Muon dq setup for p pb running
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Muon DQ setup for p-Pb running - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Muon DQ setup for p-Pb running. Y. Yamazaki, T. Kishimoto , L. Yuan Kobe University October 19 th , 2012 Trigger Monitoring meeting. Configuration for muon DQ. Online DQ: OHP & DQMD Main histograms checked in online: kinematic distributions ( p T , η , ϕ ), hits information…

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Muon DQ setup for p-Pb running

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Muon dq setup for p pb running

Muon DQ setup for p-Pb running

Y. Yamazaki, T. Kishimoto, L. Yuan Kobe University

October 19th, 2012

Trigger Monitoring meeting

Configuration for muon dq

Configuration for muon DQ

  • Online DQ: OHP & DQMD

    • Main histograms checked in online: kinematic distributions (pT, η, ϕ), hits information…

    • Main changes wrtp-p DQ: histograms from low-pt specialized algorithms instead of high-pt specialized algorithms (e.g: MuFastSteering_Muon MuFastSteering_900GeV)

  • Offline DQ:

    • Focus on chains based trigger efficiencies, measured with different methods: orthogonal triggers, looser muon triggers, tag & probe.

    • Strongly reply on trigger menu.

    • Primary triggers to be monitored:

      mu4, mu6, mu10_MSonly, mu13_Msonly

    • Other important checks:

      • 2D eta-phi occupancy

      • L1 CTP consistency

Online dq ohp

Online DQ -- OHP

  • EF_physics_Muon

    • TrigMuSuperEF/EF_trks_eta, EF_trks_pt, EF_trks_type

    • TrigMuSuperEF_TMEFonly/EF_trks_pt

    • TrigMuGirl_Slow/MuonsPt

  • EF_Expert 

    • TrigMuSuperEF/EF_trks_phi,

    • EF_trks_nHit,

    • EF_satrks_pt,

    • EF_mstrks_pt,

    • MuonsPt, MuonsCotTh, MuonNNBarrel, MuonsNNEndcap, MuonsPhi,

    • TrigMuSuperEF_TMEFonly/EF_trks_eta,

    • TrigMuGirl_Slow/MuonsBeta.

  • L1_Physics:

  • - TrigSteer_L2/AllRoIsEtaPhiMU_runsummary

  • L2_Physics_Muon folder:

    - muFastSteering_900GeV/AbsPt

    - muFastSteering_900GeV/TrackEta_vs_TrackPhi

    - muComb_900GeV_STRATEGY_A/Dphi

    - muComb_900GeV_STRATEGY_A/PtMC

    - TrigL2MuonOverlapRemover_Mufast_nominal/MufastError

    - TrigL2MuonOverlapRemover_Mucom_nominal/MucombError

  • L2_Expert folder

    • muFastSteering_900GeV//ResMiddle

    • muFastSteering_900GeV//FitResiduals

    • muComb_900GeV_STRATEGY_A/Deta

    • muComb_900GeV_STRATEGY_A/ErrorFlagMC




Online dq status

Online DQ status

  • What has been done:

    • Checked the reprocessed HLT distribution (run 210184), see an example below

    • Made the draft configuration file (*.xml)

  • Work to do:

    • Make the reference file if the merged file is available (L2 and EF)





Offline dq status

Offline DQ status

  • What has been done:

    • Use the reprocessed ESD files to measure the trigger efficiency for the primary triggers (mu4, mu6, mu10_Msonly, mu13_MSonly)

    • Due to the low statistics, all the muon candidates were used without requiring any preselection (i.e without using orthogonal trigger or looser muon triggers), which may introduce some efficiency bias.

    • See efficiency plots in next slide.

  • Work to do:

    • For tag&probe method, we would need to use the J/ψ (instead of Z boson in pp collisions) mass constraint to select pure muon sample. Work still under going.

    • A sample (with larger statistics) is expected for us to evaluate the trigger efficiency, the 2D occupancy and make the reference.

Muon dq setup for p pb running



muFastwrt offline


Offline dq 2d occupancy check

Offline DQ --- 2D occupancy check

Need a sample with larger statistics for reference.

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