Top 5 tips to keep your dog
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Top 5 tips to keep your dog Happy and Healthy PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here are Top ways to Keep your Dog Healthy and Happy. Make Sure You are Providing the Right Foods.The importance of your pets diet can't be overstated. Read more here:

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Top 5 tips to keep your dog Happy and Healthy

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Top 5 tips to keep your dog

Happy & Healthy

Proper Diet -

Provide him with nutritious and well balanced food and treats. If you decide to go for

commercial brands, look for something which has no preservatives Remember not to

give your dog, human food as its bad for their health

Regular Exercise -

A Healthy and nutritious diet paired with regular exercise goes a long way in keeping

your pet happy and lead a long healthy life

Play Time-

Dogs are extremely social animals and need companionship just as we humans do.

Make sure you keep some time aside each day, to spend with your pet. This will keep

your dog happy and provide it with the bonding that it needs.

Regular Vet Visits -

For your pet to be happy and active, it needs to be healthy and fit at all times. A

listless, disinterested pet signals that it is time for a visit to the vet. A regular once a

year check up at the vet is a must as well, to ensure good health and wellbeing.

Clean and adequate shelter -

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to protect your pet from scorching heat, rain

or cold weather, in order to prevent it from falling sick. Make sure that your pet dog

has its cozy spot where it feels most comfortable.

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