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Welcome P500 Students! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome P500 Students!. Our objectives today:. 1. General Information. 2. A tour of your virtual classroom. 3. Next Steps ~ Reference Documents!. In the beginning, you may feel a little OVERWHELMED!. “How do I start?”. “Where are the assignments?”. “Where are my grades?”.

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Welcome P500 Students!

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Welcome P500 Students!

Our objectives today:

1. General Information

2. A tour of your virtual classroom

3. Next Steps ~ Reference Documents!

In the beginning, you may feel a little


  • “How do I start?”

  • “Where are the assignments?”

  • “Where are my grades?”

  • “Where is my textbook?”

  • “What are my deadlines?”

Don’t sweat it!

After this session,

you will be ready to go!

General requirements

of your online course...

  • Paper and pencil in front of you!

  • A calculator (for math courses)

  • A willingness to email questions!


You will need to work about 8-10 hours per week throughout the course!

Before beginning to work, you need to make sure that your computer has the correct software loaded in order for the courses to run properly.

System Check 1st!


For school labs, the lab facilitator should have this system check completed before the first day of class.


Are you ready to see your classroom?

Blackboard (Bb)


Blackboard (Bb)


Your user name is your email address

Your password is your birth date in the format ‘mmddyyyy’


that I'm

logged in...


Do I


"My Home" Screen...

Click on the name of your course.

"Course Home" Screen...

Within this area will be announcements which contain important information that you should know!

These announcements change regularly.

When you log on

for the first time...

  • Teaches navigation of Blackboard!

  • Includes 3 activities which are combined for a GRADE!


Course Introduction

Step 1:

Click on “Course Information”

Step 2:

Click on “Course Introduction” link

If you do not get this screen, click here.

Turn pages here!

How do I send

an email???

To send an email...

Step 1: Click on the “Communication” link

Step 2: Click on Send Email

If you choose “Select Users”, a list of your classmates and your teacher will appear and you can put a check mark by the ones you want to email.

A quick link to your teacher's email...

This link will also begin an email!

Notice the office hours and contact information.

Please remember...

In the subject line: Type your name, course name and a brief explanation of the email

(V. Fann/Eng 12A/Question about Unit 2)

To check your email...

Check your email through the email provider you selected during registration.

Check it very often; your teacher will send you emails regularly!

15 minutes

Ready to Get Started?


email address


Login, locate the course introduction, begin reading the pages, and raise your hand when you get to “Activity One”


Let's move on

to more information...

Please log out of your course and tell your shoulder partners to do so as well.

When is my

work due???

Your Pacing Guide

Step 1:

Click on “Course Information”

It’s a good idea to print your pacing guide so you can have a hard copy of due dates!

Step 2:

Click on the pacing guide link. It may not be located at the bottom; however, it will be somewhere on this page.

Orientation finished...

I'm ready to work!

The "CONTENT" comes first!

Step 1: Select the Unit you need

This is your “textbook”. GO HERE FIRST before you open the items below it!

If you do not get this screen, click here.

Open the Textbook!

Turn pages here!

Send your teacher content questions at this stage; do not wait until you are taking the quiz or exam.

Throughout the content pages, you will be given specific instructions on where to find your assignments

Do not open these assignments until you are ready to complete them! You will be referred to the assignments throughout your content pages.


You will be locked out and will not be able to re-open it!

If you open up a quiz, exam, or assignment BEFORE you are ready to take it...

You will be locked out and will not be able to re-open it!

If you open up a quiz/exam/assignment, then hit the “back” button, try to go back into “content”, or try to go to “send email”...

Only the teacher can re-set the assignment when this happens!

The next time you try to access the assignment, this message will appear!

Do not make your teacher


If you repeatedly get locked out of assignments, your teacher may deduct points from your assignment or you could possibly get a zero on the assignment.

Back & Forth a lot!

If you click on the Unit tab, a drop down box appears for easy navigation!

You are not finished with a unit until ALL content has been reviewed, you have participated in any discussion boards, the quizzes have been completed, any unit assignments have been completed, and the unit exam has been completed.

The units will look different according to the course you are taking. However, you are not finished with a unit until ALL items within the unit have been completed!

Quick note for English students...

To learn how to submit papers and other assignments…

From the Course Home screen, select the Course Documents link. Next, click on “Saving and Sending Assignments”.

2 minutes

Next Assignment...


email address


Login, find out what is due this week, and raise your hand when you find it.


2 minutes

Part 2...

email address


Find the content pages for your first assignment (after the course orientation)


Let's move on

to more information...

Please log out of your course and tell your shoulder partners to do so as well.

Discussion Boards

Within the content pages, you will also be directed to discussion board assignments…

Click either link to get to the discussion boards.

Be sure to check your discussion board often, you will need to participate in further conversations!

You interact with your classmates and your teacher within the course discussion boards.

You will receive grades on your participation in the discussion boards!

Where are my grades???

Viewing grades...

Click on the “Tools” link

Click on the “My Grades” link

Computer-graded assignments...

Many quizzes and tests

will be computer-graded.


Teacher-graded assignments...

Discussion boards and unit

assignments will be teacher-graded.


Progress Reports

You will receive a progress report on the 1st and the 15th of each month.

A copy is sent to you, to your parents, and to your onsite facilitator.

Some reference

materials for you...

Wow! You have done a great job! We are almost finished!

Your Last Assignment for Today...


Login and finish your Course Introduction:

Raise your hand when you finish Activities 2 & 3


How do you feel about beginning

your online course?

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