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Art reinforcement romanticism
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Art Reinforcement: Romanticism. By: Mateo Giraldo. Romanticism and Reality.

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Art Reinforcement: Romanticism

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Art reinforcement romanticism

Art Reinforcement: Romanticism

By: Mateo Giraldo

Romanticism and reality

Romanticism and Reality

  • Romanticism has a relation with reality but is not completely clear. Romanticism artists paint for example something that they see, for example: a field full of grass. Then they exaggerate the picture. As we did in the last example, the artist painted a field but, because the painting will by romanticist lets say that the artist will make the field but in the field there will be a battle. Also romanticism needs to be heroic or inspiring. Like in the examples of the first slide of the presentation.



Ron mueck

Ron Mueck

  • Ron is an Australian hyperrealist sculptor. Ron was born in Australia but his parents are German. He began his career working on the Australian children’s television program “Shirl’s Neighborhood”. He moved to London and established his own company, he started to make photo-realistic props and animatronics for the advertising industries. After this, Mueck wanted to produce realistic sculptures that looked perfect from all angles.

Ron mueck art

Ron Mueck Art

Ron mueck art1

Ron Mueck Art

Andres de santamaria impressionism

Andres De Santamaria: Impressionism

  • He was born in 1890, he is a recognized painter because when he was a child he studied at a art school in Paris where he learned everything that he knows. He has a connection with Impressionism because his paintings are tight together with reality, and also because of the weird technique that is used to paint that was never seen in Colombia. This technique is made by very wide lines of paint making the image.

Andres de santamaria

Andres De Santamaria

Andres de santamaria1

Andres De Santamaria

Impressionism influence

Impressionism Influence

  • The Impressionism influence in the other movements is very important because if it wasn’t because of impressionism the light in the paintings won’t be clear and that won’t make a better effect in the art piece. Also this technique makes a little effect that the painting is in 3D. Also it inspired pointillism by not painting a clear picture but painting some colors so the main objective of painting will show.



  • The Impressionism has had a lot of influence in artists like Van Gogh because with the Impressionism Van Gogh could create all his art works according to the time. Van Gogh’s artwork was based on portraits and if you look carefully you can see that the people is old styled like from one or two centuries ago. Another artist that was influenced was Andres De Santamaria, Impressionism influenced him because he didn’t wanted to paint all but he wanted to paint lines so he could express that not only by painting the whole thing you would know what it is.

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