Curling 101 the essentials to participating in an olympic sport
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Curling 101 The essentials to participating in an Olympic sport - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Curling 101 The essentials to participating in an Olympic sport. PED 199 Beginning Curling Dr. Britton Johnson. Equipment. Sheet of ice for play (rink holds 4 sheets) Curling stones (8 per team) Brooms (1 per player) Hacks (2 per sheet) Shoes. “Tee” and Tee-Line.

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Curling 101 The essentials to participating in an Olympic sport

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Curling 101The essentials to participating in an Olympic sport

PED 199 Beginning Curling

Dr. Britton Johnson


  • Sheet of ice for play (rink holds 4 sheets)

  • Curling stones (8 per team)

  • Brooms (1 per player)

  • Hacks (2 per sheet)

  • Shoes

“Tee” and Tee-Line

  • Tee – spot that is exactly center of the house (scoring zone). Also called the “button”

  • Tee line- This is the line that runs through the center of the house.

Hog Line

  • 21 feet from tee line

  • This line serves two purposes:

    • Delivery - Stone must be released before crossing this line (on your own side).

    • Scoring – Stone must completely pass this line (on opposite side) to be in play.

Side lines and Back line

  • Side line - Stone must not touch the sideline at all, or it will be considered out of play.

  • Back line – A stone must be completely over the line to be considered out of play.

The House


  • The house is a 12 foot in diameter circle.

    • It is described by its various rings

      • 1 foot circle (Inner White ring)(or 6 inch semicircle)

      • 4 foot circle (Red ring)(or 2 foot semicircle)

      • 8 foot circle (Outer White ring)(or 4 foot semicircle)

      • 12 foot circle (Blue ring)(or 6 foot semicircle)

Ice Conditions

  • Surface must be perfectly level.

    • Any change in level will result in unwanted curl, or speeding up or slowing of the stone.

  • Pebble -

    • The surface of the sheet is covered with small drops of ice, called a pebble, which is sprayed on beforehand.

    • This is what allows the stone to “catch” and curl based on the spin of the delivery.

    • Sweepers try to “melt the pebble” to keep a stone on-line longer, or to delay the slowing of the stone.

The Old Stone

The New Stone

The Brooms

The Hack

The Shoes


  • Stone must be touching the house to count

  • Closest stone to Button receives a point (only 1 team)

  • Next closest receives a point if from the same team (no point if opposite team)

  • Red scores 2, Yellow scores 0.

Yellow 4 – Red 0

Red 2 – Yellow 0

Yellow 3 – Red 0

Red 3 – Yellow 0

Yellow 1 – Red 0

Total Score

  • Team123456Final

  • Red247 7

  • Yellow478 8

  • Score is tied 7-7 after 5 ends. Yellow wins 8-7 after 6 ends

  • Only the team that scores receives the point

    • Total score is added, not individual ends.

How to Play

  • One player releases stone from hack

  • Stone slides down ice

  • 2 players sweep (if needed) to help stone into position

  • Stone may curl (change direction) to move around other stones.

  • Type of shot depends on situation


  • Any offensive player can sweep at any time.

    • Players sweep as close to the stone as possible.

      • If they touch the stone, it must immediately be removed.

    • Sweeping melts the pebble on the ice, allowing the stone to:

      • Not slow down as fast (good sweepers can get an extra 15 feet out of a throw)

      • Not curl as soon (in order to go around a stone)

  • Only the skip can sweep defensively

    • Can only sweep after stone passes the Tee line.

Types of Shots

  • Draw – Shooting for the button – Stone stops in middle of house.

  • Takeout – Shot hits opposing teams stone and knocks it out of play (own stone may stay in play, or go out of play

  • Out-turn – Elbow rotates away from body

    • Right handed – Stone turns counter-clockwise

  • In-turn – Elbow rotates in to the body on delivery

    • Right handed – stone turns clockwise

  • Raise – Team bumps a stone and moves it forward into the house or into a better scoring position

Curling's Michael Jordan

  • Kevin Martin - Canada

The Release


Strategies of Curling

  • Free guard zone

    • Not allowed to remove first 2 stones in Free guard zone

  • The Hammer

    • Throwing the last stone in an end

  • Blank Ends

    • Team who has “hammer” throws last. Keep hammer and score 0 points, or score 1 point and lose hammer?

  • Take-outs vs. Draws

    • Removing a stone means less points available, but wastes one of your stones

  • Protecting your stones

    • Placing a stone so that the opposition can not remove your other stone

  • Aim and curl

    • Aiming your stone appropriately and allowing for the proper amount of curl is critical to a successful shot.


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