Two way between groups anova
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Two-Way Between Groups ANOVA PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Two-Way Between Groups ANOVA. Chapter 14. Two-Way ANOVAs. Are used to evaluate effects of more than one IV on a DV Can determine individual and combined effects of the IVs. Testing for Interactions.

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Two-Way Between Groups ANOVA

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Two-Way Between Groups ANOVA

Chapter 14

Two-Way ANOVAs

  • Are used to evaluate effects of more than one IV on a DV

  • Can determine individual and combined effects of the IVs

Testing for Interactions

  • An interaction occurs when two IVs have an effect in combination that we do not see when looking at each IV individually

  • Two-Way ANOVAs include to nominal IVs and a scale DV

  • Factorial ANOVA uses one scale DV and at least two nominal IVs (factors)

    • Factor: IV in a study with more than one IV

Why Use Two-Way ANOVAs

  • To evaluate effects of two IVs, it is more efficient to do a single study than two studies with one IV each.

  • Can explore interactions between variables

More ANOVA Vocabulary

  • Cell: box depicting a unique combination of levels of IVs in a factorial design

  • Main effect: When one IV influences the DV

Two Types of Interactions in ANOVA

  • Quantitative: interaction in which one IV exhibits strengthening or weakening of its effects at one or more levels of the other IV, but the direction of the effect does not change

  • Qualitative: interaction of two or more IVs in which one IV reverses its effect depending on the level of the other IV

What if both IVs influence the DV?

  • This is an interaction

Six Steps for Two-Way Between-Groups ANOVA

  • Step 1. Identify the populations, distribution, and assumptions.

  • Step 2. State the null and research hypotheses.

  • Step 3. Determine the characteristics of the comparison distribution.

  • Step 4. Determine critical values, or cutoffs.

  • Step 5. Calculate the test statistic.

  • Step 6. Make a decision.

df Formulae for ANOVAs

Determining the Cutoff Point

Effect Size for Two-Way ANOVA

Variations on ANOVA

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