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Pitch and Premise

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Pitch and Premise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pitch and Premise. Pitch : ‘ A schoolboy with a desire to battle an invisible warrior, is helped by his sister and her latest online purchase’ : 20. Premise : This is a story about a troubled schoolboy

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Pitch and Premise

  • Pitch :
  • ‘A schoolboy with a desire to battle an invisible warrior, is helped by his sister and her latest online purchase’ : 20

Premise :

This is a story about a troubled schoolboy

Whose daily battles with an invisible warrior haven’t gone unnoticed by his loving sister.

But needs help as the fighting is more serious

And has his sister’s latest fashion accessory as his only hope.

  • Invisible Enemy


‘Invisible Enemy’tells the story of a boy who spends his day in seemingly random fights with an invisible warrior, logging his conquests in an ancient book. His sister has rented a pair of mystical goggles to see what he is really up to.



  • Filming will be done over 3 days and is in one location in Northorpe. Transport will be provided to ferry the crew to and from location. ‘Invisible Enemy’ is ‘edit heavy’ so the bulk of the time needed to create the film will be in the edit suites at the University Centre Grimsby.
  • Invisible Enemy

Filming Style

  • There is no sound being recorded on location, this will all be added in the edit from a range of royalty free Foley, sound effects and music.
  • It is a 2 camera shoot
  • There will be a ‘monster’ that can be created using CGI or filmed using special effects/make-up using the green screen technology available, which will then be edited into filmed material.
  • Invisible Enemy

Use of Light

Lighting is key to the visual impact I am looking to achieve – use of 150’s, 300’s and even a 1k will be required. Visually we are looking at saturation of light.


Use of Haze

Haze will play the role of creating a mystical undertone to the film

and allow the marriage of the ‘monster’ into the finished piece.

music and sound
Music and Sound

A database of musical scores and sound effects has already been generated. All sound and music is royalty free from a range of websites.



This project is edit heavy, requiring film edit, sound, music, and the ‘monster’.

  • Invisible Enemy

Oliver and Beth

  • Invisible Enemy


  • Quantative and Qualitative surveys revealed this film would be welcomed by a range of viewers.
  • Do you watch films that have a twist in – like Dr Who ?
  • Yes : 88% No : 0% Sometimes : 12%

The concept is already out there :


Going Viral

Completed work can be uploaded free, with global reach through :