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INCUBATOR FOR COLLEGE COMPLETION. March 13, 2013. Introduction Jennifer Rippner, UGA IHE The Incubator and CCG Lynne Weisenbach , USG Incubator RFP Basics Jennifer Rippner, UGA IHE Award Categories Art Seavey, USG and Tabitha Press, USG Questions and Discussion ALL

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March 13, 2013


Jennifer Rippner, UGA IHE

The Incubator and CCG

Lynne Weisenbach, USG

Incubator RFP Basics

Jennifer Rippner, UGA IHE

Award Categories

Art Seavey, USG and Tabitha Press, USG

Questions and Discussion


ConclusionJennifer Rippner, UGA IHE


Jennifer Rippner

Incubator Coordinator

Graduate Research Assistant,

Institute of Higher Education

University of Georgia

[email protected]


  • The aim of the incubator is to:

  • Provide early-stage funding and other support for innovative institutional, multi-institutional, or regional level projects that aim to increase college completion

  • Support the programming and activities outlined in the college completion plans

  • Grow learning communities of innovators to share promising practices and methods from the projects

The Incubator and Complete College Georgia

Lynne Weisenbach, University System of Georgia

  • Two categories of awards (to be discussed later)

  • 5-page proposal and budget

  • Timeline:

    • April 8, 2013: proposal due no later than 5:00 pm to Jennifer Rippner at [email protected]

    • April 8 – 22, 2013: review of applications; follow-up questions to applicants if necessary

    • April 22, 2013 (or before): announcement of grantees

    • Prior to June 30, 2013: work must begin on projects

    • No later than June 30, 2014: work completed

  • Awardees successful applications will be made available to all USG institutions

  • Awardees will benefit from guidance and support throughout the grant period

Incubator RFP Basics

Jennifer Rippner, Institute of Higher Education -University of Georgia

Evaluation Rubric

Incubator RFP Basics

  • Category 1: Proof-of-Concept or Start-Up

  • Estimated four awardees at $25K max each

  • Priority will be given to projects supporting one or more of these three broad subcategories:

    • New Models for Learning

    • Data-driven Student Engagement

    • Creating/Sustaining Partnerships

Award Categories

Art Seavey, University System of Georgia

AACU LEAP Campus Tool Kit

Overview Competency Based Education

Texas Tuning Project

Resources and Examples

Action Analytics

Building Organizational Capacity for Analytics

Open Educational Resources Overview

Open Educational Resources Resources and Projects

  • MOOC Overview from Vanderbilt Center for Teaching and Learning


  • University System of Maryland and Coursera Experiments


  • Dev Math MOOC at Wake Tech


  • Dev Math MOOC at Cuyahoga Community College


  • Python Programming Course at Bunker Hill


  • MOOC Platforms

  • Coursera


  • Udacity


  • edX


Resources and Examples

Category 2: Planning for Success in Gateway Courses

Estimated four awardees between $5K - $7K each

Designed for faculty driven work around aligning curriculum and expectations with the new Common Core Georgia Performance Standards

Must have a K-12 partner or resource

Must involve curriculum alignment of gateway math and/or English courses

Award Categories

Tabitha Press, University System of Georgia

  • College Board

  • Affinity Network Overview


  • Common Core Standards Resources

  • Georgia’s Common Core Standards Resources

  • Official Common Core State Standards Initiative

  • Achieve’ s Common Core Resources Page

  • Eastern Kentucky’s Curriculum Alignment for Retention and Transition at Eastern Kentucky University      


  • Small professional development communities by content area

  • Faculty driven work, aligned course syllabi to common core standards

Resources and Examples

  • What are some areas that are “prime” for exploration either at your institution or in higher education generally?

  • Do you see the incubator funds fueling exploration into these areas? If so, how?

  • Are there data gaps that could be barriers to developing an effective project?

  • How do we best share what is being learned during these projects?

  • Additional questions?

Questions and Discussion

Thank you. either at your institution or in higher education generally?

Jennifer Rippner

[email protected]

March 13, 2013