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Connect to College Success: Pairing Intrusive Advising with a New Student Experience Course 2012 IACRAO . Lewis and Clark Community College Godfrey, Illinois. Introductions. We are… Mary Hough Special Learning Needs Counselor Kathy Haberer Director, Student Development and Counseling

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Lewis and Clark Community College Godfrey, Illinois

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Lewis and clark community college godfrey illinois

Connect to College Success: Pairing Intrusive Advising with a New Student Experience Course2012 IACRAO

Lewis and Clark Community College

Godfrey, Illinois



We are…

Mary Hough

Special Learning Needs Counselor

Kathy Haberer

Director, Student Development and Counseling

Who are you?

A little bit about our college

A little bit about our college….

  • 42 years old

  • 13,500 (8500 credit) students – longest continual growth trend of all community colleges in Illinois

  • Average class size 12.6

  • 7 county region, mostly rural with higher than state average unemployment

  • 70% test into dev ed math, 50% dev reading or English

Beautiful historic campus

Beautiful, historic campus

Fund for improvement in post secondary education

Fund for Improvement in Post Secondary Education

We plan to talk about

We plan to talk about…..

  • The rationale for combining our student success course with intrusive advising for students weak in all three developmental areas (Wi3)

  • The plan we developed

  • A few preliminary statistics

  • The curriculum for our student success course

  • The role of the intrusive advisor

  • The instructor’s perspective

We needed a change

We needed a change.

Many students who entered the college weak in all three developmental areas (Wi3) received minimal support:

  • Some students were in programs that provided support like TRIO, Supported College Transition, Special Learning Needs.

  • Many students took classes requiring skills not yet acquired in order to be a full-time student.

  • Students were not aware of campus resources.

  • In the Fall 2010, there were approximately 250 Wi3 full-time students enrolled.

What issues have you encountered

What issues have you encountered?

We wanted to develop a program based on research

We wanted to develop a program based on research.

Read literature:

Targeted Intervention for Developmental Education Students (T.I.D.E.S.) article by Hunter Boylan

Intrusive Advising: A Model for Success at John A. Logan College by Cheryl Thomas and Jane Minton

Went to presentations at NADE:

Intrusive Academic Advising and the Underprepared Student: An Award Winning Model for Increasing Student Success

Dr. Paul Fowler at Louisiana State University - Eunice

We knew students were taking courses they weren t ready to take

We knew students were taking courses they weren’t ready to take.

Students Wi3 passed general education courses at a statistically significant lower rate (academic year 2010 data)

Lewis and clark community college godfrey illinois

Connect to College Success Begins!!COLL 130 New Student Experience and Intrusive Advising Pre-pilot semester FALL 2011


  • COLL 130 was an established course.

  • Grant money was available for training and materials.

  • Experienced instructors available.

  • A culture of change in Academic Advising.


  • COLL 130 was only one credit – 16 contact hours.

  • Registration started early March but enrollment wasn’t “pushed” until training in mid May.

Course success connect to college success students

Course Success Connect to College Success Students

Fall 2011 Pre-pilot – all 86 Students

Course success (A,B, or C) was 66%, which aligns with the College’s average course success rate of 65%.

Note: Fall 2011 students who were WI3 and registered after August 1 have a course success rate of 55%.

Coll 130 to coll 131 starting fall 2012

COLL 130 to COLL 131 starting FALL 2012

Course changes include:

  • 1 credit → 2 credits

  • First 8 week course → semester-long course

  • Web enhanced course materials required

  • More standardized curriculum across course sections

    Other changes:

  • Wi3 students limited to 12 credits

    Reading (3), English (3), Math (4), COLL 131 (2)



FALL 2011 & SPR 2012 FIPSE Grant

  • instructor cost

  • staff/instructor time for training & meetings

  • training/instruction materials

    FALL 2012 & SPR 2013 – shared

  • Instructor cost covered by priority budget

  • All other costs by FIPSE grant

    Starting FALL 2013 – Priority Budget

Actual costs

Actual Costs

LASSI = $3 per student

Meetings/Training for part-time instructors and advisors = $1000 per year including lunch on training day

Training Materials and Photocopy costs = $600

Instructor cost = $690 per credit



Topics Covered:

  • Making the Transition to College

  • Education Financing/Financial Literacy

  • Degree Requirements

  • College Policies and Procedures

  • Faculty Expectations

  • Support Services and College Resources

  • Test-Taking/Test Preparation Skills

More topics covered

More Topics Covered

  • Effective Note Taking

  • Learning Styles

  • Personal and Academic Goal Setting

  • Time Management Skills

  • Stress Management Skills

  • Career Assessment

  • Health

  • Communication Skills

Textbook the skinny on college success college careers jim randel and carol randel

TextbookThe Skinny On College Success: College & CareersJim Randel and Carol Randel



What we like:

  • The style– not your “typical” textbook

  • Easy to read

  • Relates relevant student issues to topics covered

  • Built in planner—no excuses!!

Training for instructors and advisors

Training for Instructors and Advisors

Course schedule

Course Schedule

Course schedule contd

Course Schedule contd.



  • COLL 131 is web-enhanced

  • Students use Blackboard to access the class calendar and course materials for each class meeting

  • Students can access their current grade at any time in the semester (they can also see at any time if they are missing assignments)

  • Using Blackboard better prepares students for many other college courses that will be web-enhanced



  • Learning and Study Strategies Inventory

  • Students must complete the LASSI in class, then they will meet one-on-one with their intrusive advisor to discuss their individual results and how those results pertain to them.

  • This is their first required meeting with their advisor (high # of points assigned to reiterate importance)

An advisor s perspective

An Advisor’s Perspective

  • More one-on-one contact with students.

  • More follow-through from students.

  • More student familiarity with program courses, pre-requisites, etc.

  • More informed and engaged students throughout the advising process.

  • Intrusive techniques lead to action and results

Advisor responsibilities


  • Treat each student with respect, empathy and compassion.

  • Respond to phone calls, emails, etc. in a timely manner.

  • Understand and communicate the degree requirements at Lewis and Clark and refer students to appropriate services as needed.

  • Maintain contact with student throughout the semester and beyond and express concern if student misses class or coursework and grades are insufficient.

Student advisor meetings

Student/Advisor meetings


  • Withdrawal dates/Spring schedule

  • Advisors “push in” for certain curriculum such as Career Assessment

  • More required meetings with advisors would be better but time and advisor availability is limited.

Instructor perspective

Instructor Perspective

  • To provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment

  • To encourage personal growth both in and out of the classroom

  • To establish a rapport that continues even after the course ends

Contact information

Contact information

Kathy HabererMary Hough

*Email for power point

Lewis and Clark Community College

5800 Godfrey Road

Godfrey, IL 62035

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