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Connect to College Success: Pairing Intrusive Advising with a New Student Experience Course 2012 IACRAO . Lewis and Clark Community College Godfrey, Illinois. Introductions. We are… Mary Hough Special Learning Needs Counselor Kathy Haberer Director, Student Development and Counseling

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Connect to College Success: Pairing Intrusive Advising with a New Student Experience Course2012 IACRAO

Lewis and Clark Community College

Godfrey, Illinois


We are…

Mary Hough

Special Learning Needs Counselor

Kathy Haberer

Director, Student Development and Counseling

Who are you?

A little bit about our college
A little bit about our college….

  • 42 years old

  • 13,500 (8500 credit) students – longest continual growth trend of all community colleges in Illinois

  • Average class size 12.6

  • 7 county region, mostly rural with higher than state average unemployment

  • 70% test into dev ed math, 50% dev reading or English

Fund for improvement in post secondary education
Fund for Improvement in Post Secondary Education

We plan to talk about
We plan to talk about…..

  • The rationale for combining our student success course with intrusive advising for students weak in all three developmental areas (Wi3)

  • The plan we developed

  • A few preliminary statistics

  • The curriculum for our student success course

  • The role of the intrusive advisor

  • The instructor’s perspective

We needed a change
We needed a change.

Many students who entered the college weak in all three developmental areas (Wi3) received minimal support:

  • Some students were in programs that provided support like TRIO, Supported College Transition, Special Learning Needs.

  • Many students took classes requiring skills not yet acquired in order to be a full-time student.

  • Students were not aware of campus resources.

  • In the Fall 2010, there were approximately 250 Wi3 full-time students enrolled.

We wanted to develop a program based on research
We wanted to develop a program based on research.

Read literature:

Targeted Intervention for Developmental Education Students (T.I.D.E.S.) article by Hunter Boylan

Intrusive Advising: A Model for Success at John A. Logan College by Cheryl Thomas and Jane Minton

Went to presentations at NADE:

Intrusive Academic Advising and the Underprepared Student: An Award Winning Model for Increasing Student Success

Dr. Paul Fowler at Louisiana State University - Eunice

We knew students were taking courses they weren t ready to take
We knew students were taking courses they weren’t ready to take.

Students Wi3 passed general education courses at a statistically significant lower rate (academic year 2010 data)

Connect to College Success Begins!! take.COLL 130 New Student Experience and Intrusive Advising Pre-pilot semester FALL 2011


  • COLL 130 was an established course.

  • Grant money was available for training and materials.

  • Experienced instructors available.

  • A culture of change in Academic Advising.


  • COLL 130 was only one credit – 16 contact hours.

  • Registration started early March but enrollment wasn’t “pushed” until training in mid May.

Course success connect to college success students
Course Success take.Connect to College Success Students

Fall 2011 Pre-pilot – all 86 Students

Course success (A,B, or C) was 66%, which aligns with the College’s average course success rate of 65%.

Note: Fall 2011 students who were WI3 and registered after August 1 have a course success rate of 55%.

Coll 130 to coll 131 starting fall 2012
COLL 130 to COLL 131 take.starting FALL 2012

Course changes include:

  • 1 credit → 2 credits

  • First 8 week course → semester-long course

  • Web enhanced course materials required

  • More standardized curriculum across course sections

    Other changes:

  • Wi3 students limited to 12 credits

    Reading (3), English (3), Math (4), COLL 131 (2)

Sustainability take.

FALL 2011 & SPR 2012 FIPSE Grant

  • instructor cost

  • staff/instructor time for training & meetings

  • training/instruction materials

    FALL 2012 & SPR 2013 – shared

  • Instructor cost covered by priority budget

  • All other costs by FIPSE grant

    Starting FALL 2013 – Priority Budget

Actual costs
Actual Costs take.

LASSI = $3 per student

Meetings/Training for part-time instructors and advisors = $1000 per year including lunch on training day

Training Materials and Photocopy costs = $600

Instructor cost = $690 per credit

Curriculum take.

Topics Covered:

  • Making the Transition to College

  • Education Financing/Financial Literacy

  • Degree Requirements

  • College Policies and Procedures

  • Faculty Expectations

  • Support Services and College Resources

  • Test-Taking/Test Preparation Skills

More topics covered
More Topics Covered take.

  • Effective Note Taking

  • Learning Styles

  • Personal and Academic Goal Setting

  • Time Management Skills

  • Stress Management Skills

  • Career Assessment

  • Health

  • Communication Skills

Textbook the skinny on college success college careers jim randel and carol randel
Textbook take.The Skinny On College Success: College & CareersJim Randel and Carol Randel

Textbook take.

What we like:

  • The style– not your “typical” textbook

  • Easy to read

  • Relates relevant student issues to topics covered

  • Built in planner—no excuses!!

Blackboard take.

  • COLL 131 is web-enhanced

  • Students use Blackboard to access the class calendar and course materials for each class meeting

  • Students can access their current grade at any time in the semester (they can also see at any time if they are missing assignments)

  • Using Blackboard better prepares students for many other college courses that will be web-enhanced

LASSI take.

  • Learning and Study Strategies Inventory

  • Students must complete the LASSI in class, then they will meet one-on-one with their intrusive advisor to discuss their individual results and how those results pertain to them.

  • This is their first required meeting with their advisor (high # of points assigned to reiterate importance)

An advisor s perspective
An Advisor’s Perspective take.

  • More one-on-one contact with students.

  • More follow-through from students.

  • More student familiarity with program courses, pre-requisites, etc.

  • More informed and engaged students throughout the advising process.

  • Intrusive techniques lead to action and results

Advisor responsibilities
Advisor take.Responsibilities

  • Treat each student with respect, empathy and compassion.

  • Respond to phone calls, emails, etc. in a timely manner.

  • Understand and communicate the degree requirements at Lewis and Clark and refer students to appropriate services as needed.

  • Maintain contact with student throughout the semester and beyond and express concern if student misses class or coursework and grades are insufficient.

Student advisor meetings
Student/Advisor meetings take.


  • Withdrawal dates/Spring schedule

  • Advisors “push in” for certain curriculum such as Career Assessment

  • More required meetings with advisors would be better but time and advisor availability is limited.

Instructor perspective
Instructor Perspective take.

  • To provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment

  • To encourage personal growth both in and out of the classroom

  • To establish a rapport that continues even after the course ends

Contact information
Contact information take.

Kathy Haberer Mary Hough

[email protected]

*Email for power point

Lewis and Clark Community College

5800 Godfrey Road

Godfrey, IL 62035