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MBS year in review. Mike Chalk, MBS Manager Phil Goble, CIO. Welcome. Thank you for attending the 2014 Conference! Your attendance gives you an opportunity to guide the direction of MBS. You also get the opportunity to meet other MBS users, and share tips and ideas with them.

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MBS year in review

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MBS year in review

Mike Chalk, MBS Manager

Phil Goble, CIO


  • Thank you for attending the 2014 Conference!

  • Your attendance gives you an opportunity to guide the direction of MBS.

  • You also get the opportunity to meet other MBS users, and share tips and ideas with them.


Release updates to mbs

MBS Development programmers have made several hundred updates to MBS in 2 releases since the 2013 Conference. These updates include new enhancements, defect corrections, and data updates.



  • CDG added 6 new companies to the MBS family since our last Conference.

  • We have 3 MBS Conversions going on right now.

  • New companies bring new ideas and new requirements, improving the MBS product for everyone.


New service types

We have enhanced MBS to support wireless and water billing:

  • MBS now includes an integration to the Telispire wireless solution (MVNO Enabler). Be sure to attend the MBS Wireless Billing Opportunities session today at 4:15pm in the Loyalty room!

  • MBS bills for water and water usage for a new MBS company located in S. Florida.


SAM enhancements

SAM now supports several new devices:

  • Calix B6 ONT


  • VisionNet RDM (DSL)

  • Sigma Device Provisioning Manager (broadband models, VOIP adapters)

  • SeaChange Axiom (VOD)

  • Adtran AOE (DSL)

  • ETI Triad (NAS)

  • Conklin Intracom (Video)

  • Telispire (Wireless)


NLAD (National lifeline accountability database)

MBS now has support for the NLAD program. This support includes:

  • New NLAD detail screen in Customer Care to capture NLAD related data.

  • File-based interface that creates a .csv file that can be uploaded to the NLAD portal.

  • You can choose the frequency with which this file is created and emailed to you.

    Phil Goble is available to discuss your NLAD needs!


NLAD (National lifeline accountability database)


Task Management calendar

Task Management calendar functionality has been enhanced in the 3.70 release:

  • Calendar accessible from Customer Care and Install Wizard.

  • Calendar now has monthly, weekly, and daily views, and Department and Person filters.

  • The use of color makes it easy to see if a Department has availability on a particular day.


Within Customer Care, the Event Notification icon has been replaced with the Task Calendar icon.


Within Customer Care, the Event Notification icon has been replaced with the Task Calendar icon.


New display option for the calendar allows for Monthly, Weekly, or Daily.

New checkbox option allows user to hide completed tasks.

Existing monthly summaries now show counts by abbreviated status (i.e. “status:count”).


Weekly display shows a full 7-day 24-hour calendar with time slots and scheduled tasks positioned and sized appropriately.

Weekly display allows user to hide empty slots (no scheduled tasks).

Clicking the detail icon opens the calendar in Daily mode for that day.

Hovering over slot/task description will display slot/task details. Clicking on slot detail opens the override screen. Clicking on task detail opens task detail screen.

Overlapping tasks/slots will be indented to allow some display of the task/slot behind.

Available slots display with a green background. Unavailable slots display with a red background. Overridden slots will display as gray, with a reason included.


Daily mode is similar to weekly mode, except the slots/tasks do not overlap.


The Time Slot Selection screen (when scheduling a slotted task) is now visual, using the same elements as the task calendar.

Clicking on the slot description selects the slot for the related task (on the previous screen).


The time slot override screen now allows an optional reason that will be displayed on the task calendar and during time slot selection.

In new mode only, the user can select the departments/slots via checkboxes within this listing. The Department field above acts as a filter. Once these entries are saved, the overrides need to be dealt with individually, unless the user selected all departments and all time slots.


Treatment / late fee / disconnects

  • On temporary disconnects, we can now end ALL charges, including OCPs.

  • New payment allocation option to pay past due (deniable and non-deniable) before current.

  • Separate late fee balance selections by market (so MBS can journalize late fees to different journal accounts for each market).


Billings on our unix platform

CDG is in the process of migrating our MBS billings from our IBM VSE mainframe, to our Unix platform.


  • Billings run faster.

  • Billing reports will be available within MBS.


Event notification

  • Event Notification is now a floating window.

  • Users can suppress / silence notifications.

  • Notification window includes a listing of notifications.


Account manager / groups


Account manager / groups


Security enhancements

  • Task Management: Security can be applied to search filters, limiting users to only see their assigned tasks.

  • QRT: QRT data categories and views can be referenced in the Security module, giving you the ability to limit access to certain data.

  • Dashboards: Individual Dashboard gadgets can be referenced in the Security module, allowing you to exclude access to specific Dashboard gadgets.


Company actions for all service types

  • Wireless

  • Water / Sewer

  • Medic Alert

  • Garbage

  • Hosted Solutions

  • Maintenance

  • PC Protection

  • Rental

  • Security

  • Storage

  • Transport


Trouble enhancements

  • Users in Trouble Dept. sorted first in Person drop-downs.

  • Added Service Area to listing and filters.

  • Added Informational Note to listing.


Trouble enhancements


Resend email

  • You can now resend emails issued from MBS.



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