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HEAD OFFICE DITTRICHOVA 21 128 01 PRAGUE 2 CZECH REPUBLIC PHONE: +420 224 907 820 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PROSPECTIVE INDUSTRIES FOR TRADE AND COOPERATION Czech Day, 45. MOS, Celje, Celjski sejem, 17. september 2012 Robert Vindiš, CzechTrade Zagreb. HEAD OFFICE DITTRICHOVA 21 128 01 PRAGUE 2 CZECH REPUBLIC PHONE: +420 224 907 820 WWW.CZECHTRADEOFFICES.COM. About CzechTrade Czech Export

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PROSPECTIVE INDUSTRIESFOR TRADE AND COOPERATIONCzech Day, 45. MOS, Celje, Celjski sejem, 17. september 2012Robert Vindiš, CzechTrade Zagreb



128 01 PRAGUE 2


PHONE: +420 224 907 820



About CzechTrade

  • Czech Export
  • Prospective Industries
about czechtrade1
About CzechTrade

CzechTrade is a trade promotion organization, founded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

Our main objective is to promote the internationalization of Czech companies by facilitating their cooperation links with foreign entrepreneurs.

czechtrade offices worldwide
CzechTrade offices worldwide

CzechTrade currently has 33 offices covering 36 countries of 4 continents.

czechtrade in croatia
CzechTrade in Croatia


Zrinjevac 10/I

10 000 Zagreb


[email protected]

CzechTrade office in Zagreb was established in 1999 and since then it has been assisting HR, SLO, B&H companies in finding business partners from the Czech Republic.

czechtrade services
CzechTrade services
  • CzechTrade provides a widerangeof business support andnetworkingservicesincluding.
  • Introduction to Czech qualitysuppliers
  • Assistancewithlocal outsourcing
  • Organisation of buyer´s visitsandmeetingswith Czech companies
  • Participation in tradefairsabroad
  • Informationaboutdoing business in the Czech Republic
  • On-line services – Your Czech Supplier, CIPAS
  • Czech ExportersDirectory
czechtrade services for foreign companies
CzechTrade services for foreign companies

Supplier Search

CzechTrade can help Slovenian, Croatian companies find new suppliers of goods and services based in the Czech Republic. This service is usually used by buyers, purchasing managers, business development managers or managers responsible for sourcing materials, industrial products and services.

czech exporters directory
Czech Exporters Directory

Czech Exporters Directory is a professional database of Czech companies focusing on entering foreign markets. The Directory is available on-line, free of charge and contains presentations of Czech companies and their products from 27 industrial branches. If Slovenian, Croatian, B&H companies are looking for Czech exporters, this is the right way to go.

businessinfo cz

Czech Business Web Portal

A government business portal whichprovides a wealth of information for companies which are looking for guidance,assistance and business in the Czech Republic.

czech export alliances
Czech Export Alliances

Alliance – partnership, union, cooperation of organizations

CzechTrade also initiates the formation of Czech exporters´ field alliances.

Companies associated in alliances can offer a complex supply of goods and services in a specific field.

the agency s services for czech companies
The Agency´s services for Czech companies
  • consultations and consultancy
  • individual services abroad
  • presentations and trade fairs abroad
  • export academy / education
  • design for export
  • export opportunities
the czech republic
The Czech Republic
  • The Czech Republic is a small and highly-open economy.
  • exporting three quarters of its output
  • an attractive destination for foreign investments
  • Membership of international organizations and initiatives:
  • UN, EU, OECD, WTO, IMF / World Bank, IBRD, EBRD, NATO, ILO, WHO, World Summit on Sustainable Development, UNESCO, Visegrad Group
the czech republic1
The Czech Republic
  • The strategic geographical location,
  • the long-established industrial tradition,
  • the reasonable costs,
  • the well-developed infrastructure and
  • the skilled labour force
  • make the Czech Republic a perfect source base for your business.
czech export1
Czech Export

GDP of the Czech Republic

$272.2 billion (2011 est.)

GDP growth 1.8% (2011 est.)

Czech Export

approx. $150 billion (2011 est.)

EU countries - 83.2 % of all Czech exports

Germany - 32.2 % of all Czech exports

Czech Import

approx. $145 billion (2011 est.)

czech export import commodities
Czech Export & Import Commodities


machinery and transport equipment (53 % of all exports), raw materials and fuel, chemicals


Germany 31.7%, Slovakia 8.7%, Poland 6.2%, France 5.5%,

UK 4.9%, Austria 4.7%, Italy 4.5% (2010)


machinery and transport equipment, raw materials and fuels, chemicals


Germany 25.6%, China 11.9%, Poland 6.5%, Russia 5.4%, Slovakia 5.2% (2010)

sophistication of czech export compared to import
Sophistication of Czech Export Compared to Import


High+Medium High

Low+Medium Low




Prospective Industries – Trade & Cooperation

  • Automotive Industry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Building & Construction
  • Energy Industry
  • Information & Communication Technologies
  • Medical/Healthcare Products & Equipment
  • Glass, Porcelain & Ceramics
  • Chemical Industry
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Electrical Engineering & Electronics
  • Wood Processing Industry


  • The auto industry remains the largest single industry, and, together with its upstream suppliers, accounts for nearly 24% of Czech manufacturing.
  • The Czech Republic produced more than a million cars for the first time in 2010, over 80% of which were exported.
  • The sectordirectlyemployesover 140,000 people.
  • MainFacilities (personalvehicles):
  • Škoda Auto Mladá Boleslav
  • TPCA (Toyota, Peugeot, Citroen) Kolín
  • HyundaiNošovice
  • OtherFacilities: lorries (Tatra, Avia, AshokLeyland), busses (IribusIveco, SorLibchavy), trams (Siemens, Škoda)


  • In 2010 machine tool exports from Czech Republic totaled 10,345billion CZK (in 2008 the maximum of14.62 billion CZK was reached).
  • Machine tool exports by territories in 2010 wentmainly to Germany, Russia, China, USA, Poland, Slovakia, Italy and Ukraine (with more than 40%of Czech exports into the countries of EU).
  • Useful Link:
  • Association of Engineering Technologies

Building & Construction

  • Relativelyhighshare of exports of constructionmaterials in totalproduction (approx. 26.2%).
  • Civil engineeringemployesaround 9% of peopleandcontributes to the overall GDP by 7%.
  • MainProducers (constructionmaterials):
  • Lasselsberger, Wienergerger, Tondach, Lafargegroup
  • Main Civil EngineeringCompanies :
  • Metrostav, Subterra, Zakládání staveb(czechownership)
  • Skanska, Strabag, Hochtief, OHL (foreighnownership)
  • Useful Link:
  • Association of BuildingEntrepreneurs of the Czech Republic


  • Coalaccountsforapprox. 90% of allpowersources (itsshare in fuel-power balance is 60%).
  • Czech Republic isanimportantexporter of power in EU.
  • Production of power:
  • Thermalpowerplants 66%
  • Nuclearpowerplants 31%
  • Hydroelectricpowergeneration 3%
  • MainSuppliers:
  • ČEZ, E.ON, Pražská energetika
  • UsefulLinks:
  • Czech Association of
  • Association of Energy Manager

Information & Communication Technologies

  • Almost 33,000 ICT companiesemployover 130,000 people.
  • ICT sectorrepresentsaround 15% of totalexports.
  • Exports of ICT goodshaveincreased 15 times in the past decade. Export of ICT servicesincerased 9 times (88% of exports go to Europe, 10% to the U.S.A.)
  • Large Czech ICT Companies:
  • Unicorn, Stapro, AVG Technologies
  • Useful Link:
  • AssociationforInformation Technologies

Medical/HealthcareProducts & Equipment

  • More than 60% of products are exported.
  • Czech Republic has anextensive network of researchinstitutesandtechnicaluniversitites.
  • Severalforeigncompaniesmovedtheirdevelopmentandmanufacturingplants to the Czech Republic.
  • LargeCompanies:
  • Linet, BTL, Borcad
  • UsefulLinks:
  • Czech Association of Medical Device
  • Association of BiotechnollogicalCompanies of the Czech Republic

Glass, Porcelain & Ceramics

  • More than 90% of glassproduction are exported.
  • Thissector has anactive balance of 20.67 billion CZK.
  • Ceramicscountfor 4-5 bil. CZK; flatglassfor 14 bil. CZK, containerglass 3.7 bil. CZK, glassfiber 4.8 bil. CZK.
  • Glassandceramics in totalcountfor 38 billion CZK.
  • Useful Link:
  • Association of the GlassandCeramicIndustry of the Czech Republic


  • RubberandPlasticshave the greatestsignificance in thissector (45.7% of totalsales in the industry); then Basic ChemicalAgentsandPharmaceuticals (34.8%), andoilprocessing (19.5% share of sales).
  • Share of the industry on totalexportscountfor 12.2%, on totalemploymentfor 11.1%.
  • LargeMultinationalCompanies:
  • Siemens, Robert Bosch, TRW, JohnsonControls, Valeo, PeguformG (andothersrealizedtheirinvestments in the palsticsindustry)
  • Useful Link:
  • Association of ChemicalIndustry of the Czech Republic

Environmental Technologies

  • Share of investment in environmentalprotection as the perscentage of GDP:
      • 23.5 bil. CZK in 2009 (0.65% of GDP)
      • The greatesshare of investmentwasaimedatclimateandairprotectionandwatertreatment.
  • UsefulLinks:
  • Czech IndustrialCoalitionforPackagingand the
  • Czech Association of Waste Management

ElectricalEngineering & Electronics

  • The biggestshare in the revenuefromelectricalindustrybelongs to high-voltageelectronics (44%), followed by computer technology (24%), radio& TV technology (21%) andinstrumentation&automation technology (11%).
  • Between 1997-2007, foreigninvestment in the electricalindustryexceeded 150 bil. CZK. The electricalindustrycountsforapprox. 30% of the total volume of foreigninvestment in the Czech Republic (ranked 2nd after the car industry).
  • Useful Link:
  • Czech


  • Annual volume of timberharvesingamounts to 14.5 million m3.
  • More than 90% of the timberharvestedisindustriallyprocessed.
  • The Czech Republic holds a strongposition in the sector of the development , productionandsale of woodworkingmachines.
  • UsefulLinks:
  • MoravianSilesianWoodProcessing Cluster
  • Association of the Pulp
prospective industries for czech exporters
Prospective industries for Czech exporters
  • Mining & Power:miningequipment, subcontracting in powergenerationandtransmission
  • Transportation:railand tram sector, partsandaccessories
  • Electricalandelectronicsproducts, telecommunicationequipment
  • Environmentaltechnologies:renewableenergysources, waterpurification, innovation in recycling, wastedisposalandremediation of environmentaldamages
  • Medicalequipmentandsupplies to health care:medicaldevices, supplies, instrumentsandequipment
prospective industries for czech exporters1
Prospective industries for Czech exporters
  • Medicalequipmentandsupplies to health care: medicaldevices, supplies, instrumentsandequipment
  • Consumergoods: food, beverages, indoordecor, sportsequipmentandaccessories, etc.
  • Engineering:machinery, supply of componentsandspareparts, individualcustommadeproduction; new technologiesthatimprovetime, costandenergyefficiency of the manufacturingorstorageprocess
  • New hightechsectors: biotech, ICT and software (individualopportunities)
czech trade promotion agency

Head Office

Dittrichova 21

128 01 Prague 2

Czech Republic

Phone: +420 224 907 820

E-mail: [email protected]

contact information
Contact information

If you are interested in business opportunities in the Czech Republic or want to know more about Czech industry, feel free to contact our office:

CzechTrade Zagreb

Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 10/I

10 000, Zagreb, Croatia

[email protected]



Robert Vindiš,

Director of CzechTrade in Croatia