Prepare them for the question from the start of the meeting (cover at IDD) ie. my business works on a referral basis

  • In the introduction there must be a mention of ‘How you build your business’ at this stage you are not going to ask for referrals all you want to do is to ‘sow the seed’

  • Presenting Meeting: Referrals on the agenda, written or verbal. Best practise written

4 Principles of Referrals


  • Tell the client how hard you will be working for them and in return you’d hope they’d recommend you to a friend or colleague

4 Principles of Referrals


  • Unless you provide a 5 star service to your clients you can not expect referrals

4 Principles of Referrals


  • Let the client know what type of referral you are looking for ie. Give them examples of who could benefit

    • At the end of the Fact Find meeting, refer back to ‘How At the end of the Presenting meeting ask for the Referral.

    • you build your business’ and ask for their help. Profile the type of referral you are looking for. You don’t want a name right now but Prompting them for a referral at the next meeting.

How much is a client worth?


Proc Fee

Brokerage Fee

Mortgage Protection





Equity Release

IHT/CGT Planning

Over 20 Years


Family Protection









Dormant Policies

Company – Employees

Life Cover (Key Man)

Where to look for help

Clubs and networks provide a lot of marketing support

See what is available – there are an increasing number of sources of good, sound advice

Look out for new ones being announced in the coming weeks and months

Adviser Matrix

Adviser Matrix is a free and independent service for brokers considering joining networks

Closing thoughts

2008 has been a tough year of transition in the market

2009 will see the new landscape evolve

Position your business in a way that means you can capitalise on the opportunities available

Don’t be afraid to change!

And never forget…

The right people

The right message

The right time

This is what marketing is about…

…and it is also what drives sales

Thank you

Julian Wells


Adviser Matrix

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