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YOU’RE INVITED. To an HHHH. party. Partaaay !. What is a HHHH party? ... Partaaay ?. It’s an age old tradition consisting of four H’s. H. The first H stands for HOT CHOCOLATE. Brought for you by the sweetest person you know. That would be Mr. O.

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To an HHHH



What is a HHHH party?... Partaaay?

It’s an age old tradition consisting of four H’s.


The first H stands for HOT CHOCOLATE

Brought for you by the sweetest person you know.

That would be Mr. O

The second H stands for HONORSsince it will take place in our HonorsEnglish I class.



Our classroom

The third H stands for HOLIDAYSsince the party will be before our holiday break


This kind of hurts my eyes


The final H stands for HEROES.Since we’re studying heroes, the party theme is HEROES!

So, what you can expect?


So many heroes you won’t even be able to breathe…

With special guest appearances by…



and Storm

THE William Wallace will stop by for hot chocolate

All sorts of fantasy heroes will stop by and be slaying things and junk

Percy jackson

Frodo and Samwise



Super Saiyan 4 Goku!

And Theseus


This is why you shouldn’t play with matches, kids

I don’t like


Who else should you expect?

Captain America and Catwoman!

Arthur and Merlin will be there incase anyone decides they want to go quest it up.

Fellas, hold on to your girl ‘cause sooner or later Achilles will be arriving

Sombodys been working ouuut!

Obviously, it’s not a party unless the TMNT are there.

And last…but not least…

The power rangers will arrive and do all sorts of ninja things

So what does this mean for you?

  • You should decide on what type of food you are going to bring to this thing.

  • You should pick out your best hero costume to wear.

  • Don’t act like you don’t have hero costumes hanging in your closet…I know you do (Xavier you can wear your unnecessarily sparkly shirt.)

What else?

  • The party will be Friday during class.

  • You get extra credit if you do the following

    • Dress like a hero

    • State what hero you are

    • State what traits this person possess which makes him/her a hero.

The End

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