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Presentation of Manifesto of Prof. Tawatchai Tingsanchali For Position of Vice President - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation of Manifesto of Prof. Tawatchai Tingsanchali For Position of Vice President For Education, AIT 22 August 2005. AIT, Its Inputs and Outputs. Collaborations with other Institutions. Alumni Support. AIT Faculty/Staff Academic Program Classroom &Teaching Facility

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Presentation of Manifesto of

Prof. Tawatchai Tingsanchali

For Position of Vice President

For Education, AIT

22 August 2005

AIT, Its Inputs and Outputs

Collaborations with other Institutions

Alumni Support



Academic Program Classroom &Teaching Facility

Research Facility

Support Units

Technical Publications

Student Applications

Doctoral, Master & other Graduates

Support from Donors,



Projects &Training Outputs








Restructuring 4 Schools into 3 Schools








  • Remarks on Academic Restructuring

  • One of the main rationale is to balance the school sizes, sharing of knowledge and resources.

  • SERD is the largest school and received much more budget than SAT, SCE and SOM

  • In restructuring, SAT and SCE are combined into a new school SET.

  • SSD is mainly SERD and is still the largest school.

  • SOME is practically SOM

Remarks on Academic Restructuring (cont)

  • There is no other major change. The number of schools is reduced from 4 to 3. There will be few departments in each school.

  • More effort is required to increase interaction among the schools for sustainability

    1. to develop multi- or inter-disciplinary programs and innovative research topics.

    2. to share knowledge and resources to increase stability and sustainability of AIT.

    3. to increase the significance of restructuring.

Sustainability of A Stand Alone School


School A

School A

School A

Sustainability of Schools and AIT through interdisciplinary program and Mutual Support


Interdisciplinary Program

Interdisciplinary Program



Interdisciplinary Program

  • Proposed Solutions on Long Term Development program and Mutual Support

  • Development of basic courses of subjects is necessary

  • Assemble traditional basic courses plus some tailor made-courses to form academic program that meets client needs.

  • If this client need of this academic program lasts long, the program can be converted to long term academic program

Academic calendar of ait cont
Academic calendar of AIT (cont) program and Mutual Support

Problems and Needs for Improvement

  • Semester system performance has to be reviewed and improved as needed

  • Existing one intake per year does not allow student application until next year

  • Having two intakes per year in some schools would provide more opportunity to apply and more applications.

  • Tuition and fees and management of fellowships should be reviewed and revised

  • Number of student intakes and of enrolled students must be checked as now AIT has more students (almost 2000) but with less revenue.

  • Sharing of revenue to schools should be on win- win basis

Academic calendar of AIT program and Mutual Support

1959-1974 AIT was based on semester system as Chulalongkorn University

1975-2002 AIT changed from semester to trimester system with staggered intakes due to insufficient dormitory space and facilities

2003-present AIT changes from trimester to semester with only one intake per year for the following reasons

1. To match academic calendar with most of universities in USA, Europe and Asia under semester system

2. To allow more exchanged students from Europe and other universities to enter AIT at the start of semesters.

3. To provide more time for faculty members to concentrate in research and consultancy works.

Academic Curriculum Certification program and Mutual Support

  • Encourage all schools to accredit course curriculum with well know institutions

  • The outcome of accreditation will lead to systematic improvement and maintenance of the course curriculum

  • Internal and external evaluation team may be utilized to have overall checking of school curriculum and academic administration

Evaluation and promotion criteria
Evaluation and Promotion Criteria program and Mutual Support

  • To be reviewed and revised regularly especially those newly implemented such as that of faculty in relation to the Bye laws

  • Academic Senate, Committees of Staff and students must work closely with the administration to correct or improve any arising problems in time especially during this financial crisis

Assessment of Individual Faculty /staff Performance and Interaction with others







Individual faculty

Admissions Interaction with others

  • Excellent students must be awarded full scholarships

  • Academic curriculum should consider students internship with industries for more practical aspects

  • Fellowship offering should be done effectively on basis of break even cost and revenue analysis

“It is my esteem privilege to have an opportunity to serve as Vice President for Education of AIT”

With my best wishes and sincere thanks.