english 100 lab
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English 100 Lab

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English 100 Lab. oRIENTATION. English 100 Lab Description. 1 unit / PASS or NO PASS. Meeting time/place: . Corequisite : English 100 (Unless student is repeating the lab.). Prerequisite for English 1A. Class NOT repeatable. Three tries max. Section Leader : Jose Gonzalez

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english 100 lab

English 100 Lab


english 100 lab description
English 100 LabDescription

1 unit / PASS or NO PASS

Meeting time/place:

Corequisite: English 100

(Unless student is repeating the lab.)

Prerequisite for English 1A

Class NOT repeatable. Three tries max.

Section Leader: Jose Gonzalez

Email: [email protected]

Web: josesgonzalez.webs.com


I. Materials: The workbook below is required everyday for 100 Lab. You ‘ll need to go to the main campus in Aptos to purchase the book, which costs $1 + tax. Note that there is an older version . . . (see next page)


You may order your workbook at the Watsonville Student Senate office (downstairs from ILC) or at the Cabrillo bookstore in Aptos. Your workbook will be delivered the next day.

Following is the information needed to order your workbook in Watsonville at the Student Senate office:

Week 1 only: Friday 8:00—11:00AM


Note: The lab book is also available online, so you can save it to a memory device and print individual pages when needed. 1.) Go to “cabrillo.edu” > “Learning Resources”

4.) This is the web-accessed PDF of your workbook, which you may save to your home desktop or flash memory device.

II. Materials: Computer access to school computers is also required, so you’ll need to create or refresh your computer USER NAME and PASSWORD.1.) Go online to Cabrillo Library > click “Get Your Computer Network Account”


2.) Up comes this form, which you can also access in the ILC. Fill it out carefully—exactly as described for each field. If your last name is hyphenated, remove the hyphen and DO NOT capitalize the second last name. Also, you’ll need your student ID (front-desk ILC staff can help you retrieve this number). Finally, you must wait at least 24 hours after your official registration before the system can issue you your user name and password. And know that you need to repeat this process every semester.

syllabus quiz 1
Syllabus Quiz—1

When/where does our class meet?

Is there a corequisite for English 100L?

Answer: Yes. English 100 lecture.

  • 3. Can students go on to English 1A if they don’t
  • complete the lab?
  • Answer: No.
syllabus quiz 2
Syllabus Quiz—2
  • 4. What kind of grading is used in English 100L?
  • Answer: Pass / No Pass.

5. Is there regular homework in English 100L?

Answer: No. All work is completed in the lab session.

syllabus quiz 3
Syllabus Quiz—3
  • 6. What materials do students need each day? Where can students find these materials?
  • Answer: English 100L workbook. Again, you may purchase the workbook at the main bookstore or from the Student Senate office during the posted time frame.
  • 7. Are there any breaks?
  • Answer: Yes. Bathroom breaks may be taken anytime although breaks are best taken during transition moments that occur naturally in the class.
syllabus quiz 4
Syllabus Quiz—4
  • 8. Are food/drinks allowed?
  • Answer: Capped drinks are allowed during class. Light snacks are allowed during breaks. Please store your food in your backpacks.
  • 9. How many group meetings may a student miss?
  • Answer: Per Cabrillo College policy, students may miss a maximum of two weeks of instruction.
syllabus quiz 5
Syllabus Quiz—5
  • 10. How many of the lab assignments must students complete?
  • Answer: All of them. Students have one week after returning from an absence to complete make-up work.
  • 11. How do students make up a missed class and missed work?
  • Answer: Students can check our class website to see what they missed, email the lab instructor, or speak with the lab instructor upon returning to class. Note: students may avoid one absence by arranging to attend a different English 100L group that is covering the missed lesson. Again, this is a one-time option.
syllabus quiz 6
Syllabus Quiz—6
  • 12. How does arriving tardy or leaving early affect a student’s grade in the class?
  • Answer: Arriving late or leaving early 3 consecutive times equals 1 absence. 4 non-consecutive incidents equal 1 absence.
  • 13. What if a student is over 20 minutes late or leaves over 20 minutes early?
  • Answer: Whenever a student arrives over 15 minutes late or leaves over 15 minutes early, the incident will amount to one-half of an absence—whether excused or unexcused.
syllabus quiz 7
Syllabus Quiz—7
  • 14. What if a student misses class because of an emergency?
  • Answer: Verifiable emergencies will be noted and excused—up to a point. Permission to remain enrolled after two absences must be determined on an individual basis.
  • 15. Who and where can students call to talk about taking an Incomplete?
  • Answer: If the semester is still in session, begin by seeing your section leader. If the semester is over, call Tera Martin, the ILC coordinator/instructor of record (786-4755) to get her approval signature on the necessary forms.
syllabus quiz 8
Syllabus Quiz—8
  • 16. What are some examples of disruptive behavior?
  • Answer:
  • 1. Tardiness / leaving early.
  • 2. Coming to class without your lab book.
  • 3. Talking rudely to others.
  • 4. Interrupting others.
  • 5. “Side-talking.”
  • 6. Tuning out with cell phones or even by dozing off.
  • 7. Eating “loudly.” **Capped liquids O.K.**
  • 8. Long, repeated breaks.
  • 17. What are the hours and phone # of the Watsonville ILC?
  • Answer:
  • Mon-Thurs: 8:00am – 8:00pm
  • Fri: 8:00am – 4:00pm
  • ILC phone: 786-4755
syllabus quiz 9
Syllabus Quiz—9
  • 18. Is the ILC open on weekends?
  • Answer: No.
  • 19. What is your section leader’s name, phone #,
  • email, and web page?
  • 1. name: Jose Gonzalez
  • 2. office phone: 786-4757
  • 3. email: [email protected]
  • 4. web: josesgonzalez.webs.com
how to log in and log out of the ilc

How to “Log In” and “Log Out” of the ILC

To use the ILC, the only requirement is that every patron log in as a student. When logging in and out, you are documenting how you use the ILC and, at the same time, helping us to justify the necessary funding to keep the ILC open. Most important, you’ll find help more quickly if you remember to log in and out—and it’s easy to do!

Click for voice-over version:


5 choose a reason for using ilc and click save always check off student agrees to 502 registration
5. Choose a reason for using ILC and click “Save.” Always check off “Student agrees to 502 registration.”

10. You are now logged in, and your name, class, and location are all visible to ILC supervisors and tutors. *Note you can only be logged in for one class at a time.*

11 if you need tutoring click your name and then select any tutor is fine from the pop up menu
11. If you need tutoring, click your name, and then select “Any tutor is fine” from the pop-up menu.

12. Your name now shows up for all tutors to see. Note: tutors are trained to begin helping students at the top of the list. Tutors also select students by the course listed next to their names. Finally, to remove your name from this list, click your name to reveal apop-up screen that enables you to “log out.”


13. To add more classes to your home screen, click “Register” again, and repeat the process you followed the first time. Note: You can only be logged in for one class at a time, so make sure to log in for the right class at all times.