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I . Organizational items: Call to order: ( 1:16pm) Welcome and Introductions Comments from the Public (2 min. max - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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M.E.Ch.A. de S.J.D.C. Minutes for Friday, February, 26, 2010. • San Joaquin Delta College • 5151 Pacific Ave • Stockton, CA . I . Organizational items: Call to order: ( 1:16pm) Welcome and Introductions Comments from the Public (2 min. max each person)

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M.E.Ch.A. de S.J.D.C.

Minutes for

Friday, February, 26, 2010

• San Joaquin Delta College • 5151 Pacific Ave • Stockton, CA

  • I. Organizational items:

  • Call to order: ( 1:16pm)

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Comments from the Public (2 min. max each person)

  • • Joseline- International club is hosting a Cultural Fair on April 30 they are looking for volunteers. ••••

  • •Xavier- UCB will host a workshop for AB540 further information will be given.

  • Approval of the Minutes 2/19/10

  • Motioned given Xavier Vasquez, Seconded by Co-Chair Estrada, Passed by Consensus.

  • Approval of the Agenda

  • Motioned given by Co-Chair Estrada, Seconded by Xavier Vasquez, Passed by Consensus.

  • II. New business/discussion:

  • 1. Statewide Conference April 16-18

  • a) Fundraising Ideas: It’s a bit to late to do some for this Statewide Conference but we can start doing Fundraising for Nationals.

  • b) Point System: Co-Chair Estrada made it known that she has points updated and that if we will be going based on them for the individuals attending Statewide they are there for anyone to verify.

  • Possible plans of how to get there where discussed. Anthony Martinez motioned that it would be a good idea to form a committee for this planning. It was seconded by Secretary Cornejo. So Community Rep. Diaz- Housing, Secretary Cornejo-Fuel Prices, Co-Chair Estrada- Hotel Prices each individual will be checking on those areas. Passed by Consensus.

  • 2. Recaps of:

  • a)High School Forum: Treasurer Estrada gave a detailed recap on the expenses. Chair Carrasco gave a recap on how the event went. Anthony Martinez gave comments on how we can improve our next high school forum and our officer core. Nicholas Aguirre gave comments on how this was a successful event and to look into having another later in the semester.

  • b) Club Rush Week: Treasurer Estrada gave a report of how much we made in this week which was $84.

  • 3) National Liaison Meeting/ National Conference

  • Chair Carrasco informed the national Liaison will be held at Santa Rosa Junior College on Saturday March 20. It will begin at 9:55am. National Conference will be held in Seattle Washington. Anthony Martinez suggested that we put in an ASBG Funding Request for this trip. Xavier Vazquez said if we are looking into that idea that we do it asap. Nicholas offered himself to work on the Funding Request along with whoever is going to be doing it.

  • 4) Sponsor Ballet Folkloric RaicesMexicanas

  • Co-Chair Estrada spoke on behalf of ballet folkloric and how they are being removed from their place of practice. She is asking M.E.Ch.A to sponsor them and file a request for a facility.

5)M.E.Ch.A AB540 Scholarship

The Chair of the Committee Anthony Martinez gave a draft outline he had worked on and explained each part of it. Many gave suggestions on how to improve certain categories such as the a point system suggested on the draft outline. Secretary Cornejo motioned to close the discussion and those who had further questions on this topic to go to the chair of the committee Anthony Martinez for further explanation, Seconded by ICC/External Rep. Moreno, Motioned passed by Consensus.

6) UOP/Delta M.E.Ch.A/ High School Student Gathering

Anthony Martinez mentioned that Veronica Chavez from UOP M.E.Ch.A. is suggesting this and offered himself to go to UOP M.E.Ch.A.’s meeting along with any other officer from our chapter to look into more depth on this.

III. Old business/discussion:

1. March on March 4th “Black Thursday”

Xavier announce the march will begin at the Adult School on Harding and Miracle Mile. Also how he will be working on banners and other material for the march on Wednesday 3/3/10 at 4pm in front of Shima lounge.

2. Regional Recap:

Secretary Cornejo mentioned dates of what other chapters are doing. Also how the region was very concerned about how the Commcenter was not active and how they did not have any Financial Report of the Funds the Region has. The region gave us since our chapter is in charge of Commcenter to have it running by today(2/26/10) no later. Also to have the Finance Report by Monday 3/29/10.

IV. ICC Meeting

V. Open forum

VI. Discussion (educational segment)

VII. Comments from the Board

VIII. Comments from the Advisor

IX. Adjournment: 3:16 pm