Student centred course input into blackboard wiki involve students in creating their courses
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Student-centred course input into Blackboard Wiki. Involve students in creating their courses. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student-centred course input into Blackboard Wiki. Involve students in creating their courses. Julien Hamilton-Hart MA, Swansea University, UK . 14 th April 2010. The Pedagogical implications of Wiki creation. Student input= self-motivation. Wikis make for contextualized learning.

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Student-centred course input into Blackboard Wiki. Involve students in creating their courses.

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Student-centred course input into Blackboard Wiki.Involve students in creating their courses.

JulienHamilton-Hart MA, Swansea University, UK.

14th April 2010.

The Pedagogical implications of Wiki creation

Student input= self-motivation.

Wikis make for contextualized learning.

  • Allow students to choose a presentation within specific guidelines:

  • This ensures that motivation is self-generated.

  • The cohesive nature of learning via content-input means that a student contextualizes knowledge in a virtual environment.

Student Input:

Self-motivation leads to

virtual experience of subject (with online resources) leading to

Manufacture of interest:

expansion of knowledge through and beyond the subject leading to

connection to different facets of chosen subject canlead to

contextualization of knowledge in adjacent fields of study

Teacher input:

Teacher can add and correct student’s work, consolidate his own knowledge with that of the student.

Wikis act as Learning Object Repository: syllabus is expanded concomitantly with evolution of students’ interest in real-time.

Syllabus is renewed, expanded, and honed-in to student interests and a realistic assessment of students’ interests is created.

Syllabus is refreshed and remains relevant.

Comparison with set-text content:

Set texts isolate knowledge and student motivation.

Students feel that ‘learning’ from a set-text is more of an effort___ it is not motivated by his own impulse in the field of study.

By not making the student use his own initiative to find his interest in a particular field, the set-text does not connect to other adjacent fields of research ‘per se’.

Set-texts can fast become dated. Online research can quell this possibility.

Projection of Wiki use in education:

With student enrolment increasing yearly and department funds being gradually cut (in the current economic climate), the use of quasi-autonomous technologies in the context of student learning and input becomes more pertinent.

Online grading and resourcing creates centralization for both students and instructors.

The use of technologies by students increases their computer-literariness and betters their chances on the difficult job market.

Student feedback.

“ Wikis are a good way to organise the ideas of the whole group and to share any useful resources found. ”

“ I felt that the Wikis were extremely useful for broadening our knowledge on the subjects. ”

Student Feedback

“I accessed more French culture than I would otherwise have done.”

“My contributions required me to check up on new vocab., and get extra practice at writing in French generally.”

“Being able to embed both articles and videos makes it easy to use, and so more people add more links, which proves very interesting to look at.”

Problems with Bb Wikis

“I felt like my own shortcomings in the use of technology were excruciatingly highlighted.”

“Drawbacks may be be that sometimes, BB has bugs which force it off-line for a time.”

“It is not embraced department-wide as a teaching tool: wikis aren't part of the "norm" for students, hence they are perhaps not exploited to their full advantage.”


Thanks to: my students at Swansea University.

To the students that took the time to provide feedback during the holidays.

To Prof. Andy Rothwell for his support of technology for language learning.

To the Blackboard team and Swansea University for putting a great conference together.

Dear Swansea University, please get Bb 9.1, it’s much more user-friendly,


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