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World war ii
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World War II. World War II. Women’s Auxillary Army Corps (WAACs) women in the army Women’s Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs) women in the air force WAVES women in the navy. World War II. The entire economy needed to be focused on the war effort. Automobiles → Tanks

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World War II

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World war ii

World War II

World war ii1

World War II

  • Women’s Auxillary Army Corps (WAACs) women in the army

  • Women’s Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs)

    women in the air force


    women in the navy

World war ii2

World War II

  • The entire economy needed to be focused on the war effort.

  • Automobiles → Tanks

  • More women began working in the factories.

World war ii3

World War II

  • Office of Price Administration (OPA) fought inflation by setting a maximum price for most goods.

  • War Productions Board (WPB) - chose companies to produce wartime products.

World war ii4

World War II

  • Rationing - fixed amount of goods needed for the military.

  • Families received coupons to buy meat, shoes, coffee, gas, etc.

World war ii5

World War II

  • About 120,000 Japanese Americans lived in the U.S. (West Coast).

  • Nisei – Japanese born in the U.S.

  • Americans feared attack, invasion, or sabotage.


World war ii6

World War II

  • Executive Order 9066

  • FDR ordered the removal of Japanese Americans from the West Coast

World war ii7

World War II

  • Japanese Americans were forced to relocate to work/prison camps.

World war ii8

World War II

  • Korematsu vs. United States (1944) - Supreme Court ruled the Japanese internment camps as a “military necessity.”


    “We can never fully right the wrongs of the past. But we can take a clear stand for justice and recognize that serious injustices were done to the Japanese Americans during WWII.”

    - President George Bush in 1990

War in europe

War in Europe

World war ii9

World War II

  • Allies – Great Britain, Soviet Union, and the U.S.

  • Axis – Germany, Italy, and Japan

    “Germany first”

World war ii10

World War II

  • Battle of the Atlantic . . .

  • Hitler ordered German u-boats to sink American ships.

  • Allies used sonar to detect submarines.

  • ENIGMA . . .

    Allies destroyed u-boats faster than Germany could build them!!!

World war ii11

World War II

  • In 1942 . . . Battle of Stalingrad (Soviet Union)

  • Stalin ordered his troops to defend no matter what (1.1 million lives)!!!

  • Napoleon . . .


  • Soviets now attacked Germany!!!

World war ii12

World War II

  • Stalin begged Allies to open a “second front” in Western Europe.

  • Not ready yet!!!

  • Operation Torch – Allies invaded North Africa.

    **Need to light a torch under Europe!!!**

World war ii13

World War II

  • Erwin Rommel (Desert Fox) surrendered to Allies in May 1943.

  • Allied troops now marched to Italy.

World war ii14

World War II

  • Tuskegee Airmen - African-American pilots who fought successfully in Italy.

World war ii15

World War II

“Big Three”

  • Tehran Conference – Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt met in 1943 to discuss a two-front war against Germany.

World war ii16

World War II

  • READY . . .

  • D-Day (Operation Overlord) – June 6, 1944 - Allied invasion at Normandy, France

  • Nearly 3 million Allied troops


World war ii17

World War II

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower commanded all Allied troops in France.

World war ii18

World War II

  • George C. Patton commanded the U.S. Third Army against the Germans.

  • “Blood ‘n Guts”

    “Lafayette, we are here again”

World war ii19

World War II

  • Battle of the Bulge . . .

  • Hitler lost soldiers and weapons that couldn’t be replaced.

  • Hitler’s last offensive attack . . .

World war ii20

World War II

  • Soviet troops invaded Berlin, Germany.

  • Hitler was dead.

  • One week later, Eisenhower accepted Germany’s surrender.

  • V-E Day – May 8, 1945

World war ii21

World War II

  • Liberated Nazi concentration camps . . .


  • Nuremberg Trials – Nazi leaders put on trial for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

    “I was only following orders.”

War in the pacific

War in the Pacific

World war ii22

World War II

  • “Germany first”

  • Japan continued to attack islands in the Pacific.

  • General Douglas MacArthur – commander of Allied forces in the Philippines.

  • 1942 - “I shall return”

World war ii23

World War II

  • 1942 . . . Doolittle’s Raid

  • U.S. bombed Tokyo and other Japanese cities.

  • Boosted American morale!!!

World war ii24

World War II

  • 1942 . . . Battle of Midway

  • U.S. destroyed 4 Japanese aircraft carriers, a cruiser, and 250 planes.

    TURNING POINT (Pacific)

  • Island hopping – Allies began winning territory back from Japan island by island.

World war ii25

World War II

  • 1945 . . . Battle of Iwo Jima

  • Launching point . . .

  • Heavily defended by the Japanese

  • 6,000 U.S. marines died

World war ii26

World War II

  • 1945 . . . Battle for Okinawa

  • Fierce fighting in the water and on land.

  • 7,600 Americans died but 110,000 Japanese died.

Should the u s invade japan and risk losing more american lives

Should the U.S. invade Japan and risk losing more American lives?

World war ii27

World War II

  • President Harry Truman . . .

  • Manhattan Project – top-secret project to build an atomic bomb.

  • Albert Einstein . . .

World war ii

“I am become death, the shatterer of worlds.”

- J. Robert Oppenheimer

World war ii28

World War II

  • U.S. warned Japan of “prompt and utter destruction.”

  • August 6, 1945 – U.S. dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima

  • 70,000 killed on impact

  • Japanese leaders refused to surrender.

World war ii29

World War II

  • Days later . . . U.S. dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki

  • 39,000 killed on impact

  • September 2, 1945V-J Day

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