News of the 1980 s
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News of The 1980’s. Divorce rate grows from 1 in 3 marriages (1970) to 1 in 2; one parent families have increased 50%, unmarried couples are up 300%, one million teenagers, 2/3 of them unmarried, become pregnant. Washington volcano Mount St. Helens erupts, 22 die

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News of The 1980’s

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News of The 1980’s

  • Divorce rate grows from 1 in 3 marriages (1970) to 1 in 2; one parent families have increased 50%, unmarried couples are up 300%, one million teenagers, 2/3 of them unmarried, become pregnant

  • Washington volcano Mount St. Helens erupts, 22 die



  • July 29- estimated 750 million people watch the marriage of Prince Charles to kindergarten teacher Lady Diana Spencer

  • Couple announces in November a child is expected in June

  • Wayne Williams is arrested in Atlanta murders of 23 black children

  • Pope John Paul II is wounded at Vatican in assassination attempt- Mehmet Ali Agca is arrested

  • Sandra Day O’Connor becomes the first woman Supreme Court Justice


  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.- designed by Yale student Maya Lin, is dedicated in November- it is inscribed with 57,939 names of American soldiers killed or missing in Vietnam

  • TV and film actor John Belushi, 33, dies suddenly in Hollywood

  • Princess Grace of Monaco dies in an auto crash

  • Tylenol poisoning in Chicago


  • Oct 1982: 7 people dies in Chicago

  • Suspect put 65 milligrams of cyanide into Tylenol capsules

  • 10,000x deadly dose

  • Mass product recall for Johnson & Johnson

  • Lost $100 million

  • Tylenol had controlled 37% of the market, had a $1.2 million revenue

  • Afterwards- market share went to 7%

  • Johnson & Johnson had to create a campaign

  • Triple seal tamper resistant package- first time a company complied with FDA rule

  • $2.50 off coupon

  • 25% off of purchase for customers

  • Sales people going to the whole medical community


  • Personal income per capita

  • New York: $12,314

  • Washington D.C.: $14,550

  • Alaska: $16,257

  • Alabama: $8649

  • Mississippi: $7,778


  • Indira Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister, is assassinated by Sikh bodyguards

  • Vanessa Williams, the first black Miss America, resigns because of explicit photos Penthouse magazine was threatening to publish

  • Michael Jackson earns $1.5 million for a Pepsi commercial; during its filming, his hair catches on fire



  • After 99 years, Coca-Cola markets a new formula, “New Coke”, three months later, after consumer objection, it reinstates “Coca Cola Classic”

  • Wendy’s Hamburgers fires Clara Peller, 84 (“Where’s the beef” after her Prego spaghetti sauce ad (“I finally found it”)


  • Young children watch a record 27 hours and 21 minutes of TV a week and will have spent more time in front of the TV than in the classroom when they graduate from high school


  • Challenger explodes 73 seconds after lift-off



  • Gary Hart caught in picture with ex-model Donna Rice on his lap aboard yacht, the Monkey Business

“Follow me around. I don't care. I'm serious. If anybody wants to put a tail on me, go ahead. They'll be very bored."[

  • Baby M case- Mary Beth Whitehead is a surrogate mother and changes her mind after giving birth- custody is granted to William Stern with visitation rights for Whitehead

  • Jessica McClure, 18 months old, fell into a well 22 feet deep and was stuck for 58 hours


  • Pennsylvania state treasurer, convicted of bribery, commits suicide during a televised press conference

  • 60% of kitchens have microwave ovens


  • TV preacher Jimmy Swaggart resigns after prostitute reveals liaison

  • The Supreme Court gives school administration broad powers of newspaper censorship

Hazelwood School District v Kulmeier (1988)

  • Hazelwood East High School Principal Robert Reynolds procedurally reviewed the Spectrum, the school’s student-written newspaper, before publication. In May 1983, he decided to have certain pages pulled because of the sensitive content in two of the articles, and acted quickly to remove them in order to meet the paper’s publication deadline. The journalism students felt that this censorship was a direct violation of their First Amendment rights. The Supreme Court decided that Principal Reynolds had the right to such editorial decisions, as he had “legitimate pedagogical concerns.”

  • Geraldo’s nose is broken during a debate with white supremists

  • Phil Donahue wears a dress on a show about transvestites

  • Oprah Winfrey loses 67 pounds on a liquid diet

  • We associate Oprah with many things, one of which is her battle of the bulge. The moment that seemingly started it all was during her 1988 season premiere when she wheeled out “Oprah’s Wagon of Fat,” a Radio Flyer filled with 67 pounds of lard to represent the weight she had lost in three months on a liquid-protein diet. Following the episode, she began eating solid foods to celebrate; within two days the size 10 skinny jeans she worked so hard to slip on no longer fit. From that point, viewers have watched her weight rollercoaster. But whether Oprah regrets that moment or not (she's said that she does), it helped her become one of the most approachable, relatable celebrities there is and has won her legions of fans.


  • Berlin Wall comes down- East and West Germany are re-united

  • Tiananmen Square- We will be watching The Tank Man about the protests in China in 1989.

  • Exxon “Valdez”

  • 11 million barrels of oil

  • Off of Alaska coast


  • Supreme Court case

  • 5-4 ruling- burning of the American flag is considered free speech and is therefore protected

Texas v Johnson (1989)

  • Does the state have the authority to make it a crime to burn the flag?

  • 1984 Republican Convention

  • Gregory Lee Johnson burned a flag to protest Reagan’s policies

  • Arrested and convicted

  • Fined $2000, sentenced to one year in jail

  • Supreme Court ruled in favor of freedom of speech

Flag Protection Act of 1989

  • Resulted from Texas v Johnson

  • Banned physical desecration of the flag

United States v Eichman (1990)

  • After the Flag Desecration Act was passed, thousands burned flags in protest

  • Shawn Eichman and Mark Haggarty were arrested- they challenged the arrest

  • Court ruled once again in favor of freedom of speech

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