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Time Management . by Julie Morgenstern. "When life is a to-do list, something is wrong. Time management is about giving what matters a place in your schedule. Create a life that nurtures who you want to be.". Seven Time Management Tools. 1.) Self-Assessment.

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Time management

Time Management

by Julie Morgenstern

"When life is a to-do list, something is wrong. Time management is about giving what matters a place in your schedule. Create a life that nurtures who you want to be."

1 self assessment
1.) Self-Assessment

  • I spend too much time on ____.

  • I procrastinate on ____.

  • I would spend a 25th hour of the day doing ___.

2 estimate task time
2.) Estimate Task Time

  • How long does it take ME to do this task?

  • Include hidden time costs:

    • Thinking Time

    • Traveling (Commute)

3 remember the four d s
3.) Remember the Four D's:

  • Delete

  • Delay

  • Diminish

  • Delegate

4 take a step back to see the big picture view
4.) Take a Step Back to See the Big Picture View

  • Simplify Categories

  • Define Goals for each category

  • Select Activities for each goal

5 make a time map
5.) Make a Time Map

  • Be in the moment, not in the next moment or the past moment.

  • Time Maps can be vertical or horizontal, with daily themes and color-coded activities.

6 the s p a c e formula
6.) TheS.P.A.C.E. Formula:

  • Sort tasks into categories, estimate the time for each

  • Purge the stuff you don't "need" to do

  • Assign a home for it in the time map

  • Containerize Tasks: start & stop when you intend to, and avoid procrastination, tardiness & interruptions

  • Equalize: reflect on the successes of the day, re-prioritize, evaluate, and improve your methods

7 choose just one planner
7.) Choose Just One Planner

  • paper or electronic, varieties are numerous:

    • Calendars & Desk Calendars

    • Day Planners

    • Online Task Organizers (Google Calendar)

    • Offline Task Organizers (Swift To-Do List)

More tips

  • Make morning or evening time a sanctuary for yourself

  • Slow down and take a closer look at your tasks

  • View time as a "balance" of your day, and life

  • Batch your tasks like cookies, putting like with like

  • Multitasking takes the brain 4x's longer than focusing on 1 task at a time

  • Time is a container - tasks take up time like objects take up space

  • Apply perfectionism only to tasks that matter most

  • Make all your decisions for morning on the night before

  • Leave a Do Not Forget list by the door

  • Vertical Time Maps devote each day to the theme of that day, it's categories, goals, and activities

  • Stop procrastinating by focusing on the payoff and breaking it into smaller steps

  • Filter interruptions by responding to them later, take messages - studies show it's faster (7 minutes versus 11 minutes)

  • Forgive your failures, and celebrate your successes!

  • What helps you manage your time well? What tips do you have to share?

Time management is about creating the life you want not squeezing in more work
Time Management is aboutcreating the life you want,not squeezing in more work!