understanding the true n ature of firefighting injuries
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Workplace Injuries Among Firefighters

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Workplace Injuries Among Firefighters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Understanding the True N ature of Firefighting Injuries. Workplace Injuries Among Firefighters. As a young adult interested in building a career as a firefighter, I frequently receive negative reactions about the dangers of such a hazardous occupation.

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As a young adult interested in building a career as a firefighter, I frequently receive negative reactions about the dangers of such a hazardous occupation.

  • In order to understand these negative reactions, I have compiled academic research to achieve an accurate understanding of the nature of workplace injuries among firefighters.
individual susceptibility
Individual Susceptibility
  • It is important to understand that every person’s susceptibility to injury in the workplace is highly variable.
  • According to the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, “age, tenure, gender, marital status, type of injury, and wage variables” are significant factors in determining the duration and frequency of firefighting injuries (Liao, Arvey, Butler and Nutting, 2001)
impact of m odern society
Impact of Modern Society
  • Due to the manufacturing of better safety equipment and the standardization of better safety procedures, the amount of burn injuries among firefighters has greatly decreased while the number of structural fires has slightly increased.
nature of injuries
Nature of Injuries
  • The primary cause of serious injuries among firefighters have been identified as trauma, thermal injury and smoke inhalation.
  • However, only 4.3% of workplace injuries are classified as “having some impedance of normal function,” (Poplin, Harris, Pollack, Peate, and Burgess, 2012).

Alternatively, 95.6% of workplace injuries among firefighters are classified as “minor in severity.”

  • According to this study from the University of Arizona, “One-third of all injuries resulted from physical exercise activities, while patient transport, training drills and fireground operations resulted in 16.9%, 11.1% and 10.2% of injuries, respectively.”
  • After pursuing academic research on the topic, I believe that factual statistics on the frequency, nature, and severity of workplace injuries among firefighters help to alleviate the negative outlook people have towards firefighting as a profession.
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