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The value of leisure and culture to Enfield PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leisure and Cultural Partnership Group. The value of leisure and culture to Enfield. Nikki Enoch and Mike Collins. Project Brief. Commissioned October 2003 to: Summarise available national research Apply research locally Identify priorities Influence Enfield Strategic Partnership

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The value of leisure and culture to Enfield

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Leisure and Cultural Partnership Group

The value of leisure and culture to Enfield

Nikki Enoch and Mike Collins

Project Brief

Commissioned October 2003 to:

  • Summarise available national research

  • Apply research locally

  • Identify priorities

  • Influence Enfield Strategic Partnership

    Funded by Neighbourhood Renewal


  • Summary of national research

  • Focus on priorities:

    • Improving health

    • Building communities

    • Reducing crime and disorder

    • Supporting education

    • Employment and Enterprise

    • Greening the environment

  • Information sources

  • Key questions



- halves CHD risk

- reduces BP

- controls body weight,diabetes

- reduces risk of falls, back pain

- reduces risk of colon cancer

- reduces anxiety/depression

- enhances mood, self-esteem

Socialisation, tolerance, team working


Leadership & organising skills


increases family/local links

reduces NHS costs

reduces crime and disorder costs

community identity thro’ history/culture

increased participation of poor, disabled, ethnic minorities

increased social networks/activecitizens

creates jobs

improves environment

The value of leisure & culture to Enfield

The value of leisure & culture to Enfield Conditions for maximising benefits

  • The salience/importance of leisure, culture in people’s lives is high

  • Sufficient conditions for fulfilment:

    • Partnerships

    • Resources

    • Organisation

    • Quality

The value of leisure & culture to EnfieldThe evidence

  • Strong trends with health

  • Much anecdotal evidence

  • Programmes are new, limited baselines & monitoring

  • Outcomes reflect multiple inputs

  • Level of ‘balance of probability or elimination of reasonable doubt’ (Matarasso)

The value of leisure & culture to EnfieldEvidence of health risks

Source: Britton & McPherson

The value of leisure & culture to EnfieldPrevalence of CDH Risk factors

Source: Joint Healthy Survey Study 1999

The value of leisure & culture to EnfieldImproving health (1)

  • Focus on highest risk areas of E & S and on poor, single parents, C2DE women, disabled, Pakistani/ Bangladeshi groups, older (also larger savings)

  • Deliver existing projects: Fit for Life, Healthy Living Centre, Garden Gym

  • Pursue - GP referral (’fire-fighting’ for most at risk)

  • Learn from:

    LEAP pilots Nottingham increase 50+moderate by 5%,

    reduce sedentary in deprived areas by 10%

    Dudley use open space

    Ashton/Wigan marketing;chair-based in homes; falls


    * NHS good Birmingham ‘Walk tall,don’t fall’, ’Next step’ from

    practiceclasses, tai chi

The value of leisure & culture to EnfieldImproving health (2)

Suggestions for new areas:

  • Walking to Health with Countryside Agency, Sport England

  • Cheaper public fitness suites

    (12% cited cost (P02)-eg SIV Sheffield,build/fit/lease packages, eg Impulse fitness)

  • HIP prevention strategy and campaign

  • Integration within existing services (4YP)

    For maximum benefits ….

  • Time barrier - 2.5 hours a week

  • Cognitive gap – most people are less active than they know they should be

  • Safety out of doors

  • Costs

The value of leisure & culture to EnfieldBuilding communities

Major proposal across the services and the Borough

  • Building capacity/infrastructure/social capital

    * extended/new clubs/groups including juniors, veterans, BME

    * extend Active Sports infrastructure: child protection & equity standards

    * seek Futurebuilders (Treasury) and Home Office voluntary funds?

    * need substantial scheme to attract, train and support

    volunteers NCVO/Running Sport - local trainers?matching grants?

    * outreach from new Edmonton Green LC

    eg Castlemilk Glasgow Works – £126 a week plus

    HB,Family credit cost £12K pa

The value of leisure & culture to EnfieldReducing crime and disorder

Diversion Activities

  • Positive Futures, SPLASH, Homework Centres, Arts projects

    need to ensure continuity of Restorative Justice scheme

    46% affected in C2DE groups by kids ‘hanging about’ (res2003)

    Structural Changes

  • Need mentors, free/cheap access, sustained follow up and support(labour intensive) - ’holidays for hooligans’ jibes, but huge cost of 70% recidivism

  • Growth of interest in street sports- soccer,basketball, inline and skateboarding – even in France mobile climbing walls

  • Example of skateparks involves youngsters, avoid nuisance, reduces crime (Cardiff and Edmonton)

The value of leisure & culture to EnfieldSupporting learning

Expand on existing good practice and opportunities

  • Libraries – homework clubs, First steps, Roll on Reading, Bookstart

  • Artzone, Edmonton training F02

  • Dance schools linked to school sports co-ordinators

  • More specialist colleges (arts and sports)

  • Integration with Education

  • New childrens centres


  • Playing for Success (pro soccer etc) as a magnet but outcome from better resourcing and attention?

  • Communityuse extensions?

Employment: Leisure and culture jobs have a good skill profile though some are sessional/seasonal

Enterprise: Capacity building, increased use of club/group and educational facilities

Research: Growth potential of the creative industries in the Upper Lee Valley; Regeneration potential of sport in the Upper Lee Valley

Understanding London’s Sub Regional Economies

(LDA/PACEC 2003)


Creative industries and media sector the largest and faster growing cluster

Issues for the North Sub Region

High unemployment

Weak local innovation

Housing deprivation

High reported crime

Lack of leisure and cultural facilities

The value of leisure & culture to EnfieldEmployment and Enterprise

The value of leisure & culture to EnfieldGreening the environment

Deliver on current proposals

  • Edmonton Community Park

  • Forest Road Jubilee Park

  • Montague Rec.

  • Pymmes Park

  • Raynham pocket park (NRF)

The value of leisure & culture to EnfieldConclusions

  • Improve health in deprived areas

  • Encourage local people to be more active in their neighbourhoods

  • Reduce crime and fear of crime

  • Increase accessible and affordable youth activities:

    • Including new and better ways of diverting away from crime and antisocial behaviour

    • Involving young people themselves in design and delivery

  • Promote services to give children and young people a better start

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