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How to Drive Traffic to Your Site. Jeff Kuerzi Director of Sales. Internet Facts. The Internet is one of the fastest growing mediums in history. To reach 50 million users it took:. Radio 38 Years TV 13 Years Internet 5 Years. Internet Facts.

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How to drive traffic to your site

How to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Jeff Kuerzi

Director of Sales

Internet facts
Internet Facts

The Internet is one of the fastest growing mediums in history. To reach 50 million users it took:

  • Radio 38 Years

  • TV 13 Years

  • Internet 5 Years

Internet facts1
Internet Facts

  • There are over 3.6 million web sites and over 1.5 billion web pages on the Internet

  • There are 4,400 new websites launched each day

  • There are over 196,000,000 web users

  • The web ads over 147,671 new users each day

Internet facts2

  • There are over 196,000,000 web users

  • The web ads over 147,671 new users each day

Internet Facts

Lexington Metropolitan Area Adults With Web Access

Source: Customer Study, Clark, Martire & Bartolomeo, 1994, 1996, 1998.

Building traffic
Building Traffic

Registering with Search Engines

Is Not Enough!

Internet Facts

Web pages covered by the best search engine:


How the web is used is changing.

US consumers now regularly turn to the Internet for news:

  • Only 3% retrieved news information online in 1996*

  • Now 25% of US consumers go online to obtain news at least 4 times per week.*

  • * Radio and Television News Directors Foundation

Brand building advertising can drive traffic
Brand-building advertising can drive traffic

  • Traditional media

    • 60% of consumers enter addresses of merchants directly into browser.

      Harris Interactive, 2000

But it does little to effect online spending
But it does “little” to effect online spending

  • Only 6% began search online after seeing an ad “offline” such as radio, print, television.

  • Not bad considering thin market concept.

    Harris Interactive, 2000


On line advertising drives traffic
On-line advertising drives traffic

  • Key word banner ads for at

  • Highly trackable by ad, day, hour of day, referring domain, etc.

On line advertising drives traffic1
On-line Advertising drives traffic

  • On average, across multiple advertisers and campaigns tracked by AdKnowledge over the last 6 months, there are more conversion events from users who only viewed an ad, but did not click, than from users who clicked.

  • This yields three important conclusions:

    • 1. The potential ROI impact of Internet advertising is much greater than previously thought, because advertisers only track sales from clicks and tend to ignore the brand impact on sales.

    • 2. Advertisers who base decisions only on clicks or even post-click conversions may miss important effects of their campaign, including the impact of an impression on the propensity to convert.

    • 3. As noted in our Q# 1999 Online Advertising Report, Repeat Conversions are also a significant source of returns on an advertising investment.

Conversion Events

  • AdKnowledge Q1 2000 Internet Advertising Report

E mail pushes drive traffic
E-mail Pushes Drive Traffic

  • 15,000 addresses

  • 9,800 e-mails sent

  • 2,000 failed

  • 7,900 net

  • 26% or 2,054

  • 1% unsubscribe

  • 3% forwarded to friend

  • 40% of friends entered

Types of dot com shoppers
Types of shoppers

A breakdown of shoppers into understandable, identifiable segments to help with site design and marketing efforts.

Help your customers understand this to help them sell more product and you’ll sell more spots!

Types of dot com shoppers1

E-bivalent Newbies


Older, reluctant.

Concerned with security

Time-senstive Materialists


Convenience; less comparison, coupon use

Fast, easy processes

Harris Interactive, 2000

Click & Mortar


Compare online, buy offline

Female, homemakers

Hooked, Online & Single


High income, single males

Game, download software, bank

Innovation needed to capture

Types of shoppers

Types of dot com shoppers2



30-49 yrs., with 2 kids

Use sites that analyze an compare

Looks for endorsements and testimonials

Harris Interactive, 2000



Go directly to site of merchant.

Spend most online

Most satisfied with online shopping

Spends more to get what they want.

Types of shoppers

94%of all Web shopping comes at

theexpense of offline retailers.*

* - Jupiter Communications, a New York Internet Research Company