Caching for performance
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Caching for Performance. Jeff Tapper Consulting. Agenda. What is Caching Why is Caching important Where can I implement caching What to Cache within CFMX How to Cache within CFMX Summary. What is Caching. A Cache is a place where something is temporarily stored

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Caching for Performance

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Caching for performance

Caching for Performance

Jeff Tapper Consulting



  • What is Caching

  • Why is Caching important

  • Where can I implement caching

  • What to Cache within CFMX

  • How to Cache within CFMX

  • Summary

What is caching

What is Caching

  • A Cache is a place where something is temporarily stored

  • By storing frequently used items, the need to recreate them is mitigated

Why is caching important

Why is Caching Important

  • Each operation a server performs takes time / resources

  • By reducing the number of operations any server performs, we increase the ability for that server to handle more requests

  • Faster Page Loads

  • Increased Scalability

Places to cache

Places to Cache

  • Database

  • ColdFusion

  • Web Server

  • Network

Places to cache1

Places to Cache

  • Network Diagram

What to cache in cfmx

What to Cache in CFMX

  • Data

  • CFC instances

  • Webservices

  • Pages

  • Content

What to cache in cfmx1

What to Cache in CFMX


  • Caching common queries can greatly increase speed pages are built

  • Reduces network traffic between CFMX and Database

What to cache in cfmx2

What to Cache in CFMX


  • CFCs are the new core building block of CFMX applications

  • Instantiation of CFCs is an expensive (slow) process

What to cache in cfmx3

What to Cache in CFMX


  • Calling a webservice invokes a complex process.

  • Requests WSDL, parses it, makes calls to methods

  • Caching WSDL reduces over all processing time 3-5x

What to cache in cfmx4

What to Cache in CFMX


  • Many applications have entire pages which do not change frequently

  • Caching the entire page can reduce time needed by CFMX

  • In some cases, pages can be cached as HTML, removing the need for CFMX to process it at all

What to cache in cfmx5

What to Cache in CFMX


  • Often, even in pages which are not static, many sections of the page are.

  • Caching the static parts of the page reduces the time CFMX needs to build the page.

Data caching in cfmx

Data Caching in CFMX

  • Cached Within

  • Cached After

  • Storing query in shared scope variables

Data caching in cfmx1


Great for dynamic queries

Easy to implement

Built in Timeout


Purging non-trivial

Data Caching in CFMX

Using CFQUERY attributes to Cache

Data caching in cfmx2


Easy to Manage

Not limited by “Max Number cached queries”


Not well suited for dynamic queries

More Complex implementation

Lacks built-in timeout

Data Caching in CFMX

Query Caching in a shared scope

Cfc caching in cfmx

CFC Caching in CFMX

  • Storing instances in shared scope variables

  • Page Context Bug

Webservice caching in cfmx

Webservice Caching in CFMX

  • CFMX automatically caches WSDL

Page caching in cfmx

Page Caching in CFMX

  • Trusted Cache

  • CF_SuperCache

  • Custom Built Solutions

Caching content in cfmx

Caching content in CFMX





  • Effective use of caching can greatly extend the scalability of an application

  • Every application offers a myriad of caching possibilities

  • Caching opportunities exist both within and outside the CFMX server




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