Phylum chordata
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Phylum Chordata. Subphylum Craniata (Vertebrata). Phylum Chordata, Subphylum Vertebrata (Craniata). Increase in brain size & sensory apparati Derivation of neural crest Enclosure of anterior neural tube in cartilage/bone (neural crest derivative)

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Phylum Chordata

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Phylum chordata l.jpg

Phylum Chordata

Subphylum Craniata (Vertebrata)

Phylum chordata subphylum vertebrata craniata l.jpg

Phylum Chordata, Subphylum Vertebrata (Craniata)

  • Increase in brain size & sensory apparati

  • Derivation of neural crest

  • Enclosure of anterior neural tube in cartilage/bone (neural crest derivative)

  • Subsequent derivation of cartilaginous vertebrae, bony jaws & cranium

  • Ossification of skeleton & derivation of appendicular skeleton

  • Two superclasses

    • Agnatha – without jaws

    • Gnathostomata – mouth with jaws

Cranium formation l.jpg

Cranium Formation

Vertebrae l.jpg


Pharyngeal slits from feeding to respiration l.jpg

Pharyngeal Slits: From Feeding to Respiration

Elaboration of sensory systems l.jpg

Elaboration of Sensory Systems

Slide7 l.jpg

Subphylum (group)



Vertebrate Cladistics

Phish phylogeny l.jpg

Phish Phylogeny

Class myxini hagfish l.jpg

Class Myxini - Hagfish

Hagfish feeding l.jpg

Hagfish Feeding

Class cephalaspidomorphi l.jpg

Class Cephalaspidomorphi


Ammocoete larvae of lamprey l.jpg

Ammocoete Larvae of Lamprey

  • Filter feeders using pharyngeal slits

Lamprey l.jpg


Lamprey feeding l.jpg

Lamprey Feeding

Lamprey wound l.jpg

Lamprey Wound

Slide16 l.jpg

The terrifying development from the terrifying pharyngeal pouches

Development of jaws l.jpg

Development of Jaws

Class chondrichthyes cartilaginous fish l.jpg

Class Chondrichthyes – Cartilaginous Fish

Class chondrichthyes subclass elasmobranchii l.jpg

Class Chondrichthyes Subclass Elasmobranchii

  • sharks & skates & rays

  • Skates

    • Fleshy tail, 2 dorsal fins, sometimes caudal fin

    • Lay egg case (mermaid’s purse)

  • Rays

    • Narrow tail without fins, with spines

Class chondrichthyes subclass elasmobranchii21 l.jpg

Class Chondrichthyes Subclass Elasmobranchii

Caudal fin

Unique sensory structures l.jpg

Unique Sensory Structures

Chondrichthyes anatomy l.jpg

Chondrichthyes Anatomy


Subclass holocephali chimeras l.jpg

Subclass Holocephali – Chimeras

Chondrichthyes reproduction l.jpg

Chondrichthyes Reproduction

  • Internal fertilization

    • Males have claspers between pelvic fins

  • Reproductive modes

    • Oviparous

      • Fertilized egg is laid

    • Ovoviviparous

      • Egg develops within female and living young are born

      • No placenta or placental structures

    • Viviparous

      • Embryos develop within female and living young are born

      • Some placenta-like structures of maternal origin

Group osteichthyes bony fish l.jpg

Group Osteichthyes – bony fish

  • Class Actinopterygii – ray-finned fish

    • subclass Neopterygia

    • subclass Chondrostei

  • Class Sarcopterygii – fleshy-finned fish


flying fish




Fish scales l.jpg

Fish Scales

Types of fish scales l.jpg

Types of Fish Scales

Fish scales allow age determination l.jpg

Fish Scales Allow Age Determination

Teleost anatomy l.jpg

Teleost Anatomy

General body form l.jpg

General Body Form

Fish tales l.jpg

Fish Tales?

Primitive bony fish subclass chondrostei l.jpg

Primitive Bony Fish – Subclass Chondrostei

  • Nonteleost bony fish

    • Heterocercal tail

    • Ganoid scales

    • Lungs


Subclass neopterygia l.jpg

Subclass Neopterygia –

  • Teleost

    • Swim bladder

    • Two dorsal fins

    • Homocercal tail





Class sarcopterygii lungfish coelocanth l.jpg

Class Sarcopterygii – Lungfish & Coelocanth

Buoyancy l.jpg


Respiration l.jpg


Osmotic regulation l.jpg

Osmotic Regulation

Weird fish structures l.jpg

Weird Fish Structures

Life cycle of salmonids l.jpg

Life Cycle of Salmonids

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