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Insecticides. Chemicals that are used to kill that are pests. 1st Generation. mixtures containing. - lethal to both bugs AND humans. e.g. . tropical legume. tobacco. African chrysanthemum. Plants are a “natural” place to look for insecticides because they. spines.

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Chemicals that are used

to kill that are pests.

1st Generation

  • mixtures containing

- lethal to both bugs AND humans


tropical legume




Plants are a “natural” place to look for insecticides because they




sensitive plant

Natural does because theyNOT always mean

2 because theynd Generation

Characteristics of DDT: because they

  • broad – spectrum:

  • persistent:

DDT changed world history by: because they

  • preventing a

    among the Allied soldiers

    invading Italy during WWII

won the Prize in Chemistry because they

for the synthesis of DDT.

What Went Wrong? because they

DDT was banned in Canada in & in the 1972, but it is

still being used in some countries (e.g.- ).

To cope with these problems, it iswhich it had itself created, the

World Health Organization was obliged to parachute into Borneo.

Characteristics of Modern Insecticides it is

Therefore, they CAN’T

cause bioaccumulation.

Problems with Pesticides it is

  • Because most pesticides are broad-spectrum, they kill

    , not just pests.

Doctors are usually cautious about prescribing develop

for the same reason. (i.e.- Some disease-causing bacteria have become resistant to all known .)

2,4 - D has been linked


Saku Koivu

Bisphenol A

The province of Ontario banned the use of .

(pesticides that non-essential or used to improve the appearance

of lawns, gardens, & trees) in .

There are exceptions for agriculture, forestry, the promotion of

public health or safety (e.g.- to control plants that are poisonous

to the touch, such as ; insects that bite, sting, are venomous or are disease carrying, like mosquitoes; and animals, insects or plants that may cause damage to a structure or infrastructure, such as ), and .

The is one of North America's most devastating forest pests.

Both Toronto & Mississsauga have carried out

to control this pest.

Technically, the law says devastating forest pests.

you can use

or for poison

ivy, but NOT for

cosmetic purposes.

wildflowers devastating forest pests.



Go Native! devastating forest pests.

Native plants are adapted to the conditions here. They are &

than introduced species. Put away those pesticide & fertilizer bottles & turn off the sprinkler!

Organic Food devastating forest pests.

Food produced without: antibiotics;

growth hormones; most conventional ;

petroleum- based or sewage sludge-based

; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation.