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Chapter 8 The Asian World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 8 The Asian World. I. China A. Sui Dynasty 589 – 615 AD * followed the 6 Dynasties. Emperor Yang Chian * extended Grand Canal (1000 miles long) links Yellow ( Haung He) & Yangtze Rivers worlds oldest & longest canal system. Grand Canal.

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Chapter 8

The Asian World

I. China

A. Sui Dynasty 589 – 615 AD

*followed the 6 Dynasties

Emperor Yang Chian

*extended Grand Canal (1000 miles long)

links Yellow (Haung He) & Yangtze Rivers

worlds oldest & longest canal system

B. Tang Dynasty 618 - 907

*China richest & most powerful nation in world

Chinese influence spreads: Japan, Korea, & S.E. Asia

Poetry of T'angDyn.

Quiet Night Thoughts *by Li Po

“Beside my bed the bright moonbeams

bound almost as if there were frost

on the ground.”

Li Po

Woodblock Printing invented Tang Dyn. 704 AD

The Diamond Sutra (Buddhist Text)

*1st printed book 868 AD

Diamond Sutra

Zen Buddhism *meditation means to enlightenment

Empress Wu 683 AD

*civil service exam for gov. workers


*evolved into cannon

C. Song Dynasty 960 – 1279

General Zhao Kuangyin

claimed Mandate of Heaven

(power to rule from god)

*China unified state

fight off invading Mongols

The Song Dynasty

960 A.D. - 1279 A.D.

Mandarins*Scholar- Gentry

wealthy elite scholars passed civil service exam

Landscape (mountain – water) painting

Tao“Way of Nature”


fulfillment in life from good moral principles

Chinese Cuisine food we know today dev.s

Ma Yu Ching’s(Bucket Chicken)

*worlds oldest restaurant 1153

Footbinding(wealthy classed girl’s)

feet tied with linen strips & toes tucked underneath

D. Yuan Dynasty 1271 - 1368

1st foreign dynasty in China

*Mongols control China

Kublai Khan “The Wise Khan”

Grandson of Genghis

founded Yuan Dyn.

Khanbaliq“The City of the Khan”

renamed Peking (today Beijing)

Xanadu Palace of Kublai

Marco Polo visits China *YaunDyn.

E. Ming Dynasty 1368 - 1644

Hung Wu (Zhu Yuan Zhang)

*Buddhist monk drove Mongols out

founded Ming Dyn.

White Lotus Society

*secret organization led revolt against Mongols

led by Buddhist Monks

Nanking Capital City

Emperor Yung La built

Forbidden City *Emperors Home


Admiral Zhenghe1405 – 1433

Voyages of Exploration

Junks*Chinese Ships

1433 China isolates itself from World

Ming Vases today priceless

A rare underglaze copper-red

Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) vase sold for HK$78.52 million (US$10.13 million) in Hong Kong on Tuesday, setting a world auction record for Ming porcelain.

May 30, 2006

II. Mongol Empire 1200's

*largest land empire in history

originated modern Mongolia

Mongol Empire

A. Genghis Khan (Universal Monarch)

*1st Mongol Emperor 1206

Temuchin**original name

greatest conquer in world history

“Mans highest joy, is in victory:

to conquer one’s enemies, to pursue them,

to deprive them of their possessions,

to make their beloved weep, to ride their horses,

and to embrace their wives & daughters!”

Great Wall of China completed to keep him out

1215 destroyed Peking

Golden Horde *Mongol cavalry “Horsemen from Hell”

*greatest nomadic fighting force of all time

ride up to 90 miles a day

Takhi*Mongol ponies

Yam *Pony Express

B. Kublai Khan “The Great Khan”

(Grandson of Genghis)

*conquered all of China

Yuan Dynasty founder 1271


Marco Polo * visits China 1271

Venice, Italy

The Travels of Marco Polo


Description of the World

books on his travels

“Prince of Liars” *nickname

Pasta *Chinese noodles to Italy

Marco Polo


Kublai Khan

Invasion of Japan Aug. 15, 1281

4,400 ships 150,000 warriors

Kamikaze (Divine Wind) *Typhoon saved Japan

Khanates*Mongol territories

1. Khanate of the Great Khan - China

2. Khanate of Jagatai - Turkey

3. Golden Horde Empire - Russia

Batu Khan (Kublai brother) controls Europe & Russia

4. Khanate of Persia

III. Japan

Ainu *Prehistoric name

A. Geography

Archipelago chain of islands (3000 islands)

4 Main Islands:


Honshu main islands



Mt. Fuji volcanic mt.

temples & shrines on slopes

B. Creation Myths:

1. AmaaterasuSun Goddess

*created Japan

1st Emperor 3 Gifts:

mirror, a jewel, & sword

Amaterasu & Jimmu

Create the World

2.Jimmu 1st Emperor? (mythical) 660 BC

descended from Amaterasu

C. Yayoi People

*early Japanese

clans*family groups (common ancestors)

D. Shinto“Way of the Gods”

*main religion of Japan

stresses natures beauty

Kami*nature spirits inhabit trees, rivers, & mts.

Shinto Temple

E. Rise of Japanese State

1. Yamato Clan 300 AD

*strongest clan

Yamato*1st & only Japanese Dynasty

Prince Shotoku*unified clans of Japan

Seventeen Article Constitution

created centralized gov. under supreme ruler

Selective Borrowing *mainly from China

Zen Buddhism

Philosophy Confucianism & Taoism

F. Feudal Japan


Shogun (General) *most powerful Samurai

Daimyo (Great Name)*great landowners

Shogun Statue outside Imperial Palace

Samurai(Those Who Serve)*Warrior Knights

Ronin*Samurai without lords

Ninja *spies & assassins

Bushido*Way of the Warrior

*Samurai code of conduct





obedience to ones lord


Seppuku or Hara-kari

*ceremonial suicide

G. Nara Period 710 AD – 794 AD

Nara*1st permanent capital

Fujiwara Clan 800 - 1100's

*take power from Yamato Emperor

*Emperor becomes figurehead


Oldest wooden building in world

Nara Period approx. 750 AD

H. Heian Period 794 AD

new capital city Heian(modern Kyoto)

“The City of Peace & Tranquility”

The Tale of Genji*worlds 1st novel 1000 AD

by Lady Murasaki

I. Kamakura Shogunate

YoritomoMinamoto*1st Shogun

defeated warring clans


Kamikaze *Divine Wind 1281

saved Japan from Mongol invasion

J. Ashikaga 1338 - 1500

*Feudal wars bt.Daimyo

Onin War 1467 - 1477

*civil war bt. Samurais

K. Hideyoshi“The Bald Rat” 1580

*end to feudal warfare

*defeated warring Samurai

L. Tokugawa “Great Peace” 1603 - 1868

*unites Japan


Edo(Tokyo) *Capital City

M. Portuguese 1543

*1st European nation to trade with Japan

The first Portuguese ship at Nagasaki

Francis Xavier *Jesuit Priest

*brought Christianity to Japan

300,000 Christians 1600 AD

1639 Shogun expelled all Europeans

Japan isolated itself

N. Nagasaki

*only Japanese port open to world