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Types of Blinds and Drapery Fabrics

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Types of Blinds and Drapery Fabrics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows are one of the most basic features of an establishment. Decorating it by using blinds and drapery put some life and attractiveness to the windows

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Windows are one of the most basic features of an establishment.

Decorating it by using blinds and drapery put some life and

attractiveness to the windows.

Blinds are a type of window covering attached to the inside interior of the

window which functions as a device to hide sunlight. They are

designed either with a vertical or horizontal slats. It can be made of

aluminum, fabric, wood or synthetic materials. Horizontal blinds are

opened and closed from bottom to top while vertical blinds are opened

or closed sideways.


They vary in colors and sizes and you can always find something that will

fit in your windows or personal preferences. You can purchase mini

blinds if your room is not big enough. Mini-blinds are made of vinyl,

wood, aluminum or faux wood. Vinyl blinds are ideal for locations

prone to humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Horizontal vinyl blinds are unbreakable, can be cleaned easily and

resistant to sun bleaching. Vinyl blinds that are lightweight are the

cheapest of the blinds but it has fragile slats, which break easily.


Aluminum blinds are affordable, easier to maintain and durable. However

aluminum gauge should be considered when purchasing. Larger

gauge are better because of its extended durability. The gauges slats

can vary from six to nine. Aluminum and vinyl blinds are perfect for

rooms with furniture made of wrought irons.

Wood blinds can go perfectly with wooden furniture. This should be given

proper care for long life span and good to be installed in areas with

controlled and stable humidity however wood blinds can be very



Faux wood mini blinds are created combining wood and vinyl providing

dual advantage of moisture resistance and less costs. These blinds

are easier to clean and do not crack or fade.

Drapery is often referred to as curtain used as blinds. Curtains are piece

of cloth design to obscure or block sunlight with different styles, colors

and fabric types suitable for window treatments according to function,

style and formality degree of the room.


You can research for various drapery styles, designs and fabric used in

decorating magazines so that you can choose the right drapery for

your room. Designs can be modified to enhance more attractiveness.

Drapery fabric types include linen, silk rayon, cotton, polyester and

acrylic blends, nylon and acetate. Select the fabric type base on its

ability to ruffle, pleat, and drape suiting your window treatments and its

probable location.