Rockhampton region access equity community reference groups june 2010 community engagement sessions
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Rockhampton Region Access & Equity Community Reference Groups June 2010 Community Engagement Sessions. Rockhampton Regional Council. Welcome, introductions, apologies & housekeeping Background Information Model for engaging on access and equity issues General Discussion Where to next

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Rockhampton Regional Council

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Rockhampton RegionAccess & Equity Community Reference GroupsJune 2010 Community Engagement Sessions

Rockhampton Regional Council

  • Welcome, introductions, apologies & housekeeping

  • Background Information

  • Model for engaging on access and equity issues

  • General Discussion

  • Where to next

  • Meeting Close


Rockhampton Regional Council

  • Inform participants of Council’s new model for engaging on access and equity issues;

  • Listen to your thoughts and comments regarding the model and how we can make it work;

  • Enquire whether you are interested in being part of a Community Reference Group,

  • Identify who else we may need to get on board; and

  • Clarify the where to next?

  • Plus have a bit of a chat while enjoying some refreshments

Purpose of Session

Rockhampton Regional Council

To make our region the most liveable community in the world

Council Vision

Rockhampton Regional Council

  • Everyday across this region people are striving to make Rockhampton region a better place to live, work, visit and play:

  • various community groups

  • government agencies

  • businesses

  • Council staff and elected members

Rockhampton Regional Council

  • Despite the various efforts that take place, we still have work to do to ensure that people have fair and equitable access to required goods, services and facilities; and to be truly included in community life and decision making processes.

Rockhampton Regional Council

  • So what do we mean by the term Access and Equity?

  • Definition:

  • The process of ensuring equal opportunity and the allocation of resources and services in a fair, consistent and inclusive manner irrespective of an individual’s or group’s cultural or linguistic background, their religion or spiritual beliefs, socio-economic status, gender, age, or abilities.

Rockhampton Regional Council

  • So what do we mean by the term Access and Equity?

  • In simple terms Access and Equity is about removing barriers to open up opportunities for people!

Rockhampton Regional Council

  • Rockhampton Regional Council is committed to overcoming barriers that hinder equitable access to its services, information and facilities.

Rockhampton Regional Council

We know though that finding good solutions is not always a simple task and that access and equity matters can not be addressed working in isolation.

  • Following consultations undertaken during

  • June to December 2009,

  • Council resolved on 9 March 2010 to establish a

  • Regional Access and Equity Advisory Committee

  • This Committee will additionally have

  • three interlinked

  • Community Reference Groups

  • in key locality areas (Capricorn Coast, Rockhampton & Mount Morgan)

Rockhampton Regional Council

  • The Advisory Committee and Community Reference Groups will have a particular focus on access and equity issues pertaining to the following groups:

  • People with a disability

  • People from diverse cultural & linguistic backgrounds

  • Indigenous Australians

  • Frail Aged

  • Carers

  • those experiencing marginalisation, social isolation and/or socio-economic disadvantage.

Rockhampton Regional Council

The Model

Note this will not be the only avenue for people to engage with council

  • The role of the Community Reference Groups is to identify and communicate to the formal Advisory Committeepriority issues that are impacting residents access to:

  • Council services, information, facilities, and public space areas

  • Opportunities to participate in planning and community engagement activities of Council

  • An inclusive customer service experience

  • Plus possible ways that access and equity issues could be addressed.

Rockhampton Regional Council

Rockhampton Access & Equity Reference Group

Mount Morgan Access & Equity Reference Group

Access & Equity Advisory Committee

Rockhampton Regional Council


(comments, ideas, issues)

Yeppoon Access & Equity Reference Group

The main role of the formal Advisory Committee is to:

(a) Consider a range of access and equity matters within Council’s strategic policy, planning and service delivery domain;

(b) provide information, advice and recommendations to Council regarding access and equity matters; and

(c) EnsureCommunity Reference Groups are provided with timely feedback and opportunities to contribute.

Rockhampton Regional Council

Council Decision Makers

Councillors , CEO &Leadership Team

RRC polices, plans, services …

RRC polices, plans, services …



Advisory Committee

Prioritised Recommendations

Rockhampton Regional Council

Community Reference Groups

(issues, comments, options)



  • The formal Advisory Committee consists of the following:

  • 3 Elected Councillors of Rockhampton Regional Council (RRC)

  • General Manager for Communities RRC

  • Strategic Manager Community Development and Culture RRC

  • 1 representative from the State Government’s Department of Communities

  • 1 representative from Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland

  • 1 representative from the non-government community service sector

  • 1 representative from each of the local Community Reference Groups (3 community members)

Rockhampton Regional Council

  • In 12 months time one aim is to have key access and equity issues, strategies and outcomes identified and prioritized within a whole of Council:

  • Access & Equity Action Plan

  • A key task though at the moment is to establish the three Community Reference Groups

Rockhampton Regional Council

  • Three Community Reference Groups:

  • Capricorn Coast

  • Rockhampton & Surrounds

  • Mount Morgan & Surrounds

  • Made up of local residents, and representatives from community groups, agencies and RRC.

  • Meeting quarterly – feeding input to the formal Advisory Committee (which will meet quarterly).

Rockhampton Regional Council

  • First meeting of the Community Reference Groups(to be scheduled) we will:

    • Spend some time getting to know each other;

    • Work out and understand our purpose, core goals and how we will work together;

    • Call for nominations for chair, vice chair and the nominated representative to sit on the Advisory Committee (Note the chair and representative will be community members not someone from RRC)

  • Each Community Reference Group will have a member on the Advisory Committee.

Rockhampton Regional Council

  • Group Discussion Time

  • - General thoughts / questions

  • Who needs to be represented / who is missing?

  • How will we make this work?

    • Membership

    • Frequency

    • Dissemination of information and publicity

Rockhampton Regional Council

  • Where to next?

  • First meeting date claimer

  • Agenda items

  • Questions?

  • Session Close

Rockhampton Regional Council

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