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Health conditions that are connected to oral health

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Health conditions that are connected to oral health - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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But there is more to teeth’s physical appearance, oral health problems predict a bigger health problem we should be able to solve

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Health Conditions that are

Health Conditions that are

connected to Oral health

connected to Oral health


Do you love eating? Many of us are fond of eating where we chew, bite,

and tear our food. Thanks to our teeth we are able to chew our food

into small little pieces for easy digestion. But as we continue to take in

foods and digest, we often forget that our teeth are doing all the hard

work and at the end, it will be the first one to suffer.


Our teeth suffer as it experiences a toothache and tooth decay that often

leads to teeth extraction. Oral practitioners or dentist place extraction

on the bottom of their prioritize because they believe that they can still

revive the tooth to its former glory thanks to the newest dental practice

in dentistry.

But there is more to teeth’s physical appearance, oral health problems

predict a bigger health problem we should be able to solve in a nick of

time like the following:


Cardiovascular Diseases – What are cardiovascular diseases?

These diseases include the ff, heart disease, stroke, and

clogged arteries. These conditions are highly linked to infections

and inflammation that is caused by oral bacteria the nest inside

the mouth and on the surface of the teeth.

Endocarditis – This condition affects the inner lining of the heart

or called as endocardium. The condition of endocarditis occurs

whenever a bacteria or germs from the other parts of the body

started to spread throughout the bloodstream that will attach the

damaged or affected area in the heart.

Periodontitis or Pregnancy and Birth.


Pregnant women should be cautious with their oral health because

Periodontitis is found to have a connection with premature birth

and low birth weights.

Besides from the following, some certain conditions can affect oral

health like:



People with AIDS can experience painful mucosal lesions in the

mouth. This is normal for AIDS patients.

Patients with Diabetes

People suffering Diabetes experienced a complete reduction on

their bodies resistant to infection which puts their gums in a line

of danger Although Diabetes is more severe among people with




This is a health condition that is causing the bones to weaken or

easily get brittle. This is also linked to periodontal tooth and

bone loss. To treat this condition, drugs are being used by many


Alzheimer’s Disease

This condition is a mental absentmindedness that could occur in

middle and old aged male and women. Being connected with

oral health can easily worsen other oral health programs.


Search a help from a good dentist: