Dar al kalima school
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Dar Al- Kalima School. Achieved and projected goals for the 2009-2010 school year. Achieved Objectives Within the Main Goals 2008-2009. Achievements in 2008-2009. Physical improvements include Filtered drinking fountains/ healthy environment Calendar issued/ financial responsibilities

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Dar Al- Kalima School

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Dar al kalima school

Dar Al-Kalima School

Achieved and projected goals for the 2009-2010 school year

Achieved objectives within the main goals 2008 2009

Achieved Objectives Within the Main Goals2008-2009

Achievements in 2008 2009

Achievements in 2008-2009

  • Physical improvements include

    • Filtered drinking fountains/ healthy environment

    • Calendar issued/ financial responsibilities

    • Three science labs were completed/ quality of teaching

      • Some science equipment and the interior of the administrative offices still need to be completed

Achievements in 2008 20091

Achievements in 2008-2009

  • Human resources/holistic approach improvements include:

    • ECP program: grades 1-5 participate in all activities, grades 6-12 select two or more clubs.

    • Final exams focused on accumulative knowledge.

    • Three students won first place in German competitions.

    • Additional workshops and exchange programs, including topics such as:

      • Behavior/ during second semester by PTA

      • The Environment/during first semester by EEC

      • Human Rights/

      • “Generations For Peace”/ ongoing with JOC

Achievements in 2008 20092

Achievements in 2008-2009

  • Programming achievements/holistic approach included:

    • Musical Performances- 29/1

    • Christmas, Easter and Reformation celebrations

    • Teaching Aids Exhibition- 14/5, 2009

    • “Women’s Health” lecture with EEC- 9/4

    • Table Tennis Competition- 13/3, 2009

    • German Language Reading Competition- Second semester

    • Swimming Festival- April, 2009

    • Peace Education, Grade 12- 26/4-4/5

Projected goals 2009 2010

Projected Goals2009-2010

Dar al kalima school

Goal One: Develop wholesome, creative and innovative students through a holistic approach which addresses their needs and develops the talents, competencies, and inclinations of target groups, helping them to cope with an ever-changing world

Goal one holistic approach

Goal One: Holistic Approach

  • Extra curricular programs (ECP’s)

Dar al kalima school

Dar Al-Kalima School ECP Program


Goal one holistic approach1

Goal One: Holistic Approach

Attendance of students in ECP clubs

Goal one holistic approach2

Goal One: Holistic Approach

  • Vocational activities and research

    • A committee for career counseling for grade 10

    • Workshop for social worker about career counseling with YMCA between 7/11-19/12

  • Our values

    • Implemented

  • Classroomand school rules and regulations

    • Updated

Goal one holistic approach3

Goal One: Holistic Approach

  • Alternative assessments

  • Accumulative assessments for grade 1-9

  • Student environmental committee

  • Student monitoring

  • Subject teacher committee

Goal one holistic approach4

Goal One: Holistic Approach

  • October 29th: Reformation Day Celebration

  • November 15th: Palestinian Independence Day celebrated

  • December 23rd: Christmas Party

  • March 12th: Tennis Tournament

  • April 30th: Swimming Festival

  • April 29th: Sports and Artistic Performances

  • May 12th: Musical Performance  

  • May 21st: Tawjihi Graduation

  • May 28th: KG Graduation

Goal one holistic approach5

Goal One: Holistic Approach

  • “Dar Al-Kalima…has the ECP programs which develop students’ hobbies and talents like playing music, swimming, et cetera”

    Maryan Ateek

    9th Grade

Dar al kalima school

Goal Two: Integrate peace education/culture, reinforce democracy and encourage tolerance, co-existence, love, and respect towards others

Goal two peace education

Goal Two: Peace Education

  • A student exchange on 5-6/11 with Germans and Israelis (grade 11)

  • Dar Al-Kalima teachers attended a peace workshop in August, “Peace-building”

    • These techniques will be extended to parents and students later in the school year

  • The school social worker, will attend the “Peaceful Living for Children and Young People” workshop on 26-29/11 in Geneve

  • Nonviolent relationshipsbetween students, teachers and administrators

  • Environment rich in diversity

Goal two peace education1

Goal Two: Peace Education

  • Multi-religious education monthly

    • Reformation Day Celebration on 29/10

  • Students attend short seminars on peace. (on going)

  • Europeans for Peace project with Germany throughout the 2009/2010 school year

  • Peace exchange program with Germans during 2009/2010

  • Morning assembly activities

Goal two peace education2

Goal Two: Peace Education

  • “Because we have war, we have to get peace through nonviolent ways, by discussing it and reaching a solution. Dar Al-Kalima helps us by giving us advice on how to do this through talking and being able to represent ourselves well.”


    10th Grade

Dar al kalima school

Goal Three: Strengthen the communication process and exchange with local and international communities

Goal three communication and exchange

Goal Three: Communication and Exchange

  • A communication chain between students, parents, teachers, and administrators, assessed yearly

  • Exchange programs

  • Shared events with local community

  • Dar Al-Kalima maintains relationships with institutions of higher education such as

    • Bethlehem University (workshops as in following table)

    • Al Quds University (training the trainers, first semester)

    • Various Medical Institutions

  • Peace through Sports program with Jordanian Olympic Committee (JOC)

  • The students’ courses include English and German

  • Monthly meetings between teachers and administrators

  • Parents’ day: 24/10, again in second semester

  • Local Advisory Committee

  • Teacher-Parent meetings

  • Student’s Council Committee

Goal three communication and exchange1

Goal Three: Communication and Exchange

  • On participating in a German exchange program:

    • “Germans have a different culture, and going there improved my language skills. They have nice people who are really kind. They also have sparkling water there, which I did not like, but everything else was great!’

      Nadir Mauge

      11th Grade

Dar al kalima school

Goal Four: Mold and reinforce the national and Christian-Palestinian identity

Goal four a christian palestinian identity

Goal Four: A Christian-Palestinian Identity

  • Morning assembly activities

  • Work with other Christian schools, once per semester (principal), once monthly (teachers)

  • Joint religion classes (monthly)

  • Meetings with other Christian educators and administrators (per Semester)

  • Palestinian Independence Day celebrated on 15/11

  • Celebrate Christian events

  • Projects on Christian-Muslim relations , 10th grade

  • Visits to important religious sites

  • Ongoing project with AEI, grade 10

Goal four a christian palestinian identity1

Goal Four: A Christian-Palestinian Identity

  • “They make me stronger and they grow me up. There are not a lot of Christians in Palestine, but Dar Al-Kalima helps us by having competitions with Lutheran people, like at the Reformation celebration. All the 8th graders come and get to meet each other.”

    Taleen B.

    8th Grade

Dar al kalima school

Goal Five: Provide quality teaching and learning through innovative ways

Goal five quality teaching

Goal Five: Quality Teaching

  • Workshops on classroom management, 21-22/8

  • Other workshops with Bethlehem University

  • Regular principal visits

  • Classroom management and peace education in Turkey, July

  • Currently, 5 Dar Al-Kalima teachers are completing their master’s degree BARD program and the Bible College

List of staff in service training 2009 2010

List of staff in-service training (2009/2010)

List of staff in service training 2009 20101

List of staff in-service training (2009/2010)

List of exchange twinning programs for the schools 2009 2010

List of exchange/twinning programs for the schools (2009/2010)

Goal five quality teaching1

Goal Five: Quality Teaching

  • “I like doing worksheets and working in groups in class. The teachers are happy in class, they are funny while they teach; classes are not boring. The students love each other and the teachers love us.”

    John Nissan

    9th Grade

Dar al kalima school

Goal Six: Create a healthy, motivating, stimulating and nurturing school environment

Goal six healthy environment

Goal Six: Healthy Environment

  • Classroom looks updated

  • Security fence installed around campus

  • Care is taken to make sure that school is a safe space for learning and creativity

  • Subject corners and updated classroom aesthetics

  • Provide access to Ministry of Health required vaccines

  • H1N1 Response:

    • Brochures sent to families about this risk

    • Lectures from a specialist, September, 2009

    • Monitor students for symptoms, throughout the year

Goal six a healthy environment

Goal Six: A Healthy Environment

  • “This is a great Lutheran school, where I love to learn German and play basketball and football. I love the teachers.”

    Tony Qumsieh

    10th Grade

Dar al kalima school

Goal Seven: Cater for individual differences and assist in integrating students with special needs and/or disabilities within the school and the community

Goal seven integrating disabilities

Goal Seven: Integrating Disabilities

  • Teachers’ Workshops to further understanding about students with disabilities (in previous table)

  • School Social Worker

  • Specialists consulted when needed

  • Wellness Center provides special care

Goal seven integrating disabilities1

Goal Seven: Integrating Disabilities

  • “I am continually impressed by how attentive teachers are of their students with disabilities, and how readily they adapt to each child’s specific needs”

    Rachel Zarnke

    Lutheran Volunteer

Dar al kalima school

Goal Eight: Reinforce and support the role of women in the Palestinian society

Goal eight reinforce women

Goal Eight: Reinforce Women

  • Mother’s workshops for kindergarten

  • Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th

  • Mother’s Day is celebrated on March 21st

Goal eight reinforce women1

Goal Eight: Reinforce Women

  • “I like to be a Palestinian woman because my family is here and I love my country. It is a beautiful country. Dar Al-Kalima teaches me political things about Palestine, and with my education here, I can become a doctor.”

    Aida Mousa

    7th grade

Dar al kalima school

Goal Nine: Practice financial responsibility

Goal nine financial responsibility

Goal Nine: Financial Responsibility

  • Collect tuition fees

  • Rent out sports spaces

  • Acquire support from various resources locally and internationally

  • Keep everyday operating costs down

What is the result of these goals on the dar al kalima experience

What is the result of these goals on the Dar Al-Kalima experience?

  • “There is something in this school that they don’t have in other schools. Like the teachers, they love us and we love them. We have a computer lab, a swim pool and an ECP program. It makes for us many activities and trips too.”

    Saleh Abu Ayyash

    8th Grade

  • “I do like the fact that kids have some space here, space for children to be children. I, of course, love the ECP program, I love that there are small classes. I like the fact that it is Christian based, but not exclusively. They are in contact with other kids from other cities and refugee camps.”

    Marwa Metzler

    Mother of 2 Dar Al-Kalima students

Dar al kalima school


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