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世纪商务英语. 商务函电. 齐齐哈尔职业学院外语系. Unit 3 Conclusion of Business. Introduction Main points of placing an order Main points of confirming an order Main points of sending a contract. Main Points of placing an order. Closing : expectation of confirmation. Main Points of confirming an order.

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Unit 3 Conclusion of Business


Main points of placing an order

Main points of confirming an order

Main points of sending a contract

main points of placing an order
Main Points of placing an order

Closing: expectation of confirmation

main points of confirming an order
Main Points of confirming an order

Closing: expression of hope and future cooperation.


Specimen 1

An order

Northeast Import and Export Trade Corp.

35 Youth Street Shenhe District, Toronto, Canada

October 15, 2006

Huaxin Trading Co. Ltd.

14th Floor Kingstar Mansion

676 Jinlin Road, Shanghai, China

Dear Sirs,

Re: Ladies’ Blouses

We thank you for your quotation of Octorber 6 and the samples of Ladies’ Blouses.

We are satisfied with the quality and take pleasure in enclosing our Order

No.322 for the sizes mentioned in your latest catalogue.

We note that you can supply these items from stock and hope you

will make delivery by the end of November.

Our company will reserve the right to cancel this order or reject the

goods for any delay in shipment.

For your reference, we wish to effect payment by D/P at 60 days sight.

Please kindly let us have your confirmation.

Yours faithfully,

G.P. Johnson

G.P. Johnson


Encl. As stated



No. 322

Please supply the following items:


Specimen 2

Reply to the above

Huaxin Trading Co., Ltd.

14th Floor Kingstar Mansion, 676 Jinlin Road, Shanghai, China

October 27,2006

Northeast Import and Export Trade Corp.

35 Youth Street Shenhe District, Toronto, Canada

Dear Sirs,

Re: Ladies’Blouses

Thank you very much for your Order No.322 dated Octorber 15, and we’re pleased to

confirm the purchase from you of Ladies’ Blouses. Our dispatch department is working

on your order, and will let you know when the consignmet is ready.

As regards the payment terms, it is acceptable. We will send the documents through our

bank to you as soon as the shipment is effected. We sincerely hope this trial order will

result in repeat orders in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Huang Kai

Huang Kai





D/P at 60 days sight

dispatch department

repeat orders


We’re satisfied with the quality of your goods.

We note from your letter of September 14 that you require for an early delivery of your order

Your goods are of high quality, and we would like to purchase from you.

for your reference, there is every indication that the prices show an advancing tendency

His bad reputation in international trade will have an adverse effect on this transaction



Translate the following sentences into English.







Specimen 1

Sending Contract

Dear Sirs,

With reference to the E-mails exchanged between us, we are pleased to confirm

having concluded with you a transaction of 30 metric tons of groundnut kernels.

Enclosed you will find our Sales Contract No.354 in duplicate of which please

countersign and return one copy to us for our file.

Please open the relative L/C at an early date, so that we can arrange the

shipment as soon as possible.

Looking forward to your immediate reply.

Yours sincerely


Specimen 2

Counter- signature

Dear Sirs,

We have duly received your Sales Contract No.354 for 30 metric tons

groundnut kernels in duplicate. As requested, we return herewith one

copy completed with our counter-signature.

We have already established with the Bank of China, London the

relative L/C, which we believe will reach you soon. Upon receipt,

please arrange shipment and advise us of the name of steamer and

date of sailing immediately.

Yours faithfully,



Sales Contract


Name of steamer

repeat orders


The recent exchange of cables between us has resulted in a conclusion of a transaction of 50 pieces Silk.

We will conclude the transaction with you, if you reduce the price to our level.

Please send the duplicate of the contract countersigned to us.



Translate the following expressions into Chinese.

counter-signature foreign exchange

in duplicate sales Contract

shipping advice date of sailing

name of steamer advising bank