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28 February 2012
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28 February 2012. Marine Corps Installations Command (MCICOM). G-7, Government and External Affairs. Ms. Lynn Landers. Installations Excellence. Where MAGTFs train and hone battle readiness. Home for Marines and Families.

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28 February 2012

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28 february 2012

28 February 2012

Marine corps installations command mcicom

Marine Corps Installations Command (MCICOM)

G-7, Government and External Affairs

Ms. Lynn Landers

Installations excellence

Installations Excellence

Where MAGTFs train and hone battle readiness

Home for Marines and Families

Deployment Platforms from which Expeditionary Forces Fight and Win the Nation’s Battles

Startup of mcicom


  • MCICOM achieved Initial Operational Capability on 1 October 2011

  • As the single authority for all Marine Corps installations matters, the Commander of MCICOM…

    • Exercises command and control of regional installation commands

    • Establishes policy

    • Exercises oversight

    • Prioritizes resources

  • …in order to optimize installation support to the Operating Forces, tenant commands, Marines, and family members

  • MCICOM will increase effectiveness, consistency, and efficiency of Installation Management and Services by consolidating and standardizing the functions associated with Installation Management.

Mcicom organization

MCICOM Organization

Current environment

Current Environment

  • Decreasing Defense Budgets

  • Installation management trends over the last decade:

    • 22K additional Marines, 16% increase in facility square footage, and 64K acres of additional land, all supported by 16% fewer installation personnel

  • Post OIF/OEF force reset

    • 202K Marines decreasing to 182K

    • Civilian personnel review

  • Personnel compensation & benefits paradigm shift

    • Military retirement, medical benefits and contributions

  • Increase in renewable energy initiatives near installations and training areas

Fiscal trend

Fiscal Trend

$ in Billions

FSRM: Facilities Sustainment, Reutilization, Modernization

BOS: Base Operations Support

MilCon: Military Construction

Efficiency initiatives

Efficiency Initiatives

  • Establishment of MCICOM streamlines the Installation Management Enterprise and allows MARFORs (the warfighters) to focus on training and fighting.

  • Standardization of regional command structures and functions to inject inherent efficiencies into Installation Management as a whole.

  • 2011 strategic civilian workforce review analyzed civilian structure and prioritized billets within the entire installations enterprise.

  • Development of a formalized “best practices” program is in progress.



  • Installations and ranges are where we train to fight.

  • Sustaining our mission is critical to the military value of our installations and training areas.

  • We must be attentive to compatibility issues with communities and mission:

    • Urban growth and land use near bases and training areas

    • Natural resource / endangered species management

    • Renewable energy initiatives, including wind turbines, ocean wave energy, solar farms, waste-to-energy, and geothermal



  • Ability to train effectively to be ready for the fight

  • Relationships between base commander, community leaders, and third parties

    • Increased need for partnering

  • Economic benefit to the community:

    • Construction projects

    • Contracting / employment opportunities

Working together

Working Together

  • Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) Studies

  • Joint Land Use Studies (JLUS)

  • Encroachment Control Plans (ECPs)

  • Encroachment Partnering

    • Public / Private Ventures (PPV), e.g. Family housing, renewable energy projects

  • Community Outreach – seeking mutually beneficial relationships

  • Natural disaster preparedness / response

Marine corps installations command mcicom1

Marine Corps Installations Command (MCICOM)

G-7, Government and External Affairs

Ms. Lynn Landers, Director

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