Emily dickinson 1930 1886
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Emily Dickinson (1930-1886). Emily Dickinson Life Line. Emily was born in 1830 in the town of Amherst, Massachusetts. She was the second child of three. She had an older brother named William, and a younger sister named Lavinia . Emily Dickinson Life Line.

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Emily dickinson 1930 1886

Emily Dickinson(1930-1886)

Emily dickinson life line
Emily Dickinson Life Line

  • Emily was born in 1830 in the town of Amherst, Massachusetts.

  • She was the second child of three.

  • She had an older brother named William, and a younger sister named Lavinia.

Emily dickinson life line1
Emily Dickinson Life Line

  • Her fathers name was Edward and her mothers name was Emily as well.

  • Her father was a pronounced lawyer.

  • Emily attended Amherst Academy. She later left the academy to attend Mount Holyoke Female Seminary.

Emily dickinson life line2
Emily Dickinson Life Line

  • Emily was very home sick after a year and left the seminary and returned home.

  • Once she returned home she resided in the town.

  • It has been noted that she wrote approximately 1775 poems.

Emily dickinson life line3
Emily Dickinson Life Line

  • Of these poems only about 24 of them were named.

  • While at home this is where Emily started to write her works.

  • She live a very quiet and private life.

  • She never married in life.

Emily dickinson life line4
Emily Dickinson Life Line

  • It is noted that in 1852 Emily started to avoid people and was very secluded.

  • During this time in life, she started to produce her most famous works. This was around 1858.

  • Emily would not even answer the door for her family and friends.

Emily dickinson life line5
Emily Dickinson Life Line

  • In 1873 Edward, her father died. This put a lot of stress on the family.

  • As soon as her father died, Emily did not want to do anything but to be totally secluded from everyone and everything.

Emily dickinson life line6
Emily Dickinson Life Line

  • In the year of 1874, her mother had a severe stroke and this left Emily attending to her.

  • Her mother held on to life until 1882 and died.

  • Soon after in the year of 1886 Emily died as well at the age of 56.

Emily dickinson style
Emily Dickinson Style

  • It is difficult for many to relate to her style.

  • Even though some of the readings were hard, she still made breathtaking effects in the writings.

  • Since Emily lived alone, this played a great role in her writings.

Emily dickinson style1
Emily Dickinson Style

  • This caused misleading in the readings, because no one really knew what she might be referencing.

  • Emily was very dramatic in her writings.

  • Emily used rhyming very infrequently. This caused the casual reader to have difficulty understanding the material.

Emily dickinson works
Emily Dickinson Works

  • Only a few of her works were published.

  • Poems by Emily Dickinson was published in 1890.

  • Another set of poems called Poems: Second Series was published in 1891.

Emily dickinson works1
Emily Dickinson Works

  • In 1894 Letters of Emily Dickinsonwas released for publishing.

  • In 1896 a third series of poems were published called Poems: Third Series.

Emily dickinson conclusion
Emily Dickinson Conclusion

  • Emily lived from 1830 to 1886.

  • She lived a very secluded lifestyle.

  • Throughout her life, she mainly wore white.

  • She had two other siblings. One older brother and a younger sister.

Emily dickinson conclusion1
Emily Dickinson Conclusion

  • Emily wrote approximately 1776 poems. Only about 24 having names.

  • Her style of writing was hard for the casual reader to understand.

  • She lived a secluded lifestyle, which was reflected in her writings.

  • Emily died in 1886