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Bell Ringer #2 – 10/8/2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bell Ringer #2 – 10/8/2010. What country did American colonists agree to “not import goods” from? What did the Quartering Act require colonists to do? How did the colonists protest tea taxes in Boston?. Homecoming is near! Go Simeon Wolverines!. The Boston Tea Party.

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Bell Ringer #2 – 10/8/2010

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Bell Ringer #2 – 10/8/2010

  • What country did American colonists agree to “not import goods” from?

  • What did the Quartering Act require colonists to do?

  • How did the colonists protest tea taxes in Boston?

Homecoming is near! Go Simeon Wolverines!

The Boston Tea Party

Colonists in Boston, Massachusetts were mad that the governor wouldn’t send 3 shiploads of tea back to Britain

Colonists (dressed like Indians) boarded the British ships and dumped 342 chests of tea into the water

The Boston Massacre

  • On March 5, 1770, an angry crowd of colonists gathered in Boston to protest taxation and the presence of British soldiers in Boston

  • Bostonians threw snowballs, rocks, oyster shells, and pieces of coal at the soldiers


The Boston Massacre

  • The colonists crowded the British soldiers. One slipped or was knocked down and his gun went off.

  • British soldiers then opened fire on the crowd

  • 3 colonists died instantly; 2 died later

Crispus Attucks

  • One of the first Americans to die as a victim of the Bos. Mscr. was Crispus Attucks, a runaway slave.

  • He gave his life when most African Americans were enslaved by colonists

After the “Massacre”

  • Sons of Liberty (led by Sam Adams) denounced the British. British soldiers were convicted of manslaughter

  • Colonists wrote songs of patriotic resistance

  • In Boston, a circle of paving stones with a star at its center marks the location of the Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770. On that fateful evening, hatred for the Redcoats who had occupied Boston since the fall of 1768, reached a high point.

  • An angry crowd gathered near the Town House where they surrounded and taunted a lone British soldier.

  • Fearing safety, a rescue party of 8 men came to the soldier's aid. Once there, the men also became trapped by the growing mob.

  • The crowd moved closer to the soldiers, waved wooden clubs, taunted them, and cursed at them. Snowballs and rocks were thrown in their direction. The soldiers kept the mob at a distance with bayonettes.

  • Soon a club hit one of the soldiers, and he fired his musket. Three or four shots rang out, one after the other, and more soon followed. The musket fire killed 3 men instantly and 2 more within a matter of days. Six others who were wounded survived.

  • They victims were buried in a common grave at Old Granary Burying Ground.

Continental Congress – Group of colonial men who met to create an army and discuss separation from Britain

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