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Consolidated Planning –HUD CPD Programs. Centers for Independent Living Training November 5, 2009 . Today’s Session. Overview of HUD CPD CDBG HOME ESG HOPWA Stimulus (NSP, CDBG-R, HPRP) What is a Consolidated Plan? Which Consolidated Plan applies? Citizen participation

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Consolidated planning hud cpd programs l.jpg

Consolidated Planning –HUD CPD Programs

Centers for Independent Living Training

November 5, 2009 

Today s session l.jpg
Today’s Session

  • Overview of HUD CPD

    • CDBG

    • HOME

    • ESG

    • HOPWA

    • Stimulus (NSP, CDBG-R, HPRP)

  • What is a Consolidated Plan?

  • Which Consolidated Plan applies?

  • Citizen participation

  • Questions and Answers

Community development block grant cdbg l.jpg
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

  • Administered by Virginia since 1982

  • Serves Non-Entitlement localities

  • Approximately $20 million a year

Cdbg information l.jpg
CDBG Information

  • Program Design establishes overall goals and objectives

  • All CDBG projects must meet at least one of the 3 National Objectives

    • LMI Benefit

    • Slum and Blight Removal

    • Needs of a Particular Urgency

  • Local Governments are the only eligible applicants for CDBG

Available cdbg funding l.jpg
Available CDBG Funding:

Open Submission Programs

  • Grants are awarded based on projects meeting the eligibility thresholds.

  • Non-competitive, available on a first come basis, as long as funds remain.

  • Planning Grants

  • Construction-Ready Water and Sewer

  • Community Economic Development

  • Community Development Innovation

  • Urgent Needs

Open January 1 – September 30

Open January 1 – October 31

Competitive grants l.jpg

Available CDBG Funding:

Competitive Grants

  • Approximately $10 million available

  • Proposals due each spring

  • Project Types

    • Comprehensive– target at least two major activities, such as water, sewer, housing

    • Economic Development– create jobs or business opportunities or enhance economic environment

    • Housing– bring homes to HQS or support development for new housing units

    • Community Facility– water / wastewater services, drainage improvements

    • Community Service Facility– workforce training, health care, daycare associated with economic development

Cdbg information7 l.jpg
CDBG Information

Keith Sherrill

Policy Analyst


[email protected]

Chris Thompson



[email protected]

Home program l.jpg
HOME Program

  • Created by the National Affordable Housing Program Act of 1990

  • Program intent:

    • Provide decent affordable housing to lower-income households

    • Expand the capacity of non-profit housing providers

    • Strengthen the ability of state and local governments to provide housing, and

    • Leverage private sector participation

Home funded activities l.jpg
HOME-Funded Activities

  • Homeowner Rehabilitation

  • Homebuyer Activities

  • Rental Housing

  • Tenant-Based Rental Assistance

  • Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO)

Home program homeowner rehabilitation l.jpg
HOME Program - Homeowner Rehabilitation

  • Can be used to assist existing homeowners with repair, rehabilitation, or reconstruction of owner-occupied units

  • Forms of assistance (grants, deferred-payment loans, non-interest bearing loan, interest-bearing loan)

  • Can NOT do just special interest repair like weatherization or accessibility alone (only as a part of a more comprehensive scope of work that brings the unit up to HOME standards

  • Owner occupied, at or below 80 percent AMI

Home program homebuyer activities l.jpg
HOME Program - Homebuyer Activities

  • Can be used for acquisition, acquisition/rehabilitation, new construction

  • Forms of assistance (grants, deferred-payment loans, below-market rate loans, loan guarantees)

  • Can include down-payment assistance, gap financing, and development subsidies

  • Owner occupied, at or below 80 percent AMI

  • Required affordability period based on amount of HOME investment

Home program rental housing l.jpg
HOME Program - Rental Housing

  • Can be used for acquisition, new construction, or rehabilitation of rental housing

  • Forms of assistance (grants, deferred-payment loans, non-interest bearing loan, interest-bearing loan, interest subsidy, equity investment, loan guarantees)

  • Project with five or more units 20 percent must be at or below 50 percent AMI (balance up to 80 percent)

  • Required affordability period based on amount of HOME investment

Home program tenant based rental assistance l.jpg
HOME Program - Tenant-Based Rental Assistance

  • A rental subsidy to help households afford housing costs (rent, security deposits, and utility deposits in some cases)

  • Like Section 8 Voucher

  • Can assist up to 80 percent AMI

  • Annually at least 90 percent assisted must be at or below 60 percent AMI

Home program community housing development organization l.jpg
HOME Program - Community Housing Development Organization

  • 15 percent required allocation of funding to CHDOs

  • Non-profit community-based housing developers

  • Program designed to grow CHDO capacity

How is home allocated l.jpg
How is HOME allocated?

  • Formula allocation

  • Local Governments (threshold required)

  • HOME Consortium (threshold required)

Home program applied l.jpg

HUD HOME Program

Homeowner rehabilitation

Homebuyer activities

Rental housing


CHDO activities

DHCD Action Plan (example)

Indoor Plumbing and Rehabilitation (homeowner rehab)

Down Payment Assistance Program (homebuyer activities)

Affordable and Special Needs Housing Program (rental housing and homebuyer activities)

CHDO Set aside and CHDO operation (CHDO activities)

HOME program applied

Dhcd home program contacts l.jpg
DHCD HOME Program Contacts

  • Affordable and Special Needs Housing

    Kevin Hobbs

    (804) 371-7120

    [email protected]

  • Down Payment Assistance

    Johnette Powell

    (804) 371-7117

    [email protected]

  • Indoor Plumbing and Rehabilitation

    Joanne Peerman

    (804) 371 -7071

    [email protected]

Esg program l.jpg
ESG Program

  • HUD -Emergency Shelter (Solution) Grant Program

    • Shelter Operations

    • Essential Services

    • Prevention

    • Development and Rehabilitation

  • DHCD –Emergency Shelter (Solution) Grant Program

    • Primarily Shelter Operations

    • Future changes???

How is esg allocated l.jpg
How is ESG allocated?

  • Entitlements (meeting thresholds)

    • Newport News

    • Richmond

    • Roanoke

    • Virginia Beach

    • Fairfax

    • Prince William

  • Balance (remaining) of state -DHCD

Dhcd esg contact l.jpg
DHCD ESG Contact

Nicole Poulin

(804) 371-7113

[email protected]

Hopwa program l.jpg
HOPWA Program

  • HUD –Housing Opportunities for Person With Aids Program

    • Facility based operations

    • Short-term rent mortgage assistance

    • Tenant-based rent assistance

    • Support services

    • Resource Identification

    • Development and Rehabilitation

    • Other categories

  • DHCD –HOPWA Program

    • Short-term rent mortgage assistance

    • Tenant-based rental assistance

    • Support services (limited)

Dhcd hopwa contact l.jpg

Nicole Poulin

(804) 371-7113

[email protected]

Hud cpd stimulus funds l.jpg
HUD CPD –Stimulus Funds

  • Substantial Amendments to Action Plans

  • Funding allocations have been completed

  • CDBG-R

  • NSP

  • HPRP

Summary l.jpg

  • Consolidated Plans/Action Plans cover HUD CPD Programs

  • Jurisdiction and program of interest determines which Consolidated Plan/Action Plan (for example State vs. Richmond city) applies

  • HUD CPD programs are applied in limited and specific ways according to Action Plans

Exercise 1 l.jpg
Exercise #1

Which Consolidated Plan/Action Plan should you reference?

1. HOME program for Richmond city


2. ESG program for Henrico county?

3. CDBG Project for Wytheville?

4. HOPWA program for Danville?

Exercise 2 l.jpg
Exercise #2

Identify a project that your group would like to complete, what HUD CPD program (s) might be a good resource for the project, and which Action Plan (s) should you reference.

Be prepared to share a short description of your project and tell us what HUD CPD program (s) and what Action Plan (s) apply.

Consolidated plan components l.jpg
Consolidated Plan Components

  • Completed 3-5 years

  • Needs Assessments

    • Community Development

    • Housing

    • Homelessness

  • Strategic Plan

    • Priorities

    • Objectives and Goals

  • Action Plans (completed every year for each of the Con Plan years)

  • Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report; the CAPER (annual for each of the Action Plan years)

Consolidated plan process l.jpg
Consolidated Plan Process

  • For both the five year Consolidated Plan and the annual Action Plans

  • Data Collection and Analysis

  • Consultations

  • Citizen Participation

  • Prioritization and Strategic Planning

  • Public Input and Citizen Participation

  • Submission to HUD

  • HUD Approval and Fund Allocation

Non entitlement area action plan participation timeline l.jpg
Non-entitlement Area Action Plan Participation Timeline

  • Program Specific Input Session

    • December – February Held in various locations across the state

  • Public Comment Period

    • April - May

    • Posted online

  • Public Hearings

    • May

Exercise 3 l.jpg
Exercise #3

Identify ways that your group can participate in the Consolidated Plan/Action Plan?

Questions l.jpg


Shea Hollifield

[email protected]

(804) 371-7031

Lyndsi Austin

[email protected]

(804) 371-7122