Facilitating VET Practice:  Changes to TAA

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Facilitating VET Practice: Changes to TAA

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1. Elisabeth Jaeger - Precise Training Facilitating VET Practice: Changes to TAA Unpacking TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

2. Elisabeth Jaeger - Precise Training Overview of Content Introduction Unpacking TAE40110 Key Features Qualifications Framework Assessment Guidelines Units of Competency Language, Literacy and Numeracy Reasonable Adjustments

3. Elisabeth Jaeger - Precise Training TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Training and assessment competencies to be held by trainers and assessors AQTF Standard 1, Element 1.4 (a) NQC agreed on transition period of two years for providers to be fully compliant with this policy Training Package transition period for RTOs in NSW until 6 June 2011

4. Elisabeth Jaeger - Precise Training Key Features of TAE10 7 Qualifications 5 Skill Sets 47 Units of competency in eight competency fields 47 Imported units of competency

5. Elisabeth Jaeger - Precise Training Qualifications Framework for TAE40110 Cert IV in TAA 7 core units and 3 elective units Learning Environment units (ENV) deleted, however, relevant parts added to other TAE40110 units Merged delivery units (DEL) Changes to assessment units (ASS) Employability Skills Summary tables

6. Elisabeth Jaeger - Precise Training Assessment Guidelines & Mapping Guides Mapping information can be found in: TAE10 Training Package Assessment Guidelines IBSA TAE10 Mapping of previous version and Skill Sets IBSA TAE10 Transition Guide http://www.ibsa.org.au/training-packages/by-name/training-and-education-tae10.aspx

7. Elisabeth Jaeger - Precise Training Language, Literacy & Numeracy Effective language, communication and interpersonal skills Ability to write a range of documentation Read and interpret training packages Document learning programs and assessment tools

8. Elisabeth Jaeger - Precise Training Reasonable Adjustments Term relates only to people with a disability Do no compromise the outcomes of the unit / integrity of qualification Use of interpreters and oral responses in place of documentary evidence would not be reasonable if unit requires literacy skills Inclusive practice

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