current status of sthbtmaker
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Current Status of StHbtMaker

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Current Status of StHbtMaker - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Current Status of StHbtMaker. status/progress HBT m DST structure example work discussion. Maker chain. StEventMaker. StHbtEventReader. StHbtManager. StHbtMaker. StHbtAnalysisCollection. Event Cut. StHbtAnalysis. Event- Mixing Buffer. Particle 1 Cut. Particle 2 Cut. Pair Cut.

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current status of sthbtmaker

Current Status of StHbtMaker


HBT mDST structure

example work


malisa - STAR HBT PWG meeting - 01Aug99

software status




Maker chain









Event Cut






Particle 1 Cut

Particle 2 Cut

Pair Cut





software status
  • StHbtMaker works in dev on solaris and linux no “setenv MakeDll…”
  • documentation on web
  • example in doc/ and in StRoot/macros/examples cvs and $STAR area
  • several recent CorrFctns and cuts
  • enhanced functionality recently added...

malisa - STAR HBT PWG meeting - 01Aug99

recent functionality enhancement

StHbtPair - Selemon Bekele

double qInv() const;

double kT() const;

double mInv() const;

double qSidePf() const;

double qOutPf() const;

double qLongPf() const;

double qSideCMS() const;

double qOutCMS() const;

double qLongCMS() const;

double qSideBf(double beta=0.0) const;

double qOutBf(double beta=0.0) const;

double qLongBf(double beta=0.0) const;

Recent functionality enhancement
  • Reader/StMcEventReader - Frank Laue
  • Reads StMcEvent object (instead of StEvent object)
  • builds HBT transient mDST

Coulomb Corrections - Randy Wells

Transient HBT mDST- Dave Hardtke….

malisa - STAR HBT PWG meeting - 01Aug99

current sthbtevent dave hardtke




transient HBT mDST

Current StHbtEvent(Dave Hardtke)



unsigned short mEventNumber;

unsigned short mCtbMultiplicity; // Central Trigger Barrel

unsigned short mZdcAdc[2]; // ZDC values east/west

int mTpcNhits;

unsigned short mNumberOfTracks;

unsigned short mNumberOfGoodTracks;

float mReactionPlane[2]; // reaction plane/error

StHbtThreeVector mPrimVertPos;

StHbtTrackCollection* mTrackCollection;

StHbtV0TrackCollection* mV0TrackCollection; //***

good enough?

malisa - STAR HBT PWG meeting - 01Aug99

current sthbttrack dave hardtke




Current StHbtTrack (Dave Hardtke)



char mCharge;

int mNHits;

unsigned short mNHitsPoss;

float mNSigmaPion;

float mNSigmaKaon;

float mNSigmaProton;

float mdEdx;

float mDCAxy;

float mDCAz;

float mChiSqXY;

float mChiSqZ;

StHbtThreeVector mP;

float mPt;

StPhysicalHelixD mHelix;

Note: pointer saves space in real data

Also need: StHbtLorentzVector* mFreezeOut;

malisa - STAR HBT PWG meeting - 01Aug99

current sthbtv0track dave hardtke




Current StHbtV0Track (Dave Hardtke)



float mNSigmaLambda;

float mNSigmaLambdaBar;

float mNSigmaK0;

float mNSigmaGamma;

float mDCA;

float mImpactParameter;

StHbtThreeVector mP;

StHbtThreeVector mV;


Clearly need guidance from Strangeness group

Also need: StHbtLorentzVector* mFreezeOut;

malisa - STAR HBT PWG meeting - 01Aug99

f reconstruction using mc data frank laue
f reconstructionUsing MC data- Frank Laue

malisa - STAR HBT PWG meeting - 01Aug99

parity violation analysis
Parity violationanalysis


~50 DST data events

N.B. this type of analysis stretches StHbt a bit far.

Not really HBT analysis, as a number is calculated for each event.

Requires interaction between EventCut and CorrFctn


malisa - STAR HBT PWG meeting - 01Aug99

pp q inv hbt starting 2 track cut studies
pp Qinv HBT & starting 2-track cut studies...

~50 DST data events (hijing)


malisa - STAR HBT PWG meeting - 01Aug99

track splitting effects gone when reading from mcevent
Track-splitting effects gone when reading from McEvent

malisa - STAR HBT PWG meeting - 01Aug99

issues to do
Issues/to do
  • creation of HBT persistent mDSTs
    • need StHbtEventWriters
    • versioning?
  • “finalization” of HBT transient mDST content
  • More analysis of Lanny’s files
  • Model-weighted pairs based on freeze-out position
    • Nantes
    • requires FreezeOut point
  • 2-track cuts… time to start getting serious
  • Do we want bi-weekly phone meetings?
    • start discussing physics as well as software
    • break cycle of no communication

no PWG progress

malisa - STAR HBT PWG meeting - 01Aug99